This time it was “LGBT” and not “LGBTQ” or “LGBTQ+” or “LGBTQIA+.”

But the official mess is this nonsense: “LGBTQQICAPF2K+.” 🙄 😱 Sigh. That’s true, I’m not making this up. A queer best friend vented to me this morning, “Can’t they just fucking say the word gay?” Ah no, dude, they can’t. That seems to be beyond them. He was reading this article this morning about the anti-gay stuff happening in Russia. He said: They must have that “LGBT” shit 30 times in this article. It’s in every sentence. I didn’t say much because of a lack of interest. He’s queer and I’m not. So. He also didn’t like their reference to the “LGBT community.” I asked: Where is this “community” that people keep going on about? I don’t see it. He agreed, even though he also says “the gay community.” I’ve stopped correcting him on that. He used the word “group” which I’ve used on occasion, but he said articles should just say “gay people” and be done with it. He said in his mind when reading these articles, he replaces all those fucking letters with the word gay. He said people just copy each other and think they must use all those letters. Yes, to a degree. I said it’s a matter of absolute conformity, but I think it goes deeper than that.
As I told him: This rubbish has been going on for years and I think it started when one or more of the gay organisations sent out a memo worldwide to every news organisation and publication — don’t ask me how they did this — dictating that all those fucking letters must be used whenever writing about anything gay. I say that because it’s too saturated worldwide for it to be happenstance or coincidental. It seems very deliberate as in an Agenda. The Gay Agenda want everyone to be in lockstep with their agenda, and part of that agenda is the use of all those revisionist history fucking letters. The G was first originally, not the L. That’s why it’s revisionist history. And these corporatist trash have even gone back into archival material and changed that to “LG…..”
as well. They are relentless in their agenda.
I really can’t think much about this stuff any more because it’s not good for my health. It was just yesterday that I said I should stop writing about this shit, but after seeing my friend so worked up over it, I realised again that it’s not just me who can’t stand it. And the problem is that it’s not going to change. As I told him, if the well-known — I think she’s fairly well known — queer actor comedian, Lea Delaria, can’t get it changed, nobody can. She can’t stand it either. She said “By the time you get through all those letters, the parade is over.” LOL. She says the letters are very divisive. They divide us up rather than unite us. They “put all of us into little groups (per letter) leading to infighting rather than uniting us as one group with the word Queer.” She uses Queer and not all those ludicrous letters. But the idiots who run Gay Inc./The Gay Agenda aren’t about to learn anything from Lea, so if she can’t get them to change, I know I can’t. Personally, I think the word Queer is too “out there” and “too rad” for Gay Inc. They prefer all those letters to serve as code language, like having one foot in the closet. Like a bar code. The code language is “less offensive” to the straights and others, I think they would say. People don’t want to hear or read the words gay or queer, so The Gay Agenda uses all those the letters to avoid that. In other words, as my friend said: Gay Inc./The Gay Agenda are catering to the homophobes and their homophobia. I agree.