The outright stupid classical music audience

Have I ever told you how much I “hate” these pretentious and elitist people who think they’re “high-brow” (Dahling)?! They can’t tell Beethoven from Brahms, yet they think they’re such authorities! They’re known by multiple names: the Classical Music Snots and the Classical Music Armchair Critics. Unfortunately, they ruin classical music for a lot of people.

Well, the COVID pandemic has certainly brought the stupid people out in force and they enjoy going on to the video channels of some major symphony orchestras in the EU to proudly spread their willful-ignorance.

One of my favourite orchestras in the EU has been performing in reduced size without an audience through most of the pandemic. That’s something I don’t agree with because they’re risking the lives of their stellar musicians. Apparently orchestral mis-management think that all of their musicians are expendable and are easily replaced. (I often think that it’s orchestral mis-management that needs to be replaced). None of their musicians are masked and the strings are minimally social-distanced. The brass and winds have more distance between them. Each conductor comes out with a mask but removes it upon stepping on the podium. Why?

QUESTION: The virus knows not to invade the podium, does it? Does the podium have a force field around it to stop this virus?

QUESTION: The virus can tell the difference between string musicians and the conductor when they’re close to each other?

One commenter under one of the orchestra’s recent performances asked: Why is the pianist wearing a mask? One commenter responded: “Where have you been for the last year?”

Another nut wrote: “The pianist is wearing a mask to show solidarity.” To show solidarity with whom? No one else on stage was wearing a mask except the production people, the camera people. At least they care about their life and health. It’s interesting that production thought to wear a mask but the musicians didn’t or were told not to by orchestral mis-management. Insanity.

The classical music audience is really more stupid than I had originally credited them with, and as a Conservatory-trained musician with considerable major Orchestra Chorus experience and other performance experience, with few exceptions I’ve never had a high regard for the classical music audience what-so-ever based on my performance experience. I don’t relate to them well. I relate well to the musicians on stage, but not the audience, most of whom know nothing about music and are just there to be “entertained.”

So in the comments of one of these performances, some nut asked why the pianist for the piano concerto was wearing a mask and no one else was? “Was it to keep the piano from getting COVID” he asked. He wasn’t being funny. Insanity.

Well the piano was not wearing a mask, Mr/Ms Insane. It was the pianist who was wearing the mask. Damn, these dunce tr*mp people are thick, dense and stupid no matter where they are in the world.

Another person (Latino) said that masks are useless. They are useless if worn incorrectly, but they are extremely useful and the best “vaccine” we have to date when worn correctly. That commenter must be related to Jair Bolsonaro (Brazil) or another of the brain-dead tr*mp cultists.

Then some woman commenter said she thought the strings should have been masked, but not the conductor. Why not the conductor, Ms Dense? The conductor was standing right near the strings and you think that the virus knows the difference between a conductor and a violinist or violist? Doh. Ms Stupid.

Where do these morons come from?

And is it really worth the conductor’s life to conduct a programme without a mask? Orchestra mis-management seem to think so. And in this instance with the level of excellence, this orchestra could have given a conductor-less performance.

There were other similarly thick and dense comments.

I also don’t understand orchestral mis-management and their policies regarding performing during COVID. Orchestral mismanagement consists mostly of conservatives regardless of their political party affiliations — and conservative is the draconian approach they often take to their musicians especially when their musicians go on strike — just like much of the audience are conservatives. Conservatives think that COVID is a joke/a hoax. Then when a conservative is infected with COVID, they deny it all the way to their death. Or on the odd occasion, a conservative has said upon being infected, “I guess I should have taken this more seriously. It’s very real.” (roll eyes) I can’t stand stupid-assed people. I have no patience for dunces.

The level of stupid and insanity seems to be on the increase worldwide.

The Medical Sciences have never created a hoax. They don’t have time for such nonsense. The Medical Sciences have not created a hoax with COVID. The notion that COVID is a hoax came from one dunce politician named tr*mp and his cultists who believed every word he spoke. This virus has become politicised by him and the other willfully-ignorant trash in the White House during his regime and that illogical thinking spread worldwide just like COVID. That’s because it’s easier to ignore it and live in denial as so many people do, than to do something about it.

No other virus has been made political, except this one and it’s because of that dunce who belongs in prison for life, but who will never see the inside of a prison. Chau.—el barrio rosa