Want to be a Democrat? Check your brain at the door.

The two corporatist parties, which are like cults.

Hola a todos. Both pro-war, imperialistic corporate parties — which are like cults — in the non-United States have their partisan-brainwashed sheeple as one sees all over U-toob. They behave like cults with their infantile “blue” and “red” team thinking, flag-waving, fake-patriotism, ugly nationalism and dramas.

There are multiple unspoken requirements for being a Democrat:

1. Partisan-brainwashed D voters must check any critical thinking skills at the door (the same goes for R), like one brainwashed-partisan commenter I saw that wrote this infantile jingoistic slogan, “Vote Blue or You Lose.” The reality is that we lose with both D and R in case one hasn’t noticed.

The Democrats have become absolutely useless. “Vote Blue or You Lose” is an example of blind partisan-brainwashed allegiance. It means to go down the ballot and vote for anyone — no matter how heinous they are — that has a “D” next to their name and vote for them. You don’t have to know anything about them. Just vote for them because of that D next to the candidate’s name. That is a stupid way to vote. It’s dumb. But it’s typical partisan-brainwashed Democratic behavior. Intelligent people take each candidate on their own merit. They don’t engage in blind-voting and voting for anyone just because they have a “D” next to their name. That’s not intelligent voting. That’s cult voting based in partisan-brainwashing.

This blind-faith voting and this corrupt system has gotten us to where we are today.

The D sheeple keep doing the same thing over and over each “election” cycle and expecting different results. That’s the definition of insanity. Reminds me of the Obamabots.

Most of Obama’s agenda was to the right of that of George W Bush to those who paid close attention. But most people paid no attention to what he did, they were more enamored by his “jock celebrity persona” (shallow shit) as their new-found messiah. Or they made excuses for him (cult mentality again, because partisan-brainwashing says you don’t criticize your own cult no matter what they do) and to this day the Obamabots continue to worship and glorify him as their messiah.

Other requirements for being a Democrat:

2. Democrats constantly engage in grandiose wishful-thinking and delusions only to look like damn fools after the fact. We’ve seen this time and time again with their false predictions and false hope about what the useless Democratic Party clan and leadership were/are going to do, such as “Pelosi will launch impeachment hearings when she has a majority in the House, you’ll see.” Well, she got a majority in the House. Then when she didn’t launch impeachment proceedings, they come up with a bank of excuses of why she hasn’t and why that’s now a good thing and how she has “a plan” that nobody knows what it is (including Pelosi), instead of saying she’s not doing her damn job as a credible speaker. Pelosi has served as the best complicit enabler that the WH occupant could have asked for, which is why I often write “TRUMP-PELOSI 2020.” Of course I would never support such a ticket. Pelosi needs to be retired by the pro-Establish partisan-brainwashed voters of San Francisco, but I suspect she has her position in the House as long as she wants it.

3. Democrats always have to support “the team” just like a clan.

4. The Democratic politicians are weak and spineless (their only spine is for helping the Republicans)

5. They’re mealy-mouthed, mush-mouth.

6. They serve as a doormat for the Republicans to walk all over and the Ds thoroughly enjoy it as we saw in the latest charade called an impeachment enquiry hearing.

7. They engage in blind allegiance and faith (example: “Vote D or you Lose”). The other cult does the same thing.

And partisan-brainwashing is why we’re likely never going to see any important change because the cultists have been brainwashed that they must support “the team” no matter what and no matter what “the team” does. Good little brainwashed cultists.

Regarding #1 above, after all we’ve seen politically, there are still stupid people out there who think that the party of Feinstein and Pelosi et al are going to make Bernie Sanders their nominee. Insane. They didn’t learn from the first time around where the Ds threw him under the bus — which they would do again — then Sanders apparently with no self respect got in lockstep with them to endorse Hillary of all people, rather than Jill Stein who was the genuine progressive. How can anyone still be that stupid, gullible and naive to think that the Democratic Party cult is going to make BS their nominee? Insanity. That goes back to #1.

They really should dissolve the cult known as the Democratic Party. It has become absolutely useless and irrelevant.

And how many so-called “progressives” are still Democrats? A genuine progressive would want nothing to do with a corrupt, right-wing cult of a party.
What put the current White House occupant in office was our corrupt “election” system which everyone but me ignores and it’s controlled by the mob, as well as the Russian “interference.” The DNC had little to do with it other than they threw BS (Bernie Sanders) under the bus and rigged the primary system for Hillary. If you want to know how, look it up.

As I’m concluding this, I see that Pelosi held a press conference giving notice to Beijing that “Congress supports Hong Kong.” It’s odd that she can’t get as worked up about impeachment proceedings as she does about Hong Kong. Clearly she thoroughly enjoys being the current White House occupants complicit enabler.


Chau.—el barrio rosa