Univisión’s Premios Juventud 2013

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El 20 de julio de 2013. Hola. We received another e-mail regarding what’s already been written on this page about Premios Juventud. Here’s what the person wrote:
“Hola to you. Well that isn’t even half of it. What about all of these gay male singers and dancers who are in the closet and when they perform they pretend to be straight? Uni [Ed. Univisión] has female dancers all around them in sexual poses and acting all sensual to the GAY artist. I’m cool with sexual poses and sensual and there’s nothing wrong with that but it seems fucked up to have female dancers acting sexual and sensual with an artist that my gaydar tells me is gay. Isn’t Prince Royce gay? Isn’t Pee Wee gay? When they’ve been asked about it they both give the same scripted “I’m interested in girls” answer. There was some talk about Wisin y Yandel being gay?…even though they are married to women that doesn’t mean anything! There are many married-to-a-woman guys who are gay. A friend of mine broke up last year with her husband because he turned out to be gay. I knew he was all along. But put those names I’ve mentioned in [Ed. whatever search engine you use] and see what comes up. Except for Ricky Martin they all deny being gay and pretend to be straight. Why? Like I said my gaydar tells me they’re lying, and when you can’t be who you really are and honest about it it doesn’t cause me to want to buy your music or have anything to do with you. I don’t like phonies and people who lie about who they really are. Thanks to you for bringing this up.”
My response: Other than Ricky Martin and Christian Chávez, I can’t think of any other GLBTQ artists who are out of their closet. Gracias for your e-mail. Chau.—rosa barrio (Another e-mail immediately below):

Univisión’s 2013 Premios Juventud
El 19 de julio de 2013. Hola. Here is an e-mail we received today about what I wrote last night (down the page) about Premios Juventud:
“Hola pink barrio. When I saw PJ advertized on Univisión [Ed. pronounced “Oooo (as in moon)-knee-vee-sheon” for those who don’t know], for the first time I wasn’t that excited about it. I thought maybe it was my mood. Perhaps. But for people paying attention to the important things, things are not good in the world so it’s a little hard to party when you know how things really are. These award shows have become predictable even down to how the audience behaves. Univisión brings out their favorites of the network…all young faces only…including artists and dancers. It’s become predictable to see network favorites Prince Royce and others…you know who they are. I agree with your statement about the gay topic [Ed. see below]. One of the pictures I saw from PJ was a guy standing behind a girl and holding her closely with his hands right below her boobs. There were no pictures of a guy doing the same thing to another guy and being a gay guy I would have liked to seen that. Thanks for your take on this. I don’t expect to read it anywhere else.”
My response: Gracias to you, and I agree with what you wrote. Yes they have become predictable. One of the best aspects of these award ceremonies is the LED light sets and light shows. I do enjoy looking at that. The colours are beautiful, and I enjoy some of la música. But yes, I don’t really need to see someone coming out of the ceiling again to begin their act or coming up out of the floor, or seeing what looks like rain coming down on the stage. In my opinion, it’s best not to “work” these staging effect concepts (such as the ones I just listed) but once otherwise yes they do become predictable as you said. And the audience feeling the need to sway their arms to slow music on cue.
¡Basta! Is there a need for that still? Gracias for your e-mail. Chau.—rosa barrio (Immediately below is what the person who e-mailed us was responding to):

U.S. Corporate Media Reflecting U.S. Supreme Court’s decision, and Univisión’s 2013 Premios Juventud
El 18 de julio de 2013. Hola. Here’s an e-mail question we received about same-gender marriage and the mainstream corporate television networks in the Estados Unidos/U.S.:
The person wrote: “Considering the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent rulings on gay marriage, when will we see those rulings reflected in programming on the corporate television networks in the U.S? In other words, when will gays be portrayed in the very same way across the board as straights are portrayed on television now? Your thoughts? Thanks.”
My response: Hola. You’re about 10+ years ahead of your time, mi amor. Not anytime soon would be my guess. For example, I’ve just been watching the español language network Univisión [pronounced “Oooo (as in moon)-knee-vee-sheon” for those who don’t know] and their 2013 Premios Juventud (a.k.a. PJ) and I noticed how “heteronormative” it was. Did Queer-boy Ricky Martin dance with any boys in his performance? No. Why not? (And I’m not talking about choreographed “line dancing” which was part of his performance. I’m talking about one-on-one.) Ricky’s performance was no different than anyone else’s in that context. Did Ricky give a beso to another muchacho? No. Why not? (Why wasn’t his partner brought on stage at some point for a beso between the two of them?) But I saw a beso on stage between a “straight” couple and the audience cooed over that. Sigh. Did I see any muchachos/guys dancing with each other one-on-one? No. How about muchachas dancing with each other? No. In the one-on-one dancing everyone was paired off muchacho-muchacha (guy-girl) as if that’s the only way and the “normal” (ugh!) way of pairing off. Now I realise that same-gender marriage is not legal in Florida where Univisión’s Premios Juventud was held (Miami specifically), but the programme is seen throughout the Estados Unidos on the network and I believe also throughout Suramérica/América del Sur, but it would be good to see something other than the predictable ever-present male-female couples constantly fawning over each other with besos. How about showing some gay boys dancing with each other one-on-one (encourage them to do that!) and having a good time? The same for gay girls. Is that too much to ask? And don’t tell me there are no GLBTQueer Latinos/Hispanos/Méxicanos/Chicanos et al. And whenever the corporate television networks decide to show something other than heteronormative/”straight” programming scenes, could they get passed long-held stereotypes about gay people such as a feminine gay guy portraying a “hairdresser”? I should point out that I personally like feminine gay guys. I also like Drag Queens—it’s an Art form—very much. But I’m not talking about either of those categories. I’m talking about the stereotype of gay guys held by the mainstream corporate media. Gracias for your e-mail. Chau.—rosa barrio

El 20 de julio de 2012. Hola. So what did you think of Univisión’s Premios Juventud last night?

Univisión knows how to put on a show and from what I’ve seen they do the best job of it on television, along with Televisa of México. And they did a good job on the 2012 edición of Premios Juventud. It’s always quite a production and I’d guess they spend months working on it.

The LED light shows on stage were rather spectacular, as usual. Add to that, did you notice the color-changing LED light stick wands held by members of the audience on the floor level? It was a sea of LED lights. I was wondering: Were the audience LED wands DMX-controlled by producción? They were all in sync and they did different colour patterns as if they were being controlled by producción. It would be rather difficult to get that many people to all do the same thing at the same time with something (lighting) that they don’t have any experience with. And if anyone would use such DMX technology, it would be Univisión. Then at one point, the floor-level audience wore all-matching, flashing LED Blue Shutter Shades.

I noticed that cantante/singer Prince Royce did quite well on collecting awards. He also won an award for El Súper Tour/The Super Tour with Enrique Inglesias and Pitbull. The choreographed dancers were quite well rehearsed for each piece.

Ahora, what didn’t I like? Well, I could have done without Mr Hopey Changey (Obama) and his prerecorded video to the audience. This man is so transparent. He is as transparent as clear glass. I didn’t even listen to what he said because I don’t want to hear more lies and newsspeak. Deportations of Latinos, Hispanos, Méxicanos et al are at record levels under Mr Looking Forward (that’s his new 2012 marketing slogan) and I’m sure he spewed a load of mierda to the audience. I had the volume turned down at that point and I heard him say “gracias” (he was done with his propaganda speech) and the audience applauded and cheered. Did they fall for it, or was that just “polite” applause? I said: Ugh. The man was trying to buy votes for Noviembre/November, period, and that’s why this political stunt turned me off.

I could have also done without the silly segments of the show. One example: where two “hosts” are talking with each other and trying to be funny. They should get rid of those segments.

Other than that, it was well done, as usual. Chau.—rosa barrio

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