The Tech Surveillance-State Industrial Complex

UPDATED: El 20 de octubre de 2014. Hola. ¿Qué tal? A former San Francisco resident wrote me last week asking for an update on the state of things regarding the (now-Lobotomised) San Francisco and the Tech Surveillance-State Industrial Complex taking over San Francisco and owning the San Francisco Oligarchy (city government). I thought others might be interested as well:

Many longtime residents of San Francisco have very legitimate and justifiable complaints about the techies and their parasitic companies. Many longtime residents, including myself, agree that tech has ruined San Francisco. By that I mean the “Liberal San Francisco” we long had a reputation for being over the decades. The “left,” “progressive” and “liberal” city of San Francisco is gone, which absolutely delights the conservatives/right-wing/libertarians (whatever they call themselves; it’s the Class Warfare Greed-At-Any-Cost crowd in other words) who are now in power. Some of them hide behind the word “moderate” to disguise their rabid and dangerous agenda. The techie trash continue to ruin the city. I and others can’t stand them. They are some of the most despicable people ever to come to this city. They are the scum of the Earth, and that’s being polite. They are some of the biggest arrogant assholes one will find anywhere. They think they own the place and in a monied sense they do because they own el alcalde/the corporatist mayor and the corporate parasites of The Oligarchy (the conservative San Francisco government). These people have come here for techie jobs. They have belligerently come into our barrios without any regard or respect for the residents, cultures, traditions, diversity and many other aspects of the barrio. Assholes! The techie Gentrification and Eviction shuttles continue to run. They look like big ships passing in the night when they come back to the city from Silicon Valley where these corporatist techies should be living (close to where they work) instead of in San Francisco. But these pretentious, wealthy assholes think they have to live in San Francisco. This city continues to give corporate welfare to techie companies based in the city. The right-wing/libertarian/Greed-At-Any-Cost crowd and their parasitic trolls on message forums defend the techies by saying that the companies provide jobs. Yeah, to people who don’t live here. You fail to say that! The jobs go to people who are brought here to do the job. It’s a form of outsourcing. When is the tech bubble going to burst/crash? Recently, some techie assholes kicked city kids playing in a public city park out of a public park because these wealthy basura/trash had a fucking permit they had gotten through some useless app on their mind-controlling stupidphone (smartphones are transforming society into a sea of stupid). City residents have never needed a permit to play in this public park before. Here’s someone’s comment from a GoogleTube video regarding this incident:

“I have worked for tech since 2007, from ad startups to web content management to cloud. The majority of techies are 90 – 95% WHITE MALE. I believe Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and one other big tech company recently were surveyed about their diversity or lack thereof, and that could certainly provide some data to support those high estimates as well. Bottom line: these guys in this video are completely representative of the overall douchebag vacant-faced dead approached, lifeless personality that has flooded our neighborhoods. I mean, look at them throughout SF, they look like zombies, and crackheads with a passionless face, led by a device master telling them where to go next. Or what to “like” next. Using your smartphone to do every fucking thing in your life is banal, lame, and completely un-sexy. Its a shame that the 22-30 crowd just can’t for the life in them, seem to do anything without a fucking app. You know when life was good in the city? MY CITY? When people just walked around and ventured into neighborhoods, and discovered hidden treasures, that only they knew about because they had to walk through the basement of a weird store, or a through a hidden garden to get to. Or a brass and cedar wood weathered, character saturated bar, was filled with the ambiance of and radiance of their souls, not their smartphones. That’s what made theses treasures special, and unique. Now you people don’t do anything or go anywhere unless some low-funded, half-assed, no talent-filled, buggy app with a 25-year old “CEO” Founder and Jesus frikin Christ wannabe, tells you that you need to go there take a fucking picture of it to never be seen again, and place it on your fucking Facebook so other can come in and do the same and leave in 10 minutes to the next place that is paying the app to advertise. Oh and don’t forget to buy the app t-shirt. TOOLS.”

Here’s another comment:

“The Bay Area used to be one of the coolest places in the world. It was dying before the techies came, but they killed it as hard as you can. SF is now one of the lamest cities in the world. All thanks to the techies who have zero culture. It is like San Francisco is living inside a Friends rerun. Why don’t you move to the suburbs. They have plenty of futbol fields there. That is where lame white people live. Why do you want to live in the city anyways. You work in Mountain View. You make white people look bad and you have ruined SF.?”

Also, many people have noticed that the techies seem to have a “dress-code” at least when they go out to party, get drunk, and proceed to throw up on the sidewalk so people can walk all through it and track it everywhere.

The young, mostly white and anorexic-looking female techies pretty much all look the same:

Black leg tights with a sheer negligee top and tall heels. Some people wonder: is it a techie or a sex worker? Or a techie trying to make a little more income as a sex worker? Although as much dinero/money as these assholes make, I don’t know why they would need to make any more dinero. But then again, they are about greed. As for the tall heels, I guess these so-called “geniuses” haven’t heard that they’re not good for one’s feet.

The techie guys look like “hipsters,” (can’t stand the word) which I had read is outdated, according to an East coast publication.

I’ve known two people who worked in tech. One was really nice and I very much enjoyed working with him. He has since left tech. Good idea! He was working for the parasitic tech company that seems to be trying to take over the world. The other person was a bad person—I learned to not believe anything he told me—based on the many lies he had told me previously. He worked for the same techie company as the other person, but then moved to one of the other techie companies.

So that pretty much covers what’s happening to San Francisco as it has been ruined by the techie basura, and they continue to arrive. If anyone has any interest in visiting the city of San Francisco that we long had a reputation for being, don’t bother coming here because that city is gone. You won’t see it. But you’ll see lots of ugly-looking “Luxury Designer Condos” (Dahling) and 2-story tall techie shuttles. You’ll regret wasting your dinero coming here, unless you have plenty of money to waste. And even some of the waterfront views near the Bay Bridge (which is now partially blocked out) are being blocked by “Luxury Designer Condos” (Dahling). Chau.—el barrio rosa

UPDATE: After public uproar, SF Rec & Park removed the policy that allowed this encounter to happen. The City – without posting the availability of the park rental on their public website – had been marketing the Tuesday and Thursday slots initially only through an app so that the demographic portrayed in the video – a tech league – was taking the space from neighborhood kids twice a week.


As for my reference to the Techie Trash in this article: No human being likes to be called “trash/basura.” But recently in San Francisco a very despicable human being (one of the class-ist, bourgeois-elite pieces of techie trash) referred to the homeless in San Francisco as “trash” among other pejoratives. You can read about that down the page, which links provided.

El 20 de junio de 2014: Revisiting this article: I received this e-mail yesterday from a reader:
“As I think you know, this city of San Francisco is now owned and run by a billionaire techie venture capitalist who gives orders to his side-kick mayor whom he purchased and who has created this atmosphere in all departments of the city government that tech is sacrosanct, so any complaints against tech or illegalities must be and are ignored. We have a completely corrupt government. Tech rules and runs the city. The billionaire and his side-kick want to make this city the tech mecca. They also want no affordable housing built. Only housing for the super wealthy. I learned this yesterday and wanted to pass it on to you.—Viviana”

El 5 de enero de 2014 (El duodécimo día de Navidad). Hola. From what I’ve seen, read and observed from, about and of The Techie Trash, I think the following most accurately describes them and their Industrial Complex:

The Class-ist, Anti-Homeless, Ageist, Sexist, Chauvinistic, Hallowed, Sacrosanct, Sanctimonious, Parasitic and Predatory Tech Surveillance-State Industrial Complex©

That’s my original description of the Tech Surveillance-State Industrial Complex. I would have to provide links to comments written by the smug, class-ist, arrogant and hateful conservative techie trolls on message forums in order to give examples of how the Tech Surveillance-State Industrial Complex and their techie trash are “Hallowed, Sacrosanct, Sanctimonious.” I’d prefer not to give those links because those message forums are a cesspool. However, the following links will explain how the Tech Surveillance-State Industrial Complex is:





1. a Parasitic and Predatory Tech Surveillance-State Industrial Complex©

2. a Parasitic and Predatory Tech Surveillance-State Industrial Complex©

Many, if not most, of the techies are class-ist. Many, if not most, of the techies are anti-homeless. The Tech Surveillance-State Industrial Complex is known for its ageism problem. One wonders why age discrimination lawsuits have not been filed against companies of the Tech Surveillance-State Industrial Complex by the US InJustice Department? The Tech Surveillance-State Industrial Complex is above reproach in many people’s minds (“how dare you criticize tech!” is the covert message from trolls who serve as shills and hacks for the Tech Surveillance-State Industrial Complex. And on local message forums, I’ve noticed that anyone who is critical of the Tech Surveillance-State Industrial Complex is accused of supposedly being “envious” and with “envy” of tech. That’s some strange thinking. Loco/a. I’m critical of the private corporate techie trash and their shallow, superficial, self-absorbed, self-entitled materialistic greedy ways/greedy thinking (for example: their $1-4MILLION greedy must-have “Luxury Designer Condos” et al.) I can’t imagine spending all that money for some pretentious cheaply-made very small place to “live.” To me that is disgusting when there are homeless people with nothing living right below your “Luxury Designer Condo” Dahling and along your street and in the next blocks. It’s a blatant case of the “haves” versus the “have-nots.” And the politics of greed. But I’m in no way envious of wealth because I’m not a shallow, materialistic, pretentious person. Wealth does not make a person. There are many wealthy scum of the Earth people out there and this article is about some of them. In my opinion, pretentious and class-ist people need psychotherapy because of their septic class-ism that they’ve been programmed with. And from what mi amigo/my friend tells me about the new people at his gym (what has long been a gay gym), he says if you look at the guys—which he strongly suspects are the “straight” techie trash coming to the gym now—they act snotty, snooty and look uncomfortable when he glances at them and they quickly look away. (My Question: If these “straight” techie trash guys are uncomfortable with a guy looking at them, why the fuck are they coming to a traditionally gay gym then? Sounds like they have issues!) And the tall and skinny (almost anorexic-looking) techie trash females with the ubiquitous long blond or brown hear wear these very unhealthy shoes (stiletto heel type things) which are terrible for the human foot. I guess these supposedly “bright” people haven’t heard about that. Related: San Francisco’s last gay gym fading to straight.

There is a great deal of sanctimony within the Tech Surveillance-State Industrial Complex and tech is indeed parasitic and predatory in its methods and behaviour in compliance with the US surveillance state.

A local San Francisco artist, John Jota Leaños, wrote that he recently met with a PhD candidate in Sociology at the University of California, Santa Cruz who is doing a documentary film about the Gentrification and Eviction Shuttles (techie shuttles) in relation to community transportation, urban civic engagement and tech culture. The tech employees the PhD candidate interviewed—who she described as mostly white males who believe they are “smarter than everyone else” [Ed. arrogant snots] and “doing the world a great service” [Ed. Delusional. Yes, it’s wonderful to have billions of people addicted to gadgets]—are aware that the Gentrification and Eviction shuttles are contentious in the community. [Source: Local San Francisco artist Megan Wilson]

The Politics of Envy and the Politics of Greed

“Envy” and the “politics of envy” are part of the old class warfare terminology. People who use that terminology talk about others as being “envious” and the “politics of envy,” and they do so in order that they don’t have to talk about their own politics of greed at any costs that they engage in (“the ends justify the means” in their mind). So the politics of envy is a distraction topic. The term “Class Warfare” is being used more and more in San Francisco these days, and the “class warfare” in this case is between the wealthy, elitist techie trash and the average person who this city seems to want out of the city. Despite their bull shit to the contrary, the political basura want this to be a city of and for the wealthy which obviously includes the techie trash and the Tech Surveillance-State Industrial Complex.

The Techie Trash are assisted by their accomplices:

The bourgeois elite parasite corporatist conservative politicians in San Francisco serve as accomplices to the Tech Surveillance-State Industrial Complex (and their billionaire venture capitalists) by giving tech companies based in San Francisco corporate welfare, while not giving a fuck about the average person who lives in San Francisco. Of course the corporatist conservative politicians I have in mind lie as per usual and pretend to care about the average person in the city. They do so love to hear themselves talk. The problem is that they use lots of pretty word, but don’t say anything. What they say is the usual BS/PR and Orwellian newspeak.

Regarding my reference to the Techie Trash: No human being likes to be called “trash/basura.” But recently in San Francisco a very despicable human being (one of the class-ist, bourgeois elite pieces of techie trash) referred to the homeless in San Francisco as “trash” among other pejoratives. You can read about that down the page.

You can read about that here:
What Tech Startup CEO Greg Gopman doesn’t know about the San Francisco ‘degenerates’ he insulted

And also here:

San Francisco Techie Says “Lower Part of Society” Should Be Segregated

So I thought I’d see how he and other techies in the Tech Surveillance-State Industrial Complex like the term “trash” directed at them (because many of the techies agreed with him), so I’m calling this article: The Techie Trash and I will be using the term throughout this article. That piece of techie trash later apologised for his anti-homeless comments. His apology was merely a PR stunt in my opinion. One doesn’t honestly change their mind about serious issues such as homelessness that quickly. The sad thing about his original statements is that many people on that FB site agreed with his original comments. [roll eyes] And from what I read in credible publications since, this piece of techie trash has been invited to work in the regime of the current San Francisco alcalde/mayor (another piece of work!). So in these Orwellian days, a person gets rewarded—not strongly reprimanded—for hating on the homeless. As mi amiga asked: Why do we have so much absolute scum in positions of political power in los Estados Unidos/the US/The Cesspool?

If you live in San Francisco, you’ve certainly seen the ubiquitous private corporate double-decker (usually white) techie shuttles which transport mostly young and white commuting techies Monday through Friday to Mountain View CA and Silicon Valley areas (San José). The techie trash on these corporate shuttles refuse to live close to where they work. Living close to where one works is known as the “green” concept. Instead, the techie trash insist on living in San Francisco in outrageously expensive “Luxury Designer Condos” Dahling.

A little bit about these techie trash condos: Based on the pictures I’ve seen, most of these “Luxury Designer Condos” Dahling are sterile and white inside. If someone gave me one I’d sell it immediately. Most of these “Luxury Designer Condos” are cheaply built from what a local contractor told me as he’s watched some of them being built. I noticed that they use outdated track lighting on the ceiling in some of the new buildings near me. The track lighting looks tacky and off-putting, although they do seem to have a dimmer on some of them. Most of the “Luxury Designer Condos” Dahling look like corporate offices inside from the pictures I’ve seen. As other people have said on other websites, they look like cold showrooms rather than a warm/homey place where anyone would live. Many of these new buildings look like glass boxes stacked onto of each other. Some of these buildings look like aquariums from the outside. They will certainly enjoy the next big earthquake in San Francisco, which someone seems to have completely overlooked when they allowed these cold-looking and ugly buildings to be built.

San Francisco is now a Bedroom Community of San José and Silicon Valley

Back to the techie shuttles: San Francisco has essentially become a bedroom community of San José and Silicon Valley. The Tech Surveillance-State Industrial Complex does not reveal their corporate private techie shuttle routes, but some people have mapped them out anyway. I would link to it but being from 2012 I don’t think it’s current. These techie shuttles come through the Castro barrio (that’s just one of their many routes) of San Francisco each evening and one can’t possibly miss them. One shuttle after another, after another after another after another. They seem to be increasing in number. From what I’ve seen, only 2-3 or maybe 5 techie trash get off one shuttle in the evening, depending upon the shuttle. Sometimes no one gets off the thing and sometimes the shuttles don’t stop where they usually stop (no one to get off). I wonder: How full are these techie shuttles in the morning going down to the Peninsula? These private corporate techie shuttles stop at the Muni bus stops. Muni is part of our public transport system in San Francisco. These techie trash shuttles are private corporate shuttles and they pay nothing to Muni or to the city for using Muni’s bus stops. Often these private corporate shuttles prevent Muni from getting into their own bus stops. But that’s perfectly fine with the corporate political parasites in San Francisco who are owned by the techie venture capitalists and the Tech Surveillance-State Industrial Complex. The political parasites in City Hall don’t give a damn about the people on Muni (despite their empty words to the contrary). They only care about the techie trash on those private shuttles and their techie companies which are part of the Tech Surveillance-State Industrial Complex.

The Techie trash say they are being “green” by taking the private corporate shuttles to work. These supposedly bright people (apparently only bright at coding/hacking) are not clear on the “green” concept, as I mentioned earlier. If they were really “green,” as they pretend to be they would be living near where they work meaning they would be living on the Peninsula or in Silicon Valley/San José and not in San Francisco, rather than commuting hours on two-story tall wobbling private corporate shuttles that roll up and down the San Francisco Peninsula. The following company understands the “green” concept much more clearly:

By Paying Employees To Live Near The Office, Imo Cuts Commutes, Ups Happiness
“The messaging company offers $500 a month towards housing within a five-mile radius. Goodbye gridlock, hello walking shoes.”

San Francisco is being turned upside down by the Tech Industrial Complex. San Francisco is quickly losing its ethnic diversity as well as much of the GLBTQ populace. Longtime residents of San Francisco are leaving and many are being forced out of the city because of gentrification, by evictions in big part due to The Tech Surveillance-State Industrial Complex. The Tech Surveillance-State Industrial Complex has destroyed the Bohemian, alternative San Francisco that we in San Francisco have had an international reputation of being for decades. That city is gone. Alternative is out and frowned upon by the new corporatised San Francisco sheeple of today. Today, the corporate mentality is embraced whether it be the corporate Tech Surveillance-State Industrial Complex, corporate sports teams, or corporate sleaze and corruption in general such as at SF Gay Pride (what’s left of it!) event. “SF Gay Pride” is now really just one big corporate commercial/ad for corporations (read that article for details, por favor).

The Tech Surveillance-State Industrial Complex and their Corporate Welfare from the City of San Francisco

As I mentioned at the beginning, the City of San Francisco through parasitic corporatist politicians’ policies are giving San Francisco-based companies of the Tech Surveillance-State Industrial Complex generous corporate welfare in the amount of millions of dollars (tax breaks, etc).
According to the last figure I saw, there are now 1,826 tech companies in San Francisco. That’s a lot of corporate welfare. Unfortunately, the techie trash companies contribute little or nothing to the city and are a drain on our infrastructure, but they don’t care. It’s all about them. The techie trash claim they are not the problem (Denial is a very comfortable place for many people). However, the techie trash are in part responsible for forcing long-term residents out of the city because of soaring housing costs to an outrageous level. It’s been reported by several publications that the techie trash show up to rent an apartment and wave a handful of cash that is 3-4 times higher than the listed price of the apartment to the landlord. The landlord immediately takes the cash and the techie trash applicant becomes a tenant. When a landlord sees that amount of dinero/money is the amount s/he can get for an apartment today as opposed to the lower original listed price, up goes the listed price to outrageous dollars amounts for new rental listings added to the market. The techie trash are also responsible for the closing of many family businesses especially in el districto de la Misión.

Longtime residents of San Francisco’s distrito de la Misión can tell their story of what it’s like to be invaded. La Misión has also been turned upside down by the Tech Surveillance-State Industrial Complex with mostly young and white wealthy residents moving in and taking over, often with complete disrespect and disregard for the culture, diversity and the Latino/Hispano/Mexicano residents of the barrio. From what I’ve heard, the techie trash say they’re moving into certain areas of San Francisco for “the diversity” of the barrio. Ha! They themselves are part of the problem—these techie trash are supposed to be bright people?!—and they are directly responsible for the “diversity” that they go on about being forced out of the city. This article explains that:

Protest against gentrification erupts en el distrito de la Misión

Organisations discuss concerns with rapidly changing distrito de la Misión

El distrito de la Misión: No evictions! Eviction epidemic threatens art culture

Residents rally against displacements

Supervisor Campos calls hearing on housing crisis

Tales of eviction: Another Latino business displaced en el distrito de la Misión
From the article: “The landscape of the district has dramatically changed with the line between the have and have-nots becoming deeper, clearer. There are now 1,826 tech companies in the City and a 30 percent annual growth in tech jobs. Working class families and artists are being pushed out — as are the unique, locally owned shops such as Encantada.”

One site I read said that La Misión had lost 20% of its Latino residents having been forced out of the city. I think it’s much more than that by now.

Mission District Day of the Dead Celebration Marked by Call Out Against Evictions

Politics of Envy: Old Class Warfare Rhetoric

The techie trash deny they are the problem—isn’t that always the case with people who are the problem?—and techies lay all problems on the landlords of the San Francisco Real Estate Industrial Complex and their corrupt liars. It’s not one or the other. In this case, they’re both the problem as well as the techie trash companies. I’ve read unfortunate stories about the techie trash disrespecting longtime residents in their own neighbourhoods. The techie trash don’t seem to care about anyone but themselves (“me, me, me”) and their fucking gadget addiction.

Frankly, I look forward to the major crash of the Tech Surveillance-State Industrial Complex whenever that happens. (Here’s The Evidence That The Tech Sector Is In A Massive Bubble, Nov. 3, 2013, 8:08 AM) The arrogant and smug techie trash will get what they deserve. I’m not sure how they will continue to pay the outrageous prices/mortgages on their pretentious stacked glass boxes called “Luxury Designer Condos” Dahling, but frankly I don’t give a fuck. And when there’s a major earthquake in the Bay Area/San Francisco, the walls of their “Luxury Designer Condo” stacked glass boxes will likely be down on the sidewalk in pieces and hopefully no one will be walking by at the time to be shattered in glass. (More information and images here about the “Luxury Designer Condos” Dahling: Condos, Condos, Condos).

Here are articles that might help you understand this even better. Despite this lengthy article, some of the problems are deeper and more involved than I’ve gone into here. I won’t repeat what someone else has already written; I’ll just send you to their article. Chau.—rosa barrio

Catalog reveals NSA has back doors for numerous devices

Combating Sexual Harassment in Tech

Facebook sued for allegedly intercepting private messages. Just how private are your Facebook messages? A new suit charges that the company mines your messages for profit.

Why Twitter’s IPO Was Really A Failure

NSA and GCHQ target ‘leaky’ phone apps like Angry Birds to scoop user data: US and UK spy agencies piggyback on commercial data, Details can include age, location and sexual orientation, Documents also reveal targeted tools against individual phones

Facebook: Dead and Buried to teens research finds

Why the Tech Industry Needs to Deal With Its Ageism Problem

‘Google employee’ shown ridiculing protesters for not being able to afford San Francisco was FAKE

What addiction to smart phone can do to you
September 6, 2013

“Dow notes that too much smart phone use not only causes people to disconnect from reality, but smart phone withdrawal can cause physical symptoms like anxiety, insomnia and even depression.
“The more connected we are, the less we’re connecting. And it can actually create a lot of cortisone in the brain and in the body. That stress hormone is actually cardio-toxic. So it’s actually very bad not only for your mental health and your relationships, but it can also be bad for your biological health as well,” he adds.

Addicted to your smartphone? You’re not alone

Why Sex Apps are Pointless, Unsexy and a Waste of Time
“Perhaps if all of us agreed to take our eyes off our screens for just a minute, and look at one another, we’d rediscover the joy of that immediate, mutual physical attraction, which – in my humble opinion – is sexier than anything anyone ca’lled ‘shinynuts’ could send you in a text.”

My editorial: Who really believes that Apple, Cisco and Dell were UNAWARE of this considering the logistics of the whole thing – impossible!:
Apple, Cisco, Dell unhappy over alleged NSA back doors in their gear Germany’s Der Spiegel reports that the NSA has compromised a wide range of hardware for years to enable its spying

Why the politics of envy are keenest among the very rich

Anti-Gentrification Bus Blockades Spread to Both Sides of the Bay

“Cops and Condos go Hand in Hand!” Video, Poster, and Photos from Jan 1st March

Addicted to thumb boxes

Do you walk your dog or your gadget?

Are you sure you want to use e-mail?

The anti-social corporate social media networks

Facebook Data Mining

The Techie-Asses in San Francisco

Paralyzed by Texting

Here’s The Evidence That The Tech Sector Is In A Massive Bubble