The United States is not America. It is part of America.

Specifically, part of North America, along with Canada and México. But some time ago, rather than coming up with an original name for the country, the United States arrogantly stole the name of the entire hemisphere as the name of its (to-be) morally-bankrupt country. And to this day, lazy and sloppy politicians and the corporate media worldwide say “America” when referring to the United States OF America. If one does just a little bit of travelling, one knows that Latinos in Central and South America say they are Americans and live in America too, which they do since America is the name of the entire hemisphere. But the stupid people who don’t believe in world maps say, “There’s only one America.” By that they mean the United States OF America.

The Washington Post is one of the worst in this regard. Rather than type “the US” they prefer to type out America, which is longer. They enjoy typing do they? Also, this topic used to be one of the pet peeves of genuine progressives and genuine liberals. There are only about 3-4 of those remaining worldwide, so with the fake “progressives” and fake “liberals” we have today, they’ve forgotten all about this and now they use the word “America.” They’re also rabidly defending the use of the pejorative word “foreign” instead of the more global and progressive word international. They really sound no differently than the far-right in some ways whilst pretending to be “progressive.” One wonders how many of these so-called “progressives” are still eating dead animals known as “meat,” which is something a genuine progressive does not do. Chau.—el barrio rosa