“Whether it’s a Senator or Congressman?” WTF?

Like many other people, Chuck Hagel meant to say Representative, NOT “Congressman.” The politicians in the US House of Representatives are called — can you guess? — REPRESENTATIVE. Imagine that! Why are only Representatives considered “Congressmen” when the US Congress consists of two (2) bodies: The House of Representatives and the Senate. It’s not called the House of Congressmen. Where do these basura come from who spend decades in government and don’t know people’s official titles, and use sloppy language? How did they get to where they were? Whose upper colon did they reside in?

Technically, they’re all “congressmen/women” because the Senate is part of the congress.  It’s not a separate body outside of the US Congress. I guess Chuck and many others have never learned that.  He didn’t sound too bright in the interview I heard despite the positions in government he has held. But upon reflection, with few exceptions, do any of these people who have been career politicians sound bright? Many of them sound like illiterate redneck hicks, slurring their way through US English, unable to speak any other world language. And of course they make no attempt to speak words from other international languages correctly. And because of their immaturity, when they do mangle words from other languages, they think it’s funny and laugh at it. Pathetic and very disrespectful to other world languages. As an analogy, when I was in Orchestra Choruses, whenever we sang in a language other than English, the Chorus Director always brought in a language coach to train us and to assure that our diction and pronunciation of the language we were performing was authentic and correct. So that our performance review would say, “Their German diction was perfect.” When the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Chorus performed in Berlin, they received a similar review. The reviewer from Berlin said that the German diction from the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Chorus was better than that of most German Choruses he had heard. Yes, that’s exactly my point. But other than the finest trained musicians, most people — English-only language speakers especially — don’t give a fuck how much they mangle and disrespect international languages. Disgusting.

As a friend of mine said about this:  These stupid people don’t even know the names of our own system and what things are called, then people parked at microphones repeat the mistakes.  And you’ll hear some woman in the US at a microphone mispronounce Iraq.  It’s E-rock, not Eye-rack, Ms Redneck Hick.  English-only language speakers are notorious for disrespecting other world languages. The same illiterate woman mispronounced Afghanistan. Think of the word “Bach” and use that “ah” sound when saying Afghanistan. That’s how that’s pronounced correctly.

Upon reflection, this is really no different than the District of Columbia which is the official name of the US nation’s capital. Contrary to public opinion and public ignorance, “Washington DC” is not the official name of the US nation’s capital. District of Columbia is the official name. But the sheeple say “Washington DC” because they don’t know any better. I don’t think most people even know what DC stands for. They couldn’t tell you. What they would likely say is, “I can’t tell you what DC stands for, I just know it’s supposed to be on the end of Washington.” Yeah, that’s about the extent of it. Others think that District of Columbia is British Columbia, “up there in that there Canada somewhere” they would say. Stupid. District of Columbia is not British Columbia and District of Columbia is not the country of Colombia (different spelling). Our education system is really, well, where does one start with that?! Nobody has that much time.

But I wish that Chuck Hagel and others like him would learn the correct and official titles for the politicians in the US Congress: Representative and Senator.