There are only two types of marriage: Straight and lesbian.

Although thousands of gay guy led and did most of the work of the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement, lesbians are now the face of same-gender marriage and of the Queer so-called “community.” This is fucked up. And gay guys allowed this to happen. But typical of Gay Incorporated and Brand-Cult “LGBT”QRSTUVWXYZ+++++ and how they have ruined things.

And to think that gay guys lived under some illusion that gay marriage applied to them. What on Earth were they thinking?

When a certain English language network in France thinks of same-gender marriage — which they call same-sex marriage — they only think of lesbian couples. It has to be two females. Really astonishing when one considers that thousands of gay men led the Movement and did most of the work. But today? Lesbians are the face of gay marriage, not gay guys.

If you’ve watched the newscasts and programmes I’ve seen from an English language network outside of Paris about gay marriage, they only feature lesbian couples. Now why would they only show lesbians? That’s because lesbian couples — and lesbian couples alone — are considered “acceptable” to their homophobic viewers. And we all know it’s best to cater to people’s prejudiced and bigoted views, correct? [sarcasm intended].

Ever since gay marriage began, there was apparently a reason that lesbians were allowed to hijack the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement, and were allowed to move their asses to first place in that “LGBT”QRSTUVWXYZ++++++ (all those fucking letters!) shit. To their shame, gay guys allowed this to happen even though they did most of the work of the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement.

From my extensive research on this revisionist history rubbish is that the change to “LGBT” — they claim — was to show that “we support women’s rights.” So that means you have to be sexist and take the “ladies must go first” approach by moving the L to first place? Or did none of you think of that? Well, you claim to support all those other people’s rights too but their letters never get moved to the front of the line do they? No. The original was GLBT which it should have stayed. It was also changed by Gay Incorporated to cater to people’s homophobia because in the public’s mind, lesbians and a female couple are more acceptable than a gay male couple. Therefore, cater to the public’s homophobic mindset — it’s always good to cater to people’s prejudices [sarcasm intended] — and when “gay” or same-gender (they call it same-sex) is mentioned, show lesbians only. Which was the case on a news segment I saw this afternoon about “same-sex marriage” in Switzerland.

I forgot to change the channel to avoid being annoyed just like these days I don’t read anything that has “LGBT” and all those letters in the title. This news segment featured the typical “touch the heart” syrupy lesbo couple and presented this utopian view and showed their son playing on the sliding board and everything was happy and fun and lesbian. (roll eyes). I kept waiting for a more complete picture because this network is always about “gender equality.” They weren’t about “gender equality” when it came to the same-gender marriage topic. No, that was all about lesbos and lesbos only. Is this network now run by lesbos now? That’s the impression one gets. Where were the gay male couples? They were Nonexistent. Not one gay male couple shown or interviewed.

Gay male couples don’t exist in this network’s world. But this is not at all the first time I’ve said this about that network. As mi amigo/my friend said: “If a network shows a gay male couple, it’s for a split second, and it’s considered a mistake if the camera happens to show them kissing (GASP!), and then the camera goes to their legs as they walk down a street.” That’s absolutely true. I’ve seen that archive file clip many times. I think that’s from the 1970s or 80s. But with lesbo couples, it’s completely different. The network gushes over them for over 10 minutes in a feature news story presenting them as the perfect family with a son. The only thing they were not asked was, “What’s it like to be gay for you?” Sigh. And the public justify lesbos because, “that’s what girls do” by holding hands and kissing. But boys are not supposed to do that.” There’s such hypocrisy. And Gay Incorporated and Brand-Cult LGBT and all those fucking letters can — let me be blunt — Fuck off. I have come to detest them. You are part of this problem. You started this shit.

Gay marriage ruined everything. That was the end of the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement. Even my lesbian neighbour says that gay marriage ruined everything and that’s something I never expected to come out of her mouth. I remember when the obnoxious “gay” (or is it now straight?) sports bar opened in San Francisco around the same time that gay marriage became legal, someone wrote on the front of that bar in chalk: “The gay rights movement ends at this bar.” And it’s been dead ever since. Gay Incorporated only care about Queers of their same income bracket or higher. Homeless and veteran Queers, for example, can fuck off. They are not part of the corporate narrative for Gay Inc. or Brand-Cult “LGBT” and all those fucking letters.

These days, when you do see Queer boys, they look ultra-conformist and very conservative. Most dressed in all black or black and grey — going to a funeral guys? — and with a baseball cap on. Or have you all joined a cult or a gang with your all-black boring and drab clothing. Psssst: It’s really easy to see you at night when you’re crossing the street in your all-black. Didn’t anyone ever teach you to wear at least something colourful so motorists and cyclists can see you at night? You guys don’t wear any of the colours of the rainbow flag. No, you seem to have abandoned that because it’s now considered outdated.

What I wrote above is clearly the message this network wants to send. Then, when it was projected that same sex marriage had passed in Switzerland, the same network showed a staged image of two lipstick lesbians sitting on their balcony at a table with a rainbow flag afixed to the balcony facing the street. Then these two females stood up at exactly the same time and kissed. The message sent: Straight-looking Millennial girls in Switzerland can now get married. Yes, the two females with long flowing brown hair probably in their 30s looked heterosexual to me. The network showed no gay male couples at all or anybody else. Just this lesbian couple. Were they two chicks from the network for it to look so staged? This network has an agenda. Then they kept showing the lesbian feature story I wrote about above. They repeated that at least 2 more times afterwards.

Update on the gay marriage thing from Switzerland. The network I wrote about above showed the staged scenes from Switzerland. It all looked very forced and, again, staged. I showed it to mi amigo/my friend and he said: It looks so forced. Not a problem in these people’s world. The spokeperson was, of course, a lesbian. The images they showed were of — can you take a guess? — lesbians. Some of them wrapped around each other acting as if they had just met. Because seasoned couples wouldn’t be wrapped around each other like these people were. It looked so fake and phony. Some guys were shown standing around. Then they showed lesbian couples dancing. Then there was a “him and her” sitting at a table. Presumably she was a lesbian and he was a gay guy? A wedding cake was shown with statues of “her and her” and “him and him” at the top. You’ve all seen that. Then a guy was interviewed and he was the one using that “LGBTI+” shit. They showed three couples in tuxes and white wedding dresses. Just married? One gay male couple and two lesbian couples. The gay male couple kissed and they showed that surprisingly. Then the lesbian couple kissed and they showed that. They skipped the other couple. Then it was back to showing lesbians dancing. The camera angle was set/staged to not show any gay male couples dancing together. Other than the one scene where the gay male couple kissed, it looked like maybe 50+ guys standing around celebrating lesbians now having the right to get married.

And by the way, one of the latest versions of all those letters I’ve seen is this mess: lgbttqqiaap. Are they trying to repeaet the entire alphabet 3 times? As it is, there are 2 t’s, 2 q’s and 2 a’s. Chau.—el barrio rosa