The Movement accomplished nothing

That’s the way it feels based on what we see every day.

Hola a todos. There’s not much gay anymore is there? Not from what we see from here in the former Queer Mecca of San Francisco, which is now a Breeder Mecca over-saturated with Rainbow Flags and straights making out under Rainbow Flags to show that “this is now our territory. So get out of here, faggots.” (Related: His shirt said, “Fuck you, homo.”) In fact, the word “gay” seems to be a “bad word” these days, such as “that is soooooo gay” and other pejoratives.

It seems like I’ve written about this umpteen times. Time for more venting:

Nearly every day, mi amigo/my friend (he’s a Queer boy) will be watching a video on U-toob. They are about various topics. U-toob seems to be the new place for closet cases. Mi amigo tells me that his gaydar sees the guy in the video and immediately says, “Who’s this Queer boy?” Then, later in the video, as expected, there are the kid’s toys and then there’s the chick. She’s in many of the guy’s videos. He has to show everyone that he’s supposedly straight. So show her as often as possible to convince the viewers — and himself? — that he’s Mr Straight Guy. Is anyone convinced by this deception? Yet another fucking closet case living a lie about his sexual orientation and lying to himself and others, desperate to be Mr Straight Guy, just like millions of other Queers living in the closet worldwide. For those who may be saying: It sounds like your friend thinks every guy he sees on U-toob is Queer. No, not at all, and he doesn’t say that either. But we both know a Queer boy when we see one.

That scenario I described in U-toob videos plays itself out repeatedly. Nearly every day. The Queer boy with a chick and kids.

We’ve noticed the same thing elsewhere as well. I wrote about that here, where the actors hired — for promoting breeder sexuality — in drug company ads are often Queer guys pretending to be straight. It’s a Queer guy holding hands or making out with a female or doing something “romantically” with a female in order to sell some drug. That’s what they look like to us and other commenters agree under the video commercials. We’ve also seen that over and over. I fail to understand what Breeder Sexuality has to do with taking a drug for some medical condition. It gives the false impression that Queers don’t exist in the world and they are free of all or nearly all medical conditions. But we are no fools here. We know what they’re doing. Bottom line: It’s technically called society’s Straight Agenda.

That’s why these days, it feels like there’s not much of anything gay remaining. “Everyone” seems to be back in the closet — with few exceptions — and with some living a “straight” life with the usual wife and kids. This is the result of that damnable “gay assimilation” nonsense. See also here and here and here. Living in the closet is very unhealthy and it really ages a person because one is not being true to the sexual orientation that one was born with. Instead, one is catering to — what I call The Family Script — other people’s prejudices and bigotry (such as one’s parents anti-gay feelings) and their constant nagging questions about “When are you going to find a nice girl and get married?” That’s followed by more fucking nagging, “When are you going to start a family?” Translation: When are you going to fuck her and knock her up? That’s the bottom line on an already over-populated planet. Tell these family member assholes to fucking mind their own fucking business. Butt out! Do we understand each other?

Since the gay guy’s nagging family is desperate for a baby: Bro, you could think about that hot guy you saw earlier in the day when you’re fucking her smelly and slimy pussy. Just a suggestion.

It really makes it feel like our Movement — the Gay Rights Movement — accomplished nothing when one sees the amount of gay shame today and all of these closet cases with females, which seems to be at an epidemic level today. It feels that way. It feel like it’s at an even higher level than it was at the beginning of our now-dead Movement decades ago. Very depressing and frustrating. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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