The lame “journalists” of the White House Press Corp

Now, as of this writing (9 September 2020) the White House is lying — as usual — and claiming that the Mob Boss/international bully/Village Idiot/orange loser did not deliberately mislead the public. That’s another lie. Of course he deliberately mislead the public because he called COVID-19 a “hoax.” Does no one remember that? Tr*mp Jr called it a “Democratic Party hoax that will go away after the election.” We were told that the orange loser is tested regularly for COVID-19. Why? Why get tested for something that one believes to be a “hoax?” (Whenever these trash get in trouble, the script they use consistently is: “It’s fake-news, it’s a hoax and it’s a witch-hunt.”)

Hola a todos. Why do these so-called “journalists” of the White House Press Corp continue to give any (undeserved) respect to the orange loser in press conferences and any other time? I made the mistake of watching one reporter begin to ask the orange loser a question. The orange loser asked the reporter to remove his face mask. So that he could possibly infect others? The reporter said that he would talk louder. He did not remove his mask. The orange loser said his reporter’s speech sounded muffled and hard to understand. Well that’s your problem, orange loser. Get a hearing aid. Or because of your disrespect and disregard for science, do you not believe in hearing aids either? Question: Why do you go to Walter Reed Medical Center when you have no respect for science or medical doctors. Or do you go there merely because they will tell you what you want to hear and they know to do that? And in your case, being obese is “healthy.” Is that the reason you go? The reporter didn’t have the integrity to say to the orange loser: Well, I strongly suggest that you accustom your ear in getting used to hearing and deciphering muffled speech, do we understand each other? Because we will be wearing face masks for a long time in the non-United States because of your ineptitude and miserable failures in addressing the COVID-19 pandemic. Period. Why does no reporter have the courage and integrity to say that to this piece of trash?

It has now been reported that the orange loser deliberately played down the seriousness of this pandemic to “show strength.” He lied to the public about it. It’s been reported that he knew COVID-19 was more serious than the common flu while he and his son called it “a Democratic Party hoax that will be over after the ‘election’.” Nobody is reporting that last part about him consistently referring to COVID-19 as a hoax. I’d like to remind people about it.

Why does no reporter in the WH Press Corp have the spine, the integrity to stand up to this piece of trash? They all seem terrified of him for some reason. The same goes for the US Congress.

I have to stop watching these click-bait articles that imply some reporter has taken him on because after I watch the clip I don’t see any reporter taking him on at all. They stand there like wet doilies and let the international bully/orange loser/the Mob Boss dress them down. He ridicules them to their face and then Ms or Ms Reporter come back with this mealy-mouthed, weak, lame, lack-of-integrity or self-respect tepid response. Embarrassing. I wish they would all stand up and say “FUCK OFF YOU PIECE OF TRASH. YOU DON’T DESERVE OUR RESPECT OR ANYONE’S RESPECT FOR THAT MATTER! YOU AND THE PEOPLE AROUND YOU ARE THE SCUM OF THE EARTH” and walk out and never return.

Why does any reporter give this scum of Earth or the scum around him the time of day? Why do they see the need to ask a chronic liar any further questions about anything? It’s a waste of time. You know the type of answers you get. Lies, deception, “it’s all the Democrats’s fault” and other rubbish. (Disclosure: I can’t stand the Democrats by the way). And why give him any respect for what he thinks. Don’t these reporters have any self-respect or integrity what-so-ever?

As for the 2020 “election,” if there is one: I don’t see the orange loser going anywhere. He does nothing legally and with few, if any, consequences, so I’m expecting him to have a second term or more. Who will stop him? Who will remove him? Nada. Our democracy died in 2000 following that stolen election. I’ll believe it when I see it that someone removes him. As I said when he took office, I don’t think he’s going anywhere unless the bloated, bloviating orange loser dies in office. Chau.—el barrio rosa