The Techie-Asses in San Francisco

A longterm real estate agent leaving San Francisco

El 17 de mayo de 2013. Hola. I was talking with “what is is” of the pink barrio today and he had just had an interesting conversation with a real estate agent he used to know. The topic/theme of his conversation is becoming rather common in San Francisco these days. This is what the real estate agent told “what is is” and I transcribed it from what “what is is” told me:

After 23 years of selling real estate in San Francisco’s Castro district, he is moving out of the city to the North Bay (of the San Francisco Bay Area) because of the tech people. He calls them “techie-asses” and they are moving into San Francisco in herds. He is moving out of the city because of the stress of selling property to the wealthy “techie-asses” with their extraordinarily self-entitled and snotty attitude. They seem to be the only people buying property here. He was getting angry just telling me about them and made it clear that he can’t stand them.

He is also moving because of the extraordinary changes in the city and in the Castro district specifically in the last two years. He said he couldn’t believe what has happened to the Castro. He talked about the corruption in the city government and how the former gay population has left the city and what remains here now is more about being straight and having lots of children in baby strollers and doing nothing but drinking.

As a real estate agent, he said that all the people he used to get/hire to prepare a house for sale have left the city. None of them are here anymore.

He also told the story of how he was in the Castro the other day and from a distance saw a guy with a child who was walking with him. He assumed the guy was the parent of the boy. As he approached them, he heard the parent ask the boy something about school. He asked:

“Are the girls asking the boys?” The boy said, “no, the girls…” and that’s all the real estate agent heard as he walked away.

The real estate agent said he felt disgusted hearing that heterosexual-based question because he wouldn’t expect to hear someone asking about “the girls asking the boys” in the Castro. Wouldn’t you expect to hear “did the boys ask the boys” or “did the girls ask the girls” in the Castro? But by this parent’s
heteronormative question it sounds like this parent does not consider gay to be “normal” even though he’s in the Castro—presumably by choice—and also that he hopes his son will be straight (meaning something is wrong with being gay). His question was also attempting to programme the child to be straight. That’s what it sounded like to this real estate agent who is leaving San Francisco for the reasons given. Chau.—rosa barrio


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