The Left has lost San Francisco

El 3 de abril de 2014: We have lost San Francisco

An e-mail from a local resident:

“Hi, I know you don’t like the words progressive or liberal1 so I’ll use the word Left. We on the Left have lost San Francisco. I didn’t think I’d ever see this as long as I’d lived here. How did this happen? From reading your blog, we both know how this happened.

I followed the vote Tuesday night on the ubiquitous tech shuttles being subjected to environmental review. That went down to defeat by a vote of 9-2. It’s all over. That would never have happened when the Left was the majority in this city. Like you say, SF has done a complete 180. I have close friends that now say, ‘Fuck San Francisco.’ They used to love it here.

Picture 1268These politicians on the board of supervisors are owned by and are doing the bidding of tech corporations and other corporations. That called corporate fascism where corporations run the government and write policies in the government. That’s the case in SF now. It’s also the case in DC. The president, house, senate and supreme court work for corporations and their corporate owners. Corporate fascism has taken over this country [Ed. the US, los Estados Unidos, The Cesspool) from DC down to local. I would ask you if SF will ever be Left again but I know the answer. Not for decades. That’s how that works. These cycles of time. I see that arrogant dude on the board of supervisors who “represents” Harvey Milk’s former district [Ed. Politician Cocks, hearing his worshipers speak of him they see him as The Holy Trinity and/or The Second Coming], and that dude is the opposite of Harvey Milk. Mind boggling that Milk’s former district ever elected this dude. He’s not the board president or the mayor but seems to think that he is, and that his opinion matters more than anyone else’s. Some of my relatives talked about coming to SF this summer. I told them don’t bother. They were shocked. They thought the city was still what it used to be. After I told them about the new San Francisco they’ve decided to stay home. They are Leftists like me. I’m looking to leave SF but don’t know where to go which seems to be a common theme of many people who want to leave. I don’t want to move to a place that looks just like this but in the US that’s really all there is now. Thanks for reading this and take care.”


My response: Muchas gracias. I looked for info on that Board of Supervisors vote also and saw the same thing you did. I had expected it to go the way it did but not necessarily as drastic as 9 to 2. Then I looked at the local publication that specifically calls itself “progressive.” One of their writers had written about this vote. That site’s comment’s forum is a cesspool. It’s saturated and infiltrated with the nastiest of “Guest” (that’s the standard screen-name used on there) right-wing trolls completely in favour of the Tech Surveillance-State Industrial Complex and gentrification of San Francisco. What is happening in San Francisco is a Wet Dream Come True for them and they are absolute assholes about it. There’s no humility, humbleness or grace with them. Interestingly, the techie’s biggest and most ardent supporters are the hateful, rabid right-wing using some of the most outdated and archaic language I’ve seen in years (such as referring to a person who is disabled as “a cripple.”) Isn’t that from the 1930s or something? WTF? I briefly scanned some of the (unreadable) comments on that site but had to leave the site in disgust. And that site allows this! I suspect most of it was trolling, baiting and trying to get a rise out of someone, which they fortunately did not do by the way. No one responded to them. Very wise. It was mainly a troll back-washing session of 69 comments and the same “Guest” people repeatedly. One troll washing the other’s back in agreement with how terrible “progressives” are. Question: If “progressives” are as the right-wing claim, why do they continue to obsess and fixate about them? Loco. I know there are people who disagree with me, and disagreeing is one thing. But where do these nasty, smug and we’ll-rub-this-in-your-face trolls come from on that site? The techie trolls own the comments’ section on that site and I lay that responsibility directly on the site and its lack of management. That site serves as an accomplice to hate and to the right-wing, because they allow their site’s forum on a daily basis to be what it is and I now have little respect for them because of that. This is not about free speech. I’m not talking about that. What I read was just right-wing hate, ignorance and juvenile immaturity. People being assholes and obsessed with so-called “progressives.” I saw no comments other than pro-techie trolls. I suspect those who oppose what is going on in San Francisco feel as I do: It’s all over. It’s hopeless. The conservatives now own and run this city as they have since at least anti-homeless sit-lie was put in place. And the former alcalde/mayor is in major part responsible for this by the political conservative parasites he put in place before he left office. Also, what remains of the GLBTQ population here, they too are conservative, prudish and “discreet,” having been sucked in by the right-wing (I agree completely with Ted Rall:Gays and Lesbians: Sucked in by the Far Right. What Happened to the Wild, Free Gay Movement of the 1970s?). People like myself have already written how we feel many times about this, so there’s no need to rehash and rehash again with useless right-wing trolls who have nothing else to do in their pathetic and sad lives but to spend hours and hours on a comment forum writing reams about how much they despise “progressives” and all the problems they see with “progressives.” By contrast, I don’t sit on right-wing sites—or even go to any—and write reams and reams of posts about how I despise the right-wing and sit there and bait right-wing nuts daily. I say what I have to say about them here and that’s it. And anything I or anyone else would write on that local site I mentioned would merely be used as “bait” material for the lobotomized pathetic right-wing trolls. So why bother respond to anything they dump on a comment forum? I used to respond to them but have since learned not to. I learned that it doesn’t matter what link or fact is presented to them. They don’t let any links or facts get in their way. They read nothing, not even the comments they troll. And why does that site allow its forum to be such a backwater cesspool? Don’t they realise this reflects on their site?

Again, muchísimas gracias for your e-mail, gracias for reading pink barrio and take care. Chau.—rosa barrio


1It’s true I don’t like the words liberal or progressive mainly because both words have become meaningless and abused words. These days, people who call themselves a liberal or a progressives are usually nothing but partisan Democrats still associated with that useless and misnamed corporatist “Democratic” Party (the other right wing party of the one-party system). Locally, people who call themselves “progressives” are Democrats and are still clinging to that D-party/D-Team even though the party abandoned them years ago. That’s an example of an abusive relationship when one clings to something or someone that no longer represents you or wants anything to do with you, other than to use one as an ATM machine and for votes every election. But most so-called liberals and progressives usually get in lockstep and support the “D Team” at elections, no matter what that useless party has done or their messiah in la casa blanca has done. A real progressive in the traditional sense would support neither of the pathetic “teams” of the right-wing, one-party corporatist fascist system. They are both scum and full of corporatist parasites.



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NOTE:   (Pictured above in the flyer on the right side of the page) Politician Cocks and other corporatist conservative parasite politicians

The flyer reads:

The Weiner fascist agenda:

Remove public benches (Ed. at Harvey Milk Plaza)
Criminalize nudity
Silence street performers
Close recycling centers
Condos, condos, condos !!!
Close parks
Amend environmental review for development

[Ed. I would add that this is a very short list of what Politician Cocks has done as part of his conservative agenda. I’ve overheard some people questioning whether Politician Cocks is a closet case hetero guy—he claims to be gay although I and others have never seen him with anyone other than his gadget (addiction)—considering his rabid pro-gentrification and pro-Real Estate Industrial Complex agenda which is leading to many GLBTQ people having to leave the Castro and San Francisco. As some people are asking: What gay politician would want other GLBTQ people to be ejected/evicted/removed from their own barrio/neighbourhood and be replaced with wealthy, young, mainly white “straights?” As mi amiga/my friend asked: Someone with a case of self-hate? (if he is gay).]


—– COMMENTS (Manually posted from e-mails)—-

04.06.14 i read some of your other articles before reading this. do you thinhk that if we had a town hall meeting about what has happened to the castro and to sf that it would help and reverse things? do you think it would get people off of their smartphones and talking with each other again? like you say the smartphones and apps equal gentrification but how many people get that?
My response: The answer to all of your questions is: No, unfortunately. I think a Towne Hall Meeting type thing would be nothing but a bull shit event and most likely led by conservative wanna-be-mayor-or-state-senator Politician Cocks. It would be a major waste of time mainly featuring newspeak and bull shit speeches and “talk” about how wonderful the Tech Surveillance-State Industrial Complex is for the city. As for getting people off of their gadgets, a Towne Hall Meeting wouldn’t do anything about that either. I suspect most people would resent being told they are addicted to the things or they would say, “well everyone has to have some addiction or ‘vice’ don’t they?” as a way denial and justifying their addiction/behaviour. I suspect most will stay addicted to their gadgets until medical doctors tell them they need to get off of them for health reasons (related: Have you got ‘screen sightedness’? Smartphones are causing sight problems to soar, warns eye surgeon AND Can instant messaging damage your health? Doctor warns of ‘WhatsAppitis’. Many people don’t like what’s happening to this city, but The Establishment and venture capitalists do and that seems to be all that matters. Gracias for your comment.

04.06.14 I love the poster at the top of the page. Very cool. Isn’t “Politician Cocks” (that’s an appropriate name) running for mayor? I’ve had that sense about him since he became a supervisor.
My response: You and me both. That’s the appearance, isn’t it? I felt he was running for mayor since Day One. He loves attention. BUT: I’ve heard he will run for or wants the job of state senator. Don’t know if that’s true. If so, at least that would get him away from here! Then Sacramento will be stuck with him after he’s helped ruin San Francisco (very similar to what the former alcalde/mayor did). Politician Cocks would have trouble running for alcalde for some time because the current conservative piece of work in the mayor’s chair at the moment will unfortunately be running for a second term, no doubt, after he made a promise (which he broke in typical political style) to the city that he wouldn’t run for the first term but would only be a “caretaker mayor.”

04.05.14 I know the site you’re talking about. The problem….they dont require any registration or anything. I’ve never seen a forum like that. I left a couple comments about that but nothing changed. I can’t think of a site that doesn’t require some type of registration. With everyone’s name being Guest I didn’t know who was who. I haven’t been there in months and take it that nothing’s changed. I don’t feel good about being on the site and like you say they wear the progressives label and then let the neocon trolls have permanent residence there. Think I’ll just stay away for my own sanity.

04.04.14 That site you talked about. Is that the SFBG? Ah, tell me about it!!!!!! I stopped going there. Do you think if I wrote them about their comment section being taken over by the right that they would do something about it?
My response: No, they wouldn’t. Over time, many people have complained to them about the comments and they refuse to do anything about it. They claim their version of Drupal is too old to do anything with the comment section, but then someone on the site said he had offered to help them strap on the necessary moderation “add-on” to deal with the problem and they rejected his help. If they didn’t like the comment section being owned by the right-wing they would delete them or turn off comments altogether, which they did on one short occasion for a few days as a trial but they obviously like things as they are with the right-wing owning their site. So be it. You’d be wasting your time writing to them because they’re not going to do anything about it. Gracias for your comment. Chau.

04.04.14 Yep, SF is clearing out the lower wage industries and replacing them with techies and unaffordable luxury designer condos. The Board of Supervisors is turning the City into a place where only the wealthy can play.

04.04.14 Good article. When will the tech bubble pop? When will the housing bubbles pop? When that happen, SF will look deserted as all of these young techies go back to mommy and daddy.