What do peaceful protests accomplish?

Absolutely nothing, that I can think of, especially in the case of when one is protesting to empty buildings where the political trash you’re protesting aren’t even there (usually on weekends)! A genuine peaceful protest won’t get anybody’s attention. It’s just (yawn) “another protest.”

Under videos of protests in various cities, I keep reading comments saying, “Keep it peaceful now.” What they should add is: “So that the status quo will continue.” That’s what it amounts to.

In reality, it seems to take violence and the destruction of property to wake people the fuck up and to make some minimal changes in The System.

In fact, in the US, peaceful protests are usually merely state-sanctioned charades. They’re just therapeutic “feel good” walks for the like-minded participants. If someone in authority has to approve your protest, then it is not a genuine protest.

To all of the corporate media talking heads who are screaming about these US protests “must be peaceful and not destroy property,” they seem to forget they were the same people who were cheering for and glorifying nonpeaceful US imperialistic violence — one war after the other — and the destruction of property all over the world over the years. They weren’t calling for “peaceful” policies from the US government. The corporate media worldwide seem to have such a disconnect when they mouth platitudes about “peaceful protests” out of one side of their mouth and then cheer for and glorify war and barbarism (which destroys property) out of the other side of their mouth as they support one piece of corrupt trash politician after another and their US imperialistic policies, usually based on lies. When was the last time that the US Oligarchy/the US government told the truth about anything? Does someone have that date handy?

For decades, I took part in peaceful protests and thinking back on it, I can’t think of anything that I protested where my “peaceful” actions changed anything. Nothing whatsoever. It was all a waste of time in hindsight. Oh we had some nice walks and some of the SFPD (San Francisco Police Department) accompanying us were nice to talk with, but the wars and US terrorist attacks — let’s call them what they are — on other sovereign nations to steal their natural resources and to install puppet regimes favourable to the US policies continued on schedule, as well as other injustices.

I’m a non-violent person, but the reality is a peaceful protest does nothing meaningful to change anything for the positive. As a local senior citizen told me recently about peaceful protests from her experience: “You might as well have a cakewalk. It will accomplish the same thing as a ‘peaceful protest’.” Chau.—el barrio rosa