In solidarity with Ukraine.

Hola a todos. As I understand the situation from listening to international analysts from the European Union (EU), Russian president Putin — who is another insane thug/gangster just like DJT — does not consider Ukraine a sovereign nation.  (Who cares what he thinks?!) Putin also does not care what anyone in the EU says because Russia is not part of the EU.  He has no regard for the EU, including Emmanuel Macron (France), the Deutschland Chancellor Olaf Scholz, or the EU’s Ursula von der Leyen, among others.  Putin couldn’t care less what any of them think or desire. Russia has never applied to be a member state of the EU probably because Putin knows Russia would not be accepted as a member state because Russia would not meet the standards required for membership, what’s known as the Copenhagen criteria, particularly environmentally, for a stable democracy, a free-market economy et al.  That is all required for membership in the EU, and all member states would have to agree on having Russia apply for membership, which would not be the case.

Also Ukraine wants to apply to the EU to be a member state and also to apply to NATO, which thug Putin opposes.  Bottom line:  Putin wants to replace Zelensky (the President of Ukraine) and put in his own puppet regime in place in Ukraine. As of this writing, Putin is chest-beating and bloviating with tough talk, as in, “Countries that interfere with Russia will face ‘consequences you have never seen’.”

Some of my old articles about the SEP are getting hits now, probably because of the SEP’s insane position on this issue. I was on their site for about 30 seconds the other night, expecting to see exactly what I saw. I clicked off. They’re blaming the US and NATO for this, when it’s Putin who has attacked Ukraine, unprovoked. Ukraine has attacked no one. Ukraine wants peace as does the EU. As I said in some of those articles, in the SEP’s mind (the word “mind” used advisedly), “Mother Russia” is absolutely sacrosanct and above reproach no matter what they do, because the SEP’s brainwashed agenda-dogma comes from Russia. And for some reason, because of that, they at the SEP feel they must never, ever be critical of “Mother Russia.” They remind me of a bunch of rabid fundamentalist Christians. They hold to the same ludicrous thinking of never be critical of your own — your own clergy or anyone else — no matter what they do.

The basura at the SEP think they must never be critical of precious, “Mother Russia,” even when they are wrong. To them, “Mother Russia” can never be wrong. More Insanity. Absolutely stupid thinking, and I’ve learned that you can’t fix stupid, so bother trying. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Related: Putin tried to justify his war against Ukraine by calling for the ‘de-Nazification’ of a democratic country led by a Jewish president

  • Putin made a number of bogus and farcical claims when justifying his attack on Ukraine.
  • He said he wanted to prevent a “genocide,” protect Russian speakers, and aim for the “de-Nazification” of Ukraine.
  • There is no genocide in Ukraine, and the country’s president is a Jewish man whose native language is Russian.