What “Gay Community?” My friend and I are invisible to the “Gay Community.”

Some Queers are invisible to the “Gay Community.”

This topic came up again today, since it’s Saturday. Weekends are the worst in The Castro and Upper Market of San Francisco. That’s because it’s mostly “Him-tall and Her-short” stuck up Millenneals who are walking the streets of The Castro and Upper Market/Twin Peaks area.

We walk around The Castro and no one looks at us. It’s as if we’re invisible. Having moved to San Francisco from the District of Columbia, I remember guys in the District saying, “Oh you’ll love San Francisco, it’s so friendly and anything goes.” Well, at that time “anything goes” was true. It isn’t now. San Francisco has become quite conservative by comparison. But after moving to San Francisco, I didn’t agree with the “it’s so friendly” part. I didn’t really find it anymore friendly than DC.

So when I hear the words “the gay community” or “the Queer community,” I think to myself: Where is this person living that there is a “gay community” when no one will even give mi amigo/my friend and I the time of day around here? It’s as if no one sees us, especially Millenneals. With their ageism — and ageism seems to be the only acceptable “ism” these days — they refuse to look at anyone older than their snotty selves. The greetings “Hello, hey, how’s it going, how are you?” are not in their vocabulary.

I can’t stand most Millenneals based on years of experiencing their hardened-cement personalities in San Francisco. “Who the fuck reared these trash?” I keep asking. There’s the occasional, rare exception to that but it’s so rare that you’d have to write it on the calendar with a note saying, “A Millennial smiled and said hello to me today. Make note.” That might happen twice a year for you, if you’re lucky.

I’ve read that Millenneals blame all the problems in the world on the older generation. Is that true? Is that why they wear a cold, lobotomised face or snarl in public 24/7? If so that is extremely unintelligent and it takes no ownership or responsibility for one’s own problems and behaviour in life. All the problems in the world cannot realistically because they were caused by a previous generation.

“The Gay Community” or “The Queer Community” is often referred to but in reality it’s not something that is seen. It’s some nebulous group like to the “Black Community.” When do you see the “Black Community?” Oh maybe, at some protest where some Black person has been killed/murdered by a cop? Well, we see Black people.

But these days, most Queers look “straight” so when does one see a Queer person and think anything other than “That’s another straight person?” When was the last time you saw Queers gathered for a Queer protest? Nothing readily comes to mind. And these days, when Queers and straights look the same, it’s hard to tell one from the other. Because you’ll have a closet case guy walking around holding hands with a female. That’s the same the straight guy does.

That’s why I ask: Where IS the “Gay Community?” And why continue to refer to Queers as a “community” when there is absolutely no sense or feel of community anywhere when most Queers these days have tunnel vision and won’t give each other the time of day, especially if you’re older. You are beyond your “sell by” date.

Yes, mi amigo and I walked around The Castro this past Friday and Saturday afternoon and no one even noticed us. And Friday felt differently than Saturday. Saturday was noticeably more straight (translation: snotty). Mi amigo just said: That covers it. Chau.—el barrio rosa