“The World and his wife?” How heteronormative.

One of the young biologists in the EU was interviewed about COVID-19 and he seemed to be a bit ignorant, as well as very heteronormative. Apparently there are no Queer people living in the world, or in his world, or in the EU for that matter in his “mind.” Otherwise he wouldn’t have flippantly said, “There is no reason for the world and his wife to get tested for COVID-19, only the people showing symptoms.” I wasn’t aware that “the world” had a gender and that gender is male. And he’s married with a wife. What happened to that delusional, wishful-thinking rubbish of “gay is now mainstream” that we kept hearing in San Francisco after gay marriage became legal? Clearly, this biologist doesn’t think that “gay is now mainstream” because there are only “him and her” in his narrow-view world. And how can this biologist not know that people not showing symptoms should be tested for COVID-19 because they can infect others? How could this biologist not know that? There is so much disinformation and misinformation, and lies and deliberate BS about COVID-19 in the world. It’s as if nearly everyone has gone insane, and I think a civil war will be fought over something as trivial and trite as wearing a face covering to prevent the spreading of infection to others. A civil war over the wearing of face coverings? I can see that happening. That will certainly look good in the history books. More insanity. Chau.—el barrio rosa