The Orange Thug Christian Fraud

I would not expect the orange thug — or the thugs/trash around him — en la casa blanca/in the white house to know that his cultist base (which are the evangelical/fundamentalist so-called “Christians”) do not consider Anglicans/Episcopalians or Roman Catholics to be Christian. His base looks down on both Anglicans and Catholics, so why does he continually go to parishes and cathedral churches of these two denominations? I read that Melanoma Tr*mp “identifies as a Roman Catholic.” Note that she doesn’t say she is a Roman Catholic. It’s more of that “identifying” nonsense that we see in these insane times. Well, la perra can “identify” all she wants but that doesn’t make it so. The orange thug knows nothing about the Anglican Liturgy as he has demonstrated on his visits to Washington National Cathedral (WNC, a Cathedral Church of the Anglican Communion) in the District of Columbia on High Holy Days, particularly Navidad/Christmas. During the Mass (which WNC calls Choral Eucharist), he does not bow to the processional crosses, he doesn’t bless himself, he doesn’t make the three signs of the cross before the reading of The Gospel, he doesn’t genuflect to the (reserved) sacrament, he doesn’t bow to the thurifer during the censing of the altar and other things that Anglicans/Episcopalians do as part of being an Anglican. And as religious as the orange thug pretends to be by playing the God Card, one would think someone like that would be devout and do those things I listed, no? Instead, he doesn’t do anything in the Anglican Liturgy but sit on his overweight azz in those tacky white pants or stand — might as well be a Southern Baptist — because he has no idea what to do. On Sundays, his church is a golf course. He’s a fake-Christian. He only plays the God Card for political purposes/stunts to try to deceive his gullible cultists into believing he’s one of them, even though he’s not. His god is money/greed. He’s corporate trash. Why doesn’t he go to the churches of his cultists? Their churches don’t have cameras. That’s why. And those churches are out in the sticks in some hick place where the white supremacists live with their pickup trucks, rifle in the back window along with a confederate flag. From what I’ve read, no one approved of the orange thug’s bible-holding stunt in front of St John’s Parish (Anglican Communion) in Lafayette Park in the District or his trip over to Saint John Paul II National Shrine, the Roman Catholic Cathedral in the District. Even the Southern Baptists strongly disapproved of both stunts. No where did I read that anyone approved of it. Then what did Nancy Pelosi do the next day? (For international readers, she’s the lame Speaker of the US House of Representatives). She held up a bible and gave some mealy-mouthed 2 minute speech about “the president [sic] is not being helpful” and other drivel. Sigh. Clue to Nancy: Being “helpful” is not what this thug/international bully and disgrace is about, Nancy. You still haven’t figured that out huh? As you and the others (both D and R) previously voted in the majority to give him his record war budget. Stupid-is-in. You don’t fool some of us the way you fool your gullible D-cultists 100% of the time as San Francisco voters continue to vote for you no matter what you do for the Republicans. And why did you not say a word about him violating the US Constitution this week? And why didn’t anyone slam Nancy for her bible stunt? Because she pretends to be a “Democrat?” She’s no more “Christian” than he is. They’re both basura. Did Nancy not read anything in the DC press/media about how very disrespectful it’s considered to hold up a bible particularly for political purposes? Everyone I read said that, including two spokespersons from the Southern Baptist Convention. Does she not know that we are supposed to have a separate of Church and State here in the dis-United States? What is wrong with this woman? (Nobody has that much time)