Things were much easier with vanilla

There’s far less baggage and lying with vanilla

Hola a todos. Sigh. With the internet, the world changed drastically in some ways. Not necessarily for the better either, depending what you’re talking about.

“Back in the day” — which was not that long ago in the context I’m talking about — human sexuality didn’t seem that complicated at all as it does today. It was rather gayly-forward really.

But these days, geezus, good lord! — that’s just an expression as I’m not at all religious — one gets the impression that the world has gone insane sexually, and in many other ways of course. Is anyone telling the truth about themselves and their sexual orientation these days? Rarely. Not that I see. Or is it all about dinero/money?

“I’m pansexual.”—one porn actor says

(How many more terms — such as “pansexual” — are people going to come up with to justify/excuse what they do in the name of sex for money?

“I’ve always been bi-curious”—another porn actor says

Or the gay guy who changed his physical image and appearance to “look” straight or more masculine — by growing a beard — and is now fucking females. Per suggestion from his studio? But gay porn makes more money. I guess his studio doesn’t pay him enough to make him to want to eat smelly and slimy pussy since that’s not something I’ve seen him do.

I’m pretty open-minded until I see people with internalised homophobia deliberately trying to change their sexual orientation — based in one’s DNA — to make money and get their porn channel’s rating higher.

Some of the stuff I see on a major porn site can cause quite a mind-fuck. I never experienced mind-fucks “back in the (vanilla) days.”

I understand that people have all kinds of fantasies and probably always have, including taboo fantasies and interests. I think that most fantasies are best left as fantasies because rarely do they play out in reality as they were in one’s fantasy because of various uncontrollable factors which can fuck up the original fantasy. It’s just that with the internet one can now see these taboo interests and fantasies. So I’ll be scanning through some mind-fuck videos and my mind will sometimes say, “You know, maybe vanilla was better.”

Well vanilla sex certainly didn’t disturb one’s sleep or leave lingering thought problems based on what one saw in a mind-fuck video. It didn’t leave you with the perpetual thought: What the fuck has happened to the so-called Queer “Community?” for example. Have you all gone insane from internalised homophobia? Are most Queers now trying to “turn straight?” If that were even possible! One gets that impression when watching these mind-fuck videos — where a guy will fuck anything for money — and by watching non-porn videos on U-toob which now seems to be the home of today’s closet cases (clearly gay guys with “the wife and kids” as mi amigo/my friend sees every day).

The Century of Insanity is what I call it.

You’re probably thinking: Well give an example: Okay, I will: Seeing a masculine guy with a pussy (FTM; that’s known as female-to-male or trans) being eaten out or fucked by another guy. My first thought is: Is the “top” guy gay or bi? Who the fuck knows! And when interviewed somewhere about his sexual orientation he won’t answer the question. He gives some vague nonsense as a response. Someone might ask: Does it matter what his sexual orientation is? It does matter, specifically these days, where many gay guys are trying to “convert” — known as gay conversion — to become bi or straight out of a sense of gay shame and internalised homophobia and are trying to act like Mr Straight. That’s why this matters. The guy with the trans guy can’t be straight because genuine straight guys are not into other guys, but they are (usually) into pussy, which this guy has with an enlarged clit from taking male hormones.

Most Queers worldwide are in the closet. The number of Queers who are “out” is a small percentage of the worldwide Queer so-called “Community.” Gay guys have fucked pussy for generations and they’re known as closet cases married to females with children. Again, there are millions of them worldwide. Might that explain why many breeder marriages often end up in divorce? In part, because they are gay guys with the wrong gender following mommy and daddy’s “The Family Script” for them to get married to a female and pop out kids? They are gay guys with a female. So these closet cases often keep trying one female after the other, one divorce after divorce and it never dawns on them, “Duh. Maybe I’m with the wrong gender because I’m gay and I’ve known I’m gay since elementary school where I looked at boys. But nobody else knows that because I’m in the closet and occasionally I make fag jokes to hide my Queer sexual orientation.”

The “out and proud” radical gay guys that we used to see are “back in the day” are (mostly) gone having become as much like the conformist straights as possible. The same for lesbians. The dyke lesbians are mostly gone in favour of today’s Lipstick lesbians who are trying to look and “act” like straight females. (roll eyes) More insanity.

This is all the opposite of the way things were “back in the day.”

Obviously porn is not real — with the exception of some homemade porn — and these days to make a dollar gay guys, bi guys and straight guys are fucking anything in sight (human of course) in the name of “my sexual journey.” This is technically called “gay-for-pay” or “straight-for-pay” or “bi-for-pay.” One’s sexuality in porn is all about money in other words. Gay guys are describing this money-maker scheme as “I love sharing my sexual journey with you.” Oh give it a fucking rest. Does anyone fall for that marketing scheme/nonsense? Instead, it’s all done for money. “I’ll fuck anyone for money” — not that they make that much money either — is the bottom line today regardless of what taboo title they give to their video (such as “fucking my step-sister” even though he likely does not have a relative like that). I’ve seen countless — what I could call — clickbait taboo porn titles.

From my research, gay porn makes the most money so you might think that gay guys would stick with gay porn, no? Yet I see gay guys fucking pussy. In fact, I’d say about half of the guys I see in pussy porn whether it be straight or bi porn videos look gay to me according to my very reliable gaydar. WTF? Another mind-fuck. Or is that because gay guys are trying to be like all these other lying, dishonest and deceitful porn actors to talk about “my sexual journey?” The thinking being: The least information you give out about yourself, the better. More people will fall for your “sexual journey” act. Is that another new silly fad? Calling themselves bi or straight? My additional research brought up a “Gay Porn” page for the same actor who’s all about his “sexual journey.” Gay porn is what he did previously. Then in his “social media” he typed something about “Us str8 dudes…” Oh so now he’s pretending to be straight just because he now fucks pussy for money and shows an image of himself and another supposedly str8 guy in a gym setting. So, there he’s pretending to be Mr Straight Jock. Then another comment from the same actor about “her pussy made my eyes roll back; can’t wait to fuck her again. Did I breed her….yes or nah?” So has this gay guy porn actor gone through “gay conversion” — religious or otherwise — to rid himself of his unwanted “terrible gay past and gay feelings?” (roll eyes) See what I mean by a mind-fuck? Along with the not-so-covert homophobia today with gay guys who want to abandon their gay past? (Gee, the now-dead Gay Rights Movement accomplished a hell of a lot didn’t it? Not based on what I’ve described here we didn’t). And what’s this thing about wanting to breed some chick? Does that include taking care of a kid for 18+ years and or child support? I bet that puts a damper on things! I bet that would deflate that urge to fuck and “breed” some pussy. By the way, I watched a couple of this actors videos where he was fucking pussy. He didn’t look that into it and he didn’t have a full-erection. His dick was bending and he had trouble keeping his dick in her pussy in one position. Might that be because “Mr Straight Jock” was not really into it?

Talking with mi amigo/my friend (a Queer boy) about this, he asked: Do any of these porn actors live in expensive places with status-symbol vehicles and the like? Well, you don’t know. You only see where they are which could be rented for scenes by the studio they’re with. Sometimes the scene is some elaborate mansion, but that’s all BS for the story-line.

One porn actor who now fucks anything — he started out as gay and had a gay porn site, but mostly fucks all types of females now as part of “my sexual journey,” but occasionally has sex with guys — gives me a mind-fuck. Several of his videos seem to show the same place so that could be his apartment in New York, but I don’t know for sure. I’ve mostly stopped watching him because he’s all over the place. His new head trip is about fucking any chick regardless of ethnicity or body size and eating their pussy. He’s been in bed with some chicks who look like they could easily break the bed from their weight. He baits his audience with taboo topics and had one title that was homophobic. In fact, the female in that video was very homophobic and he and the other guy actor that had sex with her “convinced” her that it was okay that the two guys have sex together because it was still with a “girl” and because “this is 2019” he said. One of the commenters under the video asked “WTF is that title?” So I wasn’t the only one offended by the homophobia.

From what I’m seeing everywhere I look, “gay” is now out/gone. Gay is no longer “in fashion” not that it ever was. It feels like we’ve gone backwards and very quickly with the social-political climate today. Back in the closet and pretending to be straight is in. Straight and the Straight Agenda is now in more than ever. Perhaps that explains all this. “Gotta appear to be straight, even if you’re not!” Just lie about it. Back in the closet the way it used to be. I do think that at some point, the so-called Queer “Community” will have to start all over again.

I know some poll recently said that most people polled in the non-United States supposedly support gay marriage today. Does anybody believe that? Based on what I’ve seen, hear and read, I don’t believe that. And who the fuck did they poll? And who paid for the poll? I never hear anything about gay marriage any more. Or very rarely.

Now with COVID, these porn actors seem oblivious that there’s a virus epidemic taking place. Is it a “hoax” to them as well. They continue to fuck, and fuck and fuck anybody based on the upload dates of their videos. No masks worn. And where are gyms open where masks are not required like I saw in the gay guy’s video, who now pretends to be Mr Straight Jock? Apparently in Texas gyms are open and no masks requirement. And Mr Straight Jock in TX seemed absolutely oblivious that there a worldwide virus pandemic. Related: The Porn Industry is headed for a major coronavirus outbreak. Like most people, I think the porn “actors” think that Denial will protect them.

Bottom Line: You really don’t know the genuine sexual orientation of any of these “actors” because they refuse to say what they are when asked. By taking this vague/deceptive approach, if the viewer is anti-gay, he or she is not turned off because the guy in the video is thought of as Mr Straight to those people with no gaydar at all. These actors call themselves “sexually fluid” and that rubbish, which implies to thinking people that people can choose their sexual orientation which feeds directly into the far-rights’s claim that “gay people choose to be gay.” Has no one considered that when they come up with this “sexual fluidity” and “sexual journey” nonsense? Some people can have sexual fetishes which don’t exactly match their genuine sexual orientation, but has anyone ever genuinely changed their sexual orientation? I mean for real? I don’t mean by playing the porn industry’s word games such as “sexual journal” and “sexual fluidity” and other homophobic drivel, which is what it amounts to in the end. Because the guys who are using this language were born gay or genuinely bi. And why would one want to change one’s sexual orientation? But by refusing to say what one is (gay, bi or straight), that way they won’t offend anyone by using traditional descriptors and can get dollars from any sucker willing to pay for their videos.

Then there are the predictable female commenters under nearly all pussy porn videos. They write about, “this video makes my pussy so wet.” (roll eyes) One reads that so frequently that it’s if they copy and paste each other’s comment.

Then there are the trans people living heterosexual lives. So why are trans people considered part of the Queer so-called “Community” when they weren’t Queer to begin with — some/many are not — and only changed their gender and are living straight lives? What does that have to do with Queer? In that case trans should be considered part of the Straight category. Because, again, what on Earth does that have to do with the Queer so-called “community?” Answer: Nothing at all.

Why is everything that is not straight dumped into the Queer category as we are the catch-all category for anything that is not straight. I’m questioning why those who ultimately live a straight life are considered part of the Queer so-called “community.” That doesn’t make any sense to me because it’s a contradiction in terms.

The reason I refer to the Queer so-called “Community” is because unfortunately there’s no feel or sense of genuine community today at all. With the few remaining Queer couples in my neighbourhood, they’re as snotty and snooty as can be. I did ask one of the local Queer guys how he liked his new smart car but he couldn’t get away from me fast enough. I think he thought I was trying to pick him up — I was not; I don’t even find him attractive — so apparently he considers himself to be “god’s gift” and Mr Hot. So from then on, I made a mental note to ignore him in the future. But no, there’s no sense of “community” at all these days. A more accurate word would be the Queer group or even more accurate: the closet cases.

As I said, it seems like things were much easier when vanilla jacking off was all there was. At least that doesn’t leave you with a mind-fuck head trip. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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