Truckers protest in DC

El 13 de octubre de 2013. Hola. Have you heard about the US truckers going to the District of Columbia (Estados Unidos/US/The Cesspool) to protest?

A raven near the pink barrio

A raven near the pink barrio

The truckers’ protest is larger than people think. The truckers are protesting the political parasites in the District specifically at the federal level (the House, the Senate and la Casa Blanca/the White House). The truckers are in the District this weekend to protest the misguided direction this nation is headed (i.e. downward). The truckers were to protest on the Capital Beltway first. But because of the size of the Beltway (it’s huge) a protest of truckers would require thousands and thousands of trucks to look like something other than a “normal day” on the Beltway.

There are some videos down the page of the truckers on the Beltway with some US flags in the “Nation in Distress” position (meaning the flags are upside down). And los Estados Unidos is most assuredly a nation in distress. There’s no doubt about that.

The US corporate media—which dutifully serve as stenographers for The Cesspool’s D and R government—are keeping this protest hushed, as usual.

Below are videos showing that the protest is happening, as of this writing, despite little coverage/censorship from the useless corporate media:

The main protest will be on Domingo/Sunday in the District, where protesters will supposedly try to arrest the political parasites in congress. I’d like to see that. It looks like la policía on the Beltway are going along with the protest for now. La policía on the Beltway would be from the jurisdictions of VA and MD, not the District. Chau.—rosa barrio


Capital Beltway
“The two directions of travel, clockwise and counterclockwise (looking at a map), have become known respectively as the “Inner Loop” and the “Outer Loop”.”

Truckers protesting president, congress spotted in DC