Weekends in San Francisco suck!

If you’re Queer, weekends suck. If you’re straight, it’s probably fantastic with baby strollers and wall-to-wall children. Him and Her love to come to The Castro to hold hands and make out. Is she so fucking insecure that she has to be treated like a toddler and have her hand held wherever she goes?

Some of us San Francisco residents do not look forward to weekends these days because of the Him and Her parade. Some of us avoid going out on weekends because of this. The City seems to change on the weekends with Him and Her feeling the need to visit and or come over here to shove their straight sexuality in our faces. (The same thing straights complained about Queers doing some years ago; it’s all right when straights do it though! They hypocrisy is noted.)

Mi amigo went on a walk in Upper Market (9 May 2021) and when he returned he said: All Him and Her, him-tall, her-short, everyone wearing black grey or white. That’s known as The Uniform. They were all conformist Millenneals. No creativity or imagination with any of them. And they’re most often snotty, snooty, stuck-up, unfriendly Millenneals with the personality of hardened cement. They don’t know the words “Hello” or “Excuse me.” All they know is the word “like” which they say every-other-word. When they talk, they sound fucking illiterate.

Do you see two guys or two females holding hands in traditionally straight areas and making out to put on an afternoon performance to shove their Queer sexuality in people’s faces? I don’t. But that’s what we see in The Castro, particularly on weekends with Him and Her.

What is the attraction of a Rainbow Flag saturated area that breeders/straights/heterosexuals find so extremely appealing? I don’t understand this. Some even come here but forget to leave their homophobia at home. For example: His shirt said, “Fuck you, Homo.”

WTF is that about?

Again, Queers don’t go to traditionally straight areas of San Francisco to hold hands and make out, but the straights sure the fuck do. And they seem to enjoy doing it and or get a rise out of it. I see them and I think: Is he a closet case pretending to be straight? Is that why he’s in The Castro to check out guys out of the corner of his eyes when she’s not looking? She’s probably asking: What the fuck are we doing in The Castro with all these Rainbow Flags? Is there something going on with him that I don’t know about? Is that why he’s holding Ms Shorty’s/his girl’s hand? Why does she need her hand held in a former Gay Mecca? Or anywhere for that matter? She’s a grown woman according to her chronological age. Is she afraid of the Queer boys who are still here? If so, WTF does she think we’re going to do to her?

None of the Queers in The Castro hold hands — or rather it’s extremely rare to see that — Queer couples are more secure in their relationships than the breeders. But the straights have to come over here and in your face hold hands. I’d love to ask them what head trip they’re on that they feel they must do that?

As a straight friend of mine in my neighbourhood says: “I find it extremely disrespectful to Queers for straights to go into what’s left of little Queer areas and parade around breeder sexuality.” He said he doesn’t understand that either and when he’s with a female in The Castro, he refuses to engage in anything that can remotely be called “acting straight” because he’s very alert to it. He also does not understand why straights love hanging out, making out in a Rainbow Flag saturated area. Oh but then again we do know. It’s Him and Her cheating on their wives and husbands back home. That’s what some of us suspect. These straight cheaters think no one would ever think of looking for them over in The Castro.

Then of course there are the blatantly obvious closet cases holding hands with a female. The guy looks gay by any definition and with the most minimal of “gaydar.” Yet he’s pretending to be straight. One didn’t see this charade when San Francisco was a Gay Mecca. Who would have ever thought that closet cases would be driven to move specifically to a former Gay Mecca while pretending to be “straight.” The irony in that is difficult to understand. We are certainly living in some sexually fucked-up times. Chau.—el barrio rosa