The straights have hijacked the Rainbow Flag

Yes, the straights/breeders want it all, including the Rainbow Flag. Well, since nobody else is using it, the breeders might as well take it. Most queers worldwide seem to have put the Rainbow Flag back in the closet, along with themselves. I think the number of closet cases in the world today is at an all-time high based on what I see. Stunning really, and very frustrating. It’s as if we’ve rushed back in time. Think: the 1940s or 1950s.

Yesterday, mi amigo/my friend brought to my attention yet another queer guy married to a woman in a video he was watching. Every day he sees closet cases in videos (often Millennials) with the perfunctory left hand wedding ring. It’s obvious to us that the guy is Queer by his behaviour and mannerisms and speech. Then, often comes out “the wife and kids” to prove to the audience that he is supposedly straight. The more kids that a closet case (married to a female) has is intended to prove just how “straight” and “manly” he is. That seems to be the thinking of this type of closet case. The odd ball thing about this Queer guy with the female in the video yesterday is that the guy was obviously Queer by the way he spoke and his mannerisms. Then he was wearing a Rainbow Flag shirt. But in a previous video, there was “the wife.” Don’t try to figure that out, dear reader. There are countless examples of this that I could cite from U-toob videos. Mi amigo and I have seen them. But this is the most recent example and mi amigo/my friend brought it to my attention. Why does a queer boy have a wife in 2020? Queer guys are not into females or pussy and tits. And mind you, this is coming after the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement. Can someone remind me again what we accomplished when you see this type of thing that I’ve written about here? It’s because as I’ve said before, I think that today there are more closet cases than ever before. So the guy in the video is in a heterosexual relationship but he’s obviously queer. Insanity.

Yes, the straights are hijacking the Rainbow Flag as well, or they already have. They want the Queer bars and have already taken over some of them. They want our corporate “pride” events because it gives them another opportunity to party obnoxiously and make out under Rainbow Flags. The straights rush to the nearest Rainbow Flag to make out under it and feel each other up, especially at Harvey Milk Plaza in San Francisco under the big Rainbow Flag there. Then, some of them wear “Fuck you, homo” on their shirt as him and her walk through the Harvey Milk Plaza hand-in-hand. Yes, they want it all including the Rainbow Flag. And again, some of these people are closet cases married to women, which would seem to be the case for the guy in the video with “the wife.” In the comments under his video, someone called him on it and said “I thought you were queer.” His response was “so what?” (roll eyes) I guess in the Century of Insanity, Queers are back to marrying women so that Queers can once again repeat history over and over. Just think of how many times this history has repeated itself all the way from the Roman days and forward. Just change the date when the story is reprinted. Then we have to go through the same fight again and again with different players. Insanity.

Then I heard this sad thing: One of my neighbours told me about a home down the street from us in San Francisco. A Queer couple has lived there for years. Well, they’re selling their home and leaving The City — yet another Queer couple leaving — and the Real Estate Industrial Complex liar told them to remove their Rainbow Flag and the flag holder. Why? Because a potential straight couple buyer might question the metal flag holder outside the window. The Real Estate Industrial Complex liar didn’t want to have to tell them that a Queer couple used to live there and they flew a Rainbow Flag on the ledge of their window. (roll eyes). This sounds like a story that might come out of Kansas, doesn’t it? Yet it happened in the former Gay Mecca of San Francisco, which is now a Breeder Mecca. “Welcome to the heterosexual Castro. The baby stroller kingdom.” Chau.—el barrio rosa