The House of “Congress Members”

At first I didn’t think she knew what she was talking about or was just using sloppy language. But how could that be as long as she’s had her show, you’d think she’d know by now the official language for politicians in the US Congress, both House and Senate.

But apparently not. Every morning she refers to “Congress Members” rather than Representative(s). According to Amy Goodman, it’s

The House of Representatives “Congress members”

She’s rewritten the name of the lower body of the US Congress.

From what I’ve noticed, Amy consistently refers to the Representatives in the House of Representatives as “Congress member(s)” even when they’re in the studio with her. Damn odd, really, considering their official title is Representative. Rather than saying, “Let’s hear from Representative [name of person], what is your take on….” Instead, Amy says, “Let’s hear from Congress member [name of Representative]….” Why does this woman (Amy) refuse to use their official title? Or can she not pronounce the word Representative? That’s what it’s called the House of Representatives. Using Amy’s language, it’s now called the House of Congress Members.

Of course the Amy-cultists rush to defend anything she says because she’s their messiah figure and that’s what good little cultists do for any of their messiah figures, even when they’re wrong. The Amy-cultists say, “You’re splitting hairs.” Take your “splitting hairs” analogy and shove it! And why do the Amy-cultists feel the need to defend someone who is wrong? I’m calling Amy on what their official title is which is Representative(s). That’s why that body of Congress is officially called The House of Representatives, not The House of Congress Members. Why does she refuse to call these politicians in the House by their official title?

Also, on a brief aside, even though Amy has worked with Juan González for decades, apparently the only word en español he taught her to say properly is Univisión. All other words en español she does not pronounce authentically, even though she’s the Executive Producer of the programme. Since her programme can be heard internationally one would think she would have higher standards. When Latinos/Hispanos hear words from español on her show (such as someone’s surname), they must cringe and say to themselves, “That’s not how that’s pronounced” or something like that. Amy is not just some “news reader” as some people might think. She sets the standards for her programme as the Executive Producer.

The thing is: everyone in the Congress is technically a “Congress member” — both House and Senate — yet in Amy’s world Senators are never referred to as “Congress Member(s),” just the Representatives. Why is that? This makes no logical or rational sense. But again — for the thick people — both Representatives and Senators are in the US Congress. Those people with critical thinking skills ask: Why does she have this disconnect?

This has got to confuse some people internationally who listen to or watch her programme and who are not that familiar with our system of governance. They will likely think that the Representatives — if they’ve heard someone say the word elsewhere — are one group of people and “Congress Members” that one hears on Amy’s programme are another/separate group. Amy doesn’t have any problem saying the word “Senator(s).”

She also sheepishly refers to “Washington DC” even though the official name of the nation’s capital in the US is District of Columbia. It’s a Federal District and not part of any state. I guess she doesn’t know that either even though she’s interviewed some people who used the language “District of Columbia” followed by “the District.” But it didn’t seem to take with Amy. And I thought that “progressives” opposed using sheepish, mainstream language, or that’s the way it used to be.

I would say: You can’t fix stupid, but Amy is not stupid. She a very bright woman on most things. I can’t explain this disconnect that she has with using people’s official titles and the official name of places. Although she had no problem referring to the former White House occupant (the nazi orange loser) as “president” — that’s the official title — which made me cringe. She gave him undeserved respect by using his official title.

I guess this is what one should expect in the Century of Insanity. Chau.—el barrio rosa

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