Videos from “what is is”

El 29 de julio de 2014. Hola, “what is is” asked me to tell his viewers that he’s been repeatedly unable to upload any videos to GoogleTube (a.k.a. UTube) in the last week or so. He thinks the problem is with the last Firefox update, and he will have to wait for the next Firefox update to (hopefully) correct the problem. He initially thought the problem was with his video editing programme and updates, but he no longer thinks that. He has tried multiple video editing programmes and none will work for him. So, he will upload his next video whenever he can get it to work. Just wanted to let his viewers know what’s going on. Chau.—rosa barrio

Complete list of his videos found here.

Some items related to his videos from local artist DeanJohnsonFineArt:

No KXL (Keystone XL Pipeline) Buttons en inglés/English y en español

(en español) Botones – Ninguna tubería de KXL