The Rainbow Flag is now “too gay?”

El 31 de mayo de 2014. Hola. Honestly, very weird times! Did you know that today in los Estados Unidos (also known as the US, The Cesspool, The Imperialistic Empire) as many gay guys have become conservative and are trying to be heteronormative, that the Rainbow Flag is now seen as “too gay,” or “too radical” or “too flaming?” That’s the impression I and others I’ve talked with have. And don’t even think of bringing up the Transgender Flag! Mi amigo brought this topic up recently when he told me in disgust about his gay gym using drab gray paint to paint over the colours of the Rainbow Flag inside his gym in San Francisco’s Castro (more about that down the page).

During the San Francisco Gay Mecca days, the Rainbow Flag was a very common sight in San Francisco, especially in The Castro/Upper Market area. During those days, people were not ashamed of or trying to hide being gay, just the opposite in fact. It was a “let it all hang out” time. The opposite of today: conservative, “discreet,” sanitised, bland and boring. But today it’s rare to see the Rainbow Flag flying on a residence in The Castro or Upper Market area, or a Rainbow Flag emblem on a vehicle’s bumper. Is that because the Rainbow Flag was the major symbol of the Gay Rights’ Movement and since the Gay Rights’ Movement has essentially died, there’s no longer any need for its symbol?

Except for the month of June (being Gay Shame Month with the Gay Shame Corporate Commercials called “Parades” in the US), I think today in the US the Rainbow Flag is considered “too gay” or even passé. Today, San Francisco seems intent on divorcing itself from the Alternative proudly-radical former San Francisco. The city of today is becoming very culture-less, sterile, bland and boring (many people have written about the city’s “war” on fun) with The Establishment’s goal of turning San Francisco into a completely different city and a city for the wealthy (Lobotomised San Francisco) than the city of the former Gay Mecca. Today, the goal seems to be about making San Francisco the Meccas for Luxury Designer Condos (Dahling) and for the Techie Trash and their Tech Surveillance-State Industrial Complex. As I’ve pointed out before, in these strange conservative, heteronomative days many GLBTQs have willingly returned to the closet and/or are trying to be as “straight-acting,” “straight-looking” and “straight-appearing” (it’s all about being “straight, straight, straight!”) and other heteronormative nonsense as possible to emulate fucked-up heterosexuals. There’s definitely a lot of internalised anti-gay feelings out there these days (sad), which would also explain why the Rainbow Flag is now considered “too gay” by many, if not most people. A closet case wouldn’t want to be seen with or near a Rainbow Flag. Frankly, I never knew that being heterosexual was the desired sexuality and the “correct” sexuality that should be strived for or modeled after, did you?

There’s an obnoxious (questionably gay) “jock” faux-sports bar in San Francisco that tries to hide that it’s a gay bar. It opened on Market Street in San Francisco awhile back. When that bar opened some people said, “the gay rights movement ends at this bar.” There’s no Rainbow Flag or any other GLBTQ flag outside that bar. Closet cases = jocks. As mi amiga said: Now you know that a Rainbow Flag would be waaaaaaaaaay to gay and even considered “flaming” for these obnoxious gay jocks pretending to be “straight” with their internalised anti-gay feelings, anti-gay issues and heteronormative selves. I agree mi amiga! That faux-sports bar only has corporate sports team flags outside. They do drag out the Rainbow Flag on Gay Shame (Gay Discreet) Weekend to use as bait to get GLBTQ suckers into their bar deceiving them into thinking that they are supporting a proud gay bar, when they’re not. You’re supporting a closet case bar with special corporate interests. That bar just wants your dinero. Then the Monday after Gay Shame Weekend, that bar’s Rainbow Flag quickly goes back into the closet until next year and the corporate sports team flag they temporarily took down goes back up for the rest of the year. That’s what happened last year.

One of the gay bars in The Castro (The Edge), flies every flag. They fly the Rainbow, Transgender, Leather, and Bear flags. And some of the lovely Drag Queens (an art form) hang out there from time-to-time.

As I wrote in this article and mentioned briefly up above, the local “gay” gym apparently thinks that the Rainbow Flag is now too gay or outdated because they recently used gray paint to paint over their Rainbow Flag colours on both levels of the gym. So it was not an accident; it was deliberate. Perhaps trying to cater to the “straights” who are coming in to the gym, so as not to offend them? Ugh! If they were offended, they could take their ass back to a “straight” gym in The Marina barrio or any other “straight” barrio in the city. There’s no shortage of “straight” gyms in San Francisco.

It’s a very weird time. I’ve previously written quite a bit about tech and how tech is taking over San Francisco. Some tech is positive (the internet for example), but a lot of it is not with serious addiction problems, and some of us see the negative aspects of tech as part of the reasons we’re going backwards as a society in many ways as fast as possible. And going back in or staying in the closet is another example of going backward where the Rainbow Flag is now seen as “too gay” and clearly an embarrassment for many GLBTQs. Pathetic. Chau.—rosa barrio