What an adorable picture.  The two posing together.  How lovely.  There’s no way that la mujer/the woman should be thought of or treated any differently by so-called “progressives” than the current White House occupant.  Just look at this disgusting photo.  If the woman had any self-respect or integrity she would have refused to pose with such basura.  Absolutely.  Instead, she smiles broadly while posing with the international narcissistic bully, Mr Bone Spurs.  The Mob Boss.  It would appear that it’s the highest honour of her service to the utterly corrupt Republican Party Cult for which the utterly corrupt “Democratic” Party Cult often works for.  Why are people surprised by what Pelosi and the “Democrats” do?  Since Nancy took up the gavel as speaker of the House, she has been enabling Republicans.  And watch the “Democratic” Party Cultists in San Francisco re-elect this piece of work again in November 2020.

Hola a todos. No, it’s not an endorsement for such a despicable political ticket. Instead, it reflects a more realistic ticket consisting of two very corrupt politicians, one being an agent of the executive.

I watched a video where a concerned and well-meaning person was advocating for a genuinely progressive candidate with a focus on environmental issues to run for US president in 2020. Even if such a candidate were to run, they would have little support because of Democratic and Republican partisan-brainwashing in the US. The masses are not going to ever abandon these two corrupt right-wing cults known as the Democratic Party or the Republican Party. It’s just not going to happen. And we know this from history.

For example, Dr Jill Stein was the best candidate in 2016 — a genuine progressive as opposed to these fake-progressives that we most often see — and the masses adamantly refused to support her. As usual, they had umpteen excuses for why they couldn’t or wouldn’t support her which in reality was based in their partisan-brainwashing. Most people approach politics with a spectator sports event mentality. Both D and R are so septic and infected and infested with corruption, but the simple-minded masses with their simple-minded slogans continue to blindly support them from a position of their specific brainwashing for their corrupt team — because that’s the easy thing to do not requiring any critical thinking skills — and this brainwashing is no different than brainwashing used with fundamentalist religious fanatics. The partisan-brainwashed cultists who support the Democratic Party refused to abandon that cult back in 2016 and vote in their best interests (for Stein) and the best interests of the nation and world.

Instead, in 2020 and beyond, the masses — including the fake-progressives among us — will continue to remain in their partisan-brainwashed rut they’ve been in, and for some reason, expect different results each “election” cycle. That’s insanity.

What’s one example of a fake-progressive? Someone labeling themselves “a progressive” and then turns around and votes for the corrupt and right-wing Democratic Party at election time. A genuine progressive does not vote for a corrupt right-wing party. It’s a glaring contradiction in terms.

In reality, most politicians couldn’t care less about any of us. To them, it’s not about us. All they want from us is our money, our money, more of our money and more money — which some people are stupid enough to send them; people enjoy sending money to millionaires and billionaires, do they? — and they might even want our vote. But with the corrupt “election” system we have in the non-United States, that’s not at all necessary. It’s all about them and their “career” and working to become part of the corrupt clique called The Establishment.

If you want to see a genuine Speaker of the House, watch this video:

John Bercow: Speaker explodes at Boris Johnson for Commons suspension ‘outrage’

It’s the Speaker of the House of Commons in the UK. Pelosi should watch this video for training on how to be a real Speaker of the House since she doesn’t have a clue. Unlike Pelosi, John Bercow is not this mealy-mouthed, wimpy, weak, bent-over, afraid-to-offend-anybody agent of the executive like White House occupant-enabler Nancy “He’s Not Worth It” Pelosi.

I fully expect the conservative, partisan-brainwashed Democratic Party voters of San Francisco — most of whom probably pretend to be a “liberal” or a “progressives” (ha!) — put this woman back in the House of (non)Representatives in 2020 for another 2-year term, with most voting on her name-recognition only, not at all being informed on what she has done as an agent of the executive. Most of them will make banks of excuses for her as they usually do, the basura. “Pelosi has a plan, we just don’t know what it is yet” they will say. Of course, anyone with any intelligence can see what her plan is: to serve as an agent of the executive as she has been doing. It doesn’t take any special intelligence to figure that out.

And considering Pelosi is an agent of the executive, a more appropriate ticket would be:


Because this woman — as a complicit enabler — has done more for the current White House occupant than anybody else, including emotionless, lobotomised-looking Pence with his “nobody is home” facial expression. Has anyone else noticed how he tries to look like The Hulk? I’m not joking here. Does he have health issues going on or something? When he walks out with the current White House occupant to the podium, he doesn’t stand like a “normal” person with his arms at rest at his side. Pence’s arms are literally in front of him with the tops of his hands facing outward towards the cameras and his chest puffed out, as if he’s trying to be a macho tough guy by emulating The Hulk. He looks quite silly. He looks damn odd, frankly. Chau.—el barrio rosa


The current White House occupant’s chief enabler, Nancy Pelosi:

USMCA: Agreement reached on Nafta trade deal replacement