The orange thug lost. What a Loser.

The Loser. I had to say that because the orange thug loves to call other people losers, with whom he disagrees.

He’s leaving in January? Well, I’ll believe it when I see him literally walk out of the white house for the final time. Along with pompous Mike Pompeo (I can’t stand that fake-Christian thug), Pence and all the other trash. Or dragged out face down and dragged through the streets of the District of Columbia.

I’ve said he’s not going anywhere and that was based on this thug’s behavior, reputation, and his own words. But apparently he and his despicable regime did not know how to steal an election correctly. They didn’t know that you need an accomplish in one of the states. How could they not know that? No research done on the topic? Like the Bush Crime Family had Katherine Harris (Secretary of State) in FL as their accomplice. She was a close Bush Family friend. Remember the hanging chads and all that and the problems with the ballots? That ultimately ended up with Bush Family friends on the US Supreme Court selecting Bush. When there’s no accomplice involved, there’s less controversy or legal issues for the US Supreme Court to get involved with. So the orange thug’s rush to have Barrett seated ASAP on the US Supreme Court did not benefit him in this instance.

I’m sure the entire world is breathing a sigh of relief — I know I am! — that this subhuman orange thug is supposedly leaving in 2 months (January 2021) and that this septic, deranged and insane era is coming to an end. Supposedly. But I have a sense of reserved caution about it all. Biden appears presidential and speaks like one expects of presidential material, unlike the world’s bully and Loser. Both Biden and Harris wear the required lapel US flag pin. Ugly Nationalism. Biden’s speech at the Chase Center looked like it was produced by Disney, including the fireworks. I can listen to Biden but I roll my eyes at some of the things he says, such as, “I’ll be a president for all Americans.” Why? Half the country doesn’t care about you or what you think. They’re not even listening to you. So why do you give a damn about them? They didn’t give you any time in the last 4 years. They call you fake news. Most of their views and politics are the opposite of yours. I realise it’s stuff that he feels he must say and all that. And it’s the opposite of the divisive pabulum we’ve heard from the orange thug Loser since Day One. But his (Biden’s) is the typical establishment script and the “safe” and typical stuff the “Democratic” Party Cult has been doing since the days of Bill Clinton. “We’re safe and middle of the road, and for everyone,” which of course is also bull shit, but much of politics is bull shit and lies. Also, Biden gave no specifics about anything he plans to do. It was mostly emotional stuff from both he and Harris, reminiscent of when Obama won. “Feed them emotional, syrupy, female-style pabulum” the script apparently says. Then there was the segments about what a great “first lady” Jill Biden will be. Well that’s nice, but nobody elected her for anything, so does it matter? She’s a case of, “Where the front seat goes, the back seat follows.”

People need to remember that the Obama-Biden regime do not have the best reputation these days because their neocon policies overall were to the right of those of illegitimate George W Bush. One wonders: Will Obama be Secretary of State in a Biden regime? And as for Biden “going after” the orange thug Loser, dream on! That’s more wishful-thinking. Instead it will be more of Obama’s approach to Bush which was, “We must look forward and not backwards; we must not divide the country by going after this criminal” thinking. Any excuse to let him off. In fact, today the Bush and Obama families are best of friends. Check out those images to see what I mean. Obama-Biden left office with 11-13 wars in progress — I lost count, sorry, and I was paying attention — all of which the fake-progressives remained silent about or made lame excuses for. That’s because with the fake-progressives war is okay when there’s a Democrat in the white house, but war is bad when there’s a Republican in the white house. Their glaring hypocrisy is duly noted.

Here in San Francisco, thousands of people gathered in the Castro — which is now mostly straight and no longer a Queer mecca as it used to be — and elsewhere around The City to celebrate the Loser supposedly leaving in January. In the Era of COVID, half of those gathered were not wearing face masks and no one was social-distancing that we saw. So how were these super-spreader gatherings any different than one of the MAGA cult rallies? In reality, they were the same. It’s just the other team (Democrats) gathered violating the COVID health guidelines. In reality, there is no difference between the two gatherings or cult rallies. Apparently some idiots think that COVID is now all over because Biden was elected. WTF? I fail to understand that thinking. On 7 November 2020, San Francisco had 107 new COVID cases which is quite an increase. So these celebrations that the thug will be leaving (allegedly), are more COVID super-spreader events. I also saw people hugging each other. Under the COVID guidelines, you’re not supposed to be hugging anyone, other than people from your immediate household, if that. Stupid people. My neighbour — who doesn’t follow the health guidelines half the time; only when it suits her — wanted to hug me. I told her: I motioned to her at a distance: No hugging with COVID. She backed off. She was your typical near-tears female because of Biden’s win: She was an emotional wreck, the state she’s usually in. Just like the Obama cultists were the night he was elected.

Mi amigo/My friend said: It did look like as soon as Biden was declared the winner, that the face masks came off. For some insane reason for many, they translated that to mean that COVID is now over. Insanity. Looking at the Castro cams, it was mostly an older crowd gathered in the street and mostly straight/breeders. We never have understood why breeders enjoy living in and hanging out in an area saturated with Rainbow Flags (which are there for tourist purposes). WTF is that about? … while some of them make homophobic comments. He said: There were a few Queer couples (gay male couples and lesbian couples). I asked him: I wonder where they were bused in from since there seem to be only a few remaining? After the street was cleared after 10PM, there was — what looked like an impromptu — dance party in the Jane Warner Plaza at Castro/Market Streets. Yes, they were all packed into the Plaza. Most looked like they were wearing face masks, but no social-distancing at all. Insane. That was annoying, frustrating and depressing to see: It was nearly all straight Millennial couples (him and her) dancing together in an area saturated with Queer flags. Such a contradiction to see. Rainbow flags and nearly all straight couples. Clearly marking their straight territory. During the Queer Mecca decades, it would have been all Queer male couples dancing together. Reminds me of pre-COVID and a Queer friend of mine told me that he avoided going to the Castro bars because, “there are too many girls in them.” Presumably trying to pick up guys. I didn’t know that all of the straight bars in The City had closed did you? I didn’t know that straights were forced to come to the Castro to hook up? In the COVID Era, no one is supposed to be hooking up with anyone to begin with because one does not know who is infected (asymptomatic) and who is not. Did all of these him and her couples know each other already? It also reminds me of why a local Castro Queer homeowner sold his home and moved out of the City. Before he moved, he told me, “Welcome to the heterosexual Castro.”

Someone (likely an anti-Queer conservative and perhaps a closet case themself?) would ask: I don’t see the problem. (No, I suppose you wouldn’t!) What’s wrong with a Queer area now being — yet another — area for the breeders. The problem thick person is the following: The breeders/straights/heterosexuals own the entire world. Queers do not. The straights can dance in any bars (pre-COVID) in the world that they want. Queers cannot, without possible intimidation and hearing the threat of “get out of here you faggots.” This is not a lovey-dovey world for Queers. Can’t Queers have this one small little enclave in San Francisco’s Castro for themselves without the intrusive, parasitic and predatory straights taking this over too, butting their noses in our little area — and making anti-Queer comments under their breath — like they have taken over The Village in NYC or West Hollywood or Boys Town in Chicago or Dupont Circle in the District of Columbia and other Queer area? By contrast, Queers don’t deliberately move into and hang out in traditionally straight areas or deliberately go to straight bars and shove their/our sexuality into other people’s faces the way the breeders insist on doing in Queer areas by making out on the sidewalk or walking around hand-in-hand/arm-in-arm or in some cases stopping just short of having sex on the sidewalk or in a Queer bar (pre-COVID). So why do the fucking breeders insist on doing all of that with the few small Queer areas in the world? Why is it important to the breeders to put on a matinee straight sex show in front of the remaining Queer boys in the area?

How many people will be having COVID super-spreader parties to celebrate the orange thug Loser leaving?

I’m sure that international world leaders feel relieved that they no longer have to deal with this immature piece of trash that they’ve had to deal with for close to 4 years. Biden is an adult, compared to the narcissistic toddler currently in the white house. Biden won’t approach meetings like a playground bully-thug with tantrums and threats. I’m sure Angela Merkel (pronounced Un-gay-lah Mair-kel) — she’s the Chancellor of Deutschland for USians who aren’t too globally aware — is relieved that she never has to have another encounter with the orange thug Loser, supposedly. And hopefully, we won’t have to see his perpetual fanning hand movements again.

But upon reflection, this criminal gang have 10 weeks to figure out how to stay in office with the assistance of their gun-toting fascist/nazi thug cultists. Mi amigo/My friend thinks the orange thug Loser will leave. Perhaps he will, but I put nothing past these trash. And it’s not just him that has to leave, but the entire despicable cabal. That would require more than one or two guys to remove them, unless they remove them one-by-one. Is there a plan in place for that? Perhaps. But again, I’ll believe he’s leaving — and the trash around him — when I see them leaving or hauled away in handcuffs from the white house premises. Until then, this is sort of more of that “Democratic” Party Cultist — what I call — premature ejaculation stuff, or commonly known as wishful-thinking and wishful-thinking along with denial are two of the requirements for being a cultist of the “Democratic” Party Cult, which often enables the Republican Party Cult. The corrupt one-party system with two names.

As of this writing, the Führer/the Loser says he’s not conceding because he won.

So people still think he plans to leave? He’s not required to concede but according to the US Constitution he is required to be gone by Inauguration Day. And should he win any legal cases regarding vote re-counting, it won’t really matter, according to the Constitutional “expert” I heard interviewed on this topic who implied this is really minor stuff. Chau.—el barrio rosa