The US FIFA Sheeple

UPDATE: El 1 de julio de 2014. Delighted to see that Belgium has eliminated the Big Head and Arrogant Imperialistic US (The Cesspool) from la Copa Mundial de la FIFA Brazil 2014. Tak, Belgien/Merci, Belgique. And to celebrate, one might want to watch one of Belgium’s finest orchestra and choruses performing Haydn at this link. Chau.—rosa barrio

El 26 de junio de 2014. Hola, I suppose most people know that la Copa Mundial de la FIFA Brazil 2014 is taking place in Brazil as of this writing (Related: Brazil’s Evicted Won’t Celebrate FIFA).

Today, the team from The Cesspool (also known as The Imperialistic Empire, los Estados Unidos, the US) played the team from Deutschland in la Copa Mundial de la FIFA Brazil 2014.

If only the brainwashed sheeple in The Cesspool could get as worked up over something that really matters in most people’s lives as they do over muchachos playing with balls in a corporate sports game.

What matters in most people’s lives? Well, I would hope this for starters: UN panel: Detroit water cutoffs violate human rights

Yet here and here is what happened in The Cesspool today. Look at all the ethnic diversity in those pictures. Frankly, I don’t see any. I see all white faces. Ask these same people about the US Constitution or the Bill of Rights and you’d get a blank stare. Ask them who their corporate parasite is in the cesspool called the US congress and you’d get another blank stare. Ask them to find their own country or state on a map, they probably couldn’t do that. Ask them where Brazil is, they wouldn’t have a clue. Some might say, “well isn’t is down there near uh….” The Imperialistic Empire has some of the stupidest and most shallow people in the world.

But when it involves corporate sports teams and ugly nationalism, the sheeple in this scum-of-the-Earth country get in lockstep to grunt their obnoxious, “U-S-A, U-S-A” nonsense. Idiots.

The team from The Cesspool played the team from Deutschland (or Alemania en español or Germany en inglés/US-English). I was talking with mi amigo about this and he asked: Why is it that the US has to always change words from other languages for their precious US-English? Why can’t they at least say futebol (português or fútbol en español)? Why do they have to substitute the English word “soccer?” In Brazil where la Copa Mundial de la FIFA Brazil 2014 is being played the game is called futebol. It is not called “soccer.” Is that so difficult for them to say in The Cesspool? Are they that illiterate? And the US is consistently disrespecting español (and other international languages as well) by trying to pronounce words from español and other international languages as if they are US-English words. They don’t even attempt to be authentic in the pronunciation of other languages as they often say words of other languages mangled and half-assed and then laugh about it, as if their willful-ignorance is funny. But of course they demand that their US-English be perfectly spoken. Assholes.

Meanwhile people are having their water turned off in Detroit UN panel: Detroit water cutoffs violate human rights, but these same brainwashed FIFA fucks don’t give a damn! They’re too absorbed and partying with wrapping red, white and blue cloth (the US flag) around them and watching chicos play with balls and shouting at television screens like loons.

The sheeple in this pathetic country are so easily manipulated by the pathetic US corporate media whether it’s over corporate sports teams or being brainwashed as part of the stupidphone addiction.

Fortunately, the team from Deutschland won the game today en la Copa Mundial de la FIFA Brazil 2014, so that’s how this ugly display ended. The team from The Cesspool proceeds to the final round where they will hopefully have a repeat of today and come back to their Cesspool country defeated.

With all the heinous actions that this barbaric, imperialistic, self-appointed world police and violent country engages in around the world against innocent people and its own people (two recent examples: Obama exploits Iraq crisis as pretext for war against Syria) and The imperialist debacle in Iraq and the struggle against war, how can any thinking person with a conscience cheer for and celebrate this Imperialistic Empire with shallow, jingoistic and superficial nationalism? Clearly, these US sheeple—shown in the pictures at those links above—are not thinking people. They are US-corporate media brainwashed sheep and merely spewing their ugly nationalism. Chau.—rosa barrio

Note: These days, BBC News merely serves as a hack and shill for The Cesspool—almost as if they are one of the states—as they are no longer the credible news source they used to be (and people in the UK say the same), so I’m sorry I have to link to them up above to show you these obnoxious pictures of what I wrote about.


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06.27.14 I guess the only way to get people involved in something important, you mentioned Detroit, is to somehow make it into a game with balls.—Carlos

06.26.14 I’d like to comment on your new article about FIFA. Couldn’t agree more. I saw that spectacle on tv and felt ashamed that I live in the U.S. I saw people with tears coming down their face. Over a game? With the fervor that these people show over a team you would think they all had some special financial interest or investment in it that they’re getting out of it. But they get nothing out of it but a feel good moment or two based in nationalism. It is disgusting. Nothing else going on in these people’s lives?—Santiago