Transgender Flag Stamps

Sello de correos Bandera Transgénero (Estados Unidos)

El 2 de marzo de 2013. Hola. I’ve seen some Transgender Flag postage stamps (for the Estados Unidos/U.S.) but none like these on this page. I’ve seen other Transgender Flag stamps (sello de correos Bandera Transgénero), but these from Dean Johnson Fine Art design are the first stamps of their kind I’ve seen where the stamp shows the Transgender Flag flying on a flag pole, which you might think would be standard or common, but not from the stamps of this kind that I’ve seen. Usually, the Transgender Flag stamp just shows the colors of the flag in a flat rectangular shape. I’ve not seen this flag on a pole before in a stamp format. That seems to be unique for this type of stamp. So I thought I’d make special mention of it here.

If you’re looking for some very pretty Transgender Flag stamps that are unusual (in a positive way) than all the others, at least the ones I’ve seen, check out these on this page.

Also related is this very brightly-colored GLBTQueer flag (also flying on a pole) stamp down the page over on the left. I especially like the fire-red and orange colours and the way the flag is blowing in the wind. I have seen a couple of rainbow flag stamps with the flag on a pole, but those stamps were not as pretty as this stamp. Check this one out. Chau.—rosa barrio

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