Violence never wins?

Hola a todos. I’m a non-violent person. I walk away from violence and dysfunctional behaviour, in part, because I don’t want to get hurt.

Previously, I have said that peaceful protests rarely accomplish anything, or much of anything. Peaceful protests are usually purely symbolic. They’re just a therapeutic, feel-good exercise for those involved. The protesters really do think they’re doing something useful and they are well-meaning — I know from experience that’s what I thought when taking part in many anti-war protests and other protests — but upon reflection, nothing changed for all the hours I spent walking the streets of San Francisco or the District of Columbia. All the wars I protested went on as scheduled, and pretty much everything else did as well that I opposed.

It takes violence to get people’s attention as it did today, 6 January 2021, in the District at the Capitol Building on Capitol Hill with the orange loser’s coup/insurrection. Mike Pence said in his pabulum speech after the fact that “violence never wins.” Well it certainly did today. It got your attention, Mike. That’s why you’re talking about it. Violence won today by getting most of the world’s attention. If the insurrectors had been peaceful, nobody would be talking about them probably. And the violence came from Mike Pence’s and the orange loser’s own far-right, rabid cultists. Pence spoke nothing but lies — as usual — in his speechifying. He said this building — referring to the Capitol building — is “The People’s House.” Oh give it a rest! Nobody but the most gullible among us believes that greeting card drivel. The US Capitol building is the “house of the corporations and the military industrial complex.” Period. Then he ended his propaganda speech with “May god bless this country.” Well Mike, if a god were going to bless this country, we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in. Think about it. And since we’re told that god — the Christian Floating Cloud Being — is “all-powerful, omnipotent” and all that, “he” could have chosen to not put up in this mess or “he” could correct this mess immediately since “he” is all-powerful and all-knowing. Have you never thought of that, Mike? I suspect not. They are not his exact words but he did say “god bless.” That too was inappropriate because the US government has a separation of church and state, or is supposed to. I guess Pence doesn’t believe in the US Constitution which designates a separation of church and state. If one has to drag a Floating Cloud Being into this disaster created by the orange loser and his enablers, wouldn’t it be better to say, “god bless our world?” Why is the greedy, self-absorbed and self-entitled, “it’s all about me” US constantly begging for blessings? Other countries around the world are far more deserving than the non-United States is.

Then, some of the mumbling trash in congress had to stand — the scum always rises to the top, you know — and they had to speechify about how “great this country is” and they referred to “Mr Present” and “Mr Praysden.” Or I think that’s what they were mumbling. One almost needs a translator for them for their hick version of US-English. If the US were truly great, these illiterate-sounding hicks in congress wouldn’t need to keep trying to tell themselves that and trying to convince themselves of that — and constantly pumping out this “US is the greatest country” propaganda — to make it so along with chest-beating and other tactics they use to pump themselves up.

Why does there have to be a “greatest country?” Or a greatest anything? That is so sheeple thinking. One would think people would have the maturity to work together and get beyond this “my country is better than your country” and “my team is better than your team” elementary school playground brainwashing. It’s all brainwashing rubbish, similar to D and R partisan brainwashing and the two political cults: One big corporate right-wing party with two names. Unless I’ve missed it, I’ve not heard other countries constantly say how great they are and how “exceptional” they are, and all that nonsense. The US is the one and only — to my knowledge — pathetic and corrupt country on the globe that uses this ugly, juvenile tactic of having to constantly brainwash its people about how supposedly great they are. Truly great countries don’t need to do that. Their greatness shows forth, in part, through their humbleness and modesty, which is the opposite approach used by the basura in the federal government of the non-United States.

And it’s just the far-right, white male supremacist wing of the US that ignorantly says all that drivel. They’re the ones who talk about how poor they are and then they fly to the District of Columbia and rent hotel space and then go and takeover the US Capitol building.

Some of the D Party cultists, are saying, “Well he only has so many more days in office. He’s out on 20 January 2021.” Really? Is he really? That’s the way it’s supposed to work in ordinary times, but as we saw today in the District here in the Century of Insanity, we are not living in ordinary times by any definition. I’ve said since the beginning that he’s not going anywhere. This thug/international bully has given no indication that he is leaving office particularly since he claims he “won the election by a landslide.” Who will have the courage to remove him since most in the District — in the federal government — seem absolutely terrified of him for some reason that escapes me. Why are these politicians in the District terrified by some extremely overweight, stupid, ignorant, unhealthy bully — who is all mouth and talk — who couldn’t fight at gnat if he had to? I’ll believe it when I see it that he’s leaving. I don’t think he’s going anywhere based on his actions, his behaviour and what he has said.

And as of this writing, 4 people were killed in this coup/insurrection by the orange loser’s cultists and no consequences what-so-ever for the orange loser as he cowardly bunkers down in the white house. Chau.—el barrio rosa