The “left’s” obsession with DJT, a guy who holds no public office.

The “left” are DJT’s biggest and best promoters, but they seem too damn dense to understand that’s what they’re doing. Go on any so-called “progressive” or “liberal” site. Or listen to any “progressive” or “liberal” broadcast, and you’ll likely see or hear the same thing. Someone droning on and yapping about DJT. I refuse to type the guy’s name because that would be a promotion for him. I’m talking about the guy who occupied the White House for 4 years before Biden took office. Yeah, him. Well, the guy left office awhile back as most of you probably know. But it seems that the fake-left and fake-progressives think he’s still in office and they’re absolutely obsessed with him, but out of the other side of their mouth they claim to detest him. They do feature stories on him complete with a large picture of the loon. But I thought they detested him? Why give any time to some nut you say you hate? Or do you really want him back in office because Biden is “not exciting?” Insanity.

Why obsess over someone you claim to detest and who’s no longer in public office? That’s fucked up. That’s the sign of someone who is not mentally stable. A severe psychosis.

These fake “progressives” use DJT as click-bait which is about as low as you can get. You’d think they’d raise their standards and talk about something really important rather than the latest childish antics of an ego that loves attention. And he doesn’t care whether it’s good or bad attention.

4 April 2022: Mi amigo/My friend went on one fake-progressive site, DU. I call that site Delusionals United because they’re partisan Democrats and vote for the right-wing Democratic Party at election time. They’re constantly in a delusional, wishful-thinking mode of all these things that they believe (in their delusional minds) will happen to DJT. His picture was at the top of their site on 4 April and there were two other images of him down the page. So that was three promotions for DJT on Delusionals United. They claim they can’t stand him yet they heavily promote him by talking about him and showing pictures of his puss, and they are too damn dense to realise that’s what they’re doing. DU is merely a Democratic Party front site.

These fake “progressives” also live under delusions that the Biden regime is going to go after DJT. Yeah, just like Obama went after Bush, right? Instead Obama greatly expanded on the Bush/Cheney regime policies — the two families now seem to be best of friends — and we see Michelle and George W sharing candies at state events. They seem to have quite a thing for each other based on these pictures.

Of course, the fake-progressives — who are really just cultists of the right-wing Democratic Party at election time — will rush to defend those who are obsessed with DJT, which makes them just as bad as those trying to exploit him.

As I’ve said before, the “progressives” and “liberals” have become an empty shell of their former selves. Chau.—el barrio rosa