“They’re going after him!”

Hola a todos. That’s the thinking of the delusional and wishful-thinking “Democratic” Party voters in the United States of North America.

I’ve noticed that the Democratic Party voters and their well-paid corporate talking heads parked at microphones are obsessed with the former White House occupant (FWHO), who shall remain nameless. I refuse to type his name because any mention of his name serves as his promotion. That is something these D-morons don’t understand. They really seem to enjoy promoting him. The US Congress — both House and Senate — are not obsessed with him. Neither is Biden-Harris. They are doing nothing to “go after him” because as with Obama, “We must look forward and not backwards.” And anyone who thought that the D politicians were going to “go after” that guy is delusional. Just like Obama didn’t “go after” Bush II.

But I’ve noticed that pretty much anything that the Democratic Party cultists (meaning the voters) are talking about is the latest insane statement or stunt that the former White House occupant was engaged in. They are obsessed with him. He’s not in office so why give him the time of day? I would not be allowed to write any of this on any D-party site, I suspect.

This is typical of the D-voters. I briefly go on some D sites and they’re going on about some insane statement that the FWHO made. Who cares? They do. It’s a given that he’s going to make insane statements and behave insanely and in an uncivilised manner for attention. And then the media and D-voters give him attention which merely promotes him. Why can’t they see this? Do they enjoy promoting him?

What these thick Democrats don’t seem to understand is that there is no such thing as “bad promotion” because the person is still getting the exposure. This reminds me of when I was talking with Dr Paul Traver (Founder and Director of the renowned University of Maryland Chorus) one day. I told him that one of the Orchestra Choruses I sang with wasn’t always absolutely polished as we usually were for 1-2 of our performances during the season because of a lack of time due to our busy (and grueling) performance schedule. We had a lot of repertoire for the season to prepare with the National Symphony Orchestra and guest (inter)national orchestras, and I personally felt that for one or two performances we could have been slightly better prepared as we always were any other time. Dr Traver said, “It doesn’t matter. You got the exposure anyway. That’s what matters.” He was absolutely correct. We did get the exposure and probably an excellent review of our performance. Of course his superb University of Maryland Chorus was always prepared when I had the immense pleasure of hearing them before finally singing with them a couple of years later.

It would appear so by their promotion that they want him to have additional terms in the White House, when reality the only “term” he should have is in prison for life. But once again, the Democrats (politicians) are complicit — they’re not afraid — by being accomplices to him. I’d like to remind people that the Democrats gave him pretty much anything he wanted during his first term. Do people not remember that?

Biden said the other day in a speech that “We must be looking forward…” It was a repeat of Obama. When will the D voters learn? They won’t. If they had learned anything from the Obama Era, they would know that Biden isn’t going after the former White House occupant either. The D voters enjoy and relish being suckers and engaging in perpetual wishful-thinking. Have I told you how much I hate these people? Chau.—el barrio rosa

UPDATE: Mi amigo says: “I went through one of the corporate network’s videos for today (27 September 2021) and all except 2 were all about the former White House occupant. About 8 videos were about him and 2 videos were about the volcano. And since the FWHO runs the Republican Party, he’s in the news all the time now. He’s covertly running the country because he runs the Republican Party and the Democrats are the usual timid, wet doilies they have been for years. They enjoy serving as doormats for the Republicans to walk all over, too busy “looking forward.” The FWHO gets hours and hours of attention every day pumping up his fucking ego. The Democrats are afraid of him — I said up above that they are not afraid of him — and as you can see they are worthless as a so-called ‘opposition party.'”

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