What Happened to San Francisco? You haven’t heard?

The “Alternative” San Francisco of the Past

[Updated: el 24 de abril de 2014]

El 14 de febrero de 2014. Hola. The San Francisco of the past was the “alternative” city that I and thousands of other GLBTQ people moved to in the late 1970s as part of the migration to the—at that time—Gay Mecca. That “alternative” city opened itself to free thinkers, artists of all types, outcasts, non-conformists, dissidents, radicals, revolutionists, sceptics and virtually anyone else.

The Corporatist San Francisco of Today

Only wealthy people—mainly young and white—need apply today. Their most vocal shill and hack supporters use thousands of words in their troll posts on message forums to express the most simplistic and hateful of messages to hate on the “alternative” people remaining in San Francisco from the City of the Past. Their consistent message is:

Poor people are basura/garbage, along with “Move to Oakland if you can’t afford to live in San Francisco”, and dinero/money is the only legitimate desire today. Superficial, pretentious, shallow, immature, prudish (the gay populace and their conservative Politician Cocks were among the main supporters for the city-wide nudity ban), non-intellectual, elitist, class-ist, mainstream, and materialistic are “in.” I’ve unfortunately witnessed many dysfunctional street encounters in the Castro where homeless and street people (including many GLBTQ homeless/street people) were being bullied and harassed by hateful, immature, redneck-bullies. Most recently, I saw a bully call a street/homeless person “a poor ass” and the bully was supported/cheered-on by the gay guys he was with. These immature guys thought it was funny. Such behaviour is the opposite of the “alternative” San Francisco I moved to. From what I and others have observed, in the new corporatist San Francisco, socially-conscious shopping (which was part of the “alternative” San Francisco) is out. Shopping at major international and national corporate groceries stores and corporate box stores (which carrying products made in China) is “in.” Buying products from companies with labour problems is “in.” Buying products from companies using child labour is “in.” Doing business with the Hate State of Arizona (with their hateful anti-immigrant laws) is “in.” Contrary to the “alternative” San Francisco, it would appear most people couldn’t care less about any of this stuff in the new San Francisco. And this is really a very bright idea and this is already happening in the city: Greedy developers of the Real Estate Industrial Complex and their Corrupt Liars awhile back proposed to strip the concrete skin off of major towers/buildings and replace that concrete skin with new glass exteriors. I guess these idiots—including local political parasite politicians—don’t expect glass to break during a (major) earthquake, or are they living under the illusion that we no longer have earthquakes in the Bay Area and a major earthquake fault off of San Francisco? Earthquakes are not even a consideration in The Corporatist San Francisco (which explains all of the cookie-cutter looking glass-walled stacked boxes called “Luxury Designer Condos” Dahling) already built and more being built for the bourgeois elite wealthy. San Francisco of today pretends to be a “green city,” while many if not most of its corporatised sheeple residents drive around in big-assed black, silver, tan or white SUVs, some of which look like hearses. Most San Franciscans buy their groceries/food from corporate chain stores as opposed to a local worker-owned and operated food cooperative. One major online corporation has begun delivering groceries in San Francisco. I’m seeing that delivery truck more and more, as it would appear that the wealthy would rather have their groceries selected for them and delivered to them rather than going to a grocery store themselves.

The Drug of Choice in San Francisco today is Alcohol

The Distractions of today are mainly:

1. The drug alcohol
2. Being addicted to one’s gadget

The distraction activities of today are:

1. Getting drunk while grunting and screaming at walls of television screens in (sports) bars showing mainly major league US corporate sport$ team$
2. Being constantly glued to one’s gadget, which helps to continue/promote more tech gentrification

The San Francisco of today is increasing a city of “The Haves” versus “The Have-nots.” (All Cities Are Not Created Unequal: San Francisco has second highest inequality in US). A city of income inequality and a city losing its ethnic diversity. Today “alternative” (from the City of the Past) is looked down upon. Corporate and corporatism is “in” along with being as “mainstream” and sheeple as possible, just like the rest of the US/los Estados Unidos. Anyone who opposes these outrageously-priced “Luxury Designer Condos” Dahling—being built mainly for The Tech Surveillance-State Industrial Complex employees—is automatically accused of being “envious.” When one opposes the Tech Gentrification and Eviction Shuttles, one is again accused of being “envious.” I would point out that this “envious” tactic is quite old. It’s part of the Class Warfare Terminology: Politics of Greed and Politics of Envy. And while these elitist snots accuse their opposition of being supposedly “envious,” it’s merely a cheap distraction so that they don’t have to talk about their Politics of Greed at any cost where the “Ends Justify the Means.” 

Drinking and getting drunk (also called “partying”) seems to be an addiction or near-addiction for many if not most San Franciscans these days, to the point where many supposed adults brag about the last party they went to, and the next party they’re going to, and how they get so drunk partying that they don’t even remember the parties they went to. (I thought people grew out of that stuff or got tired of it at some point, no?)

So if you’re planning to visit San Francisco and expecting to see the “Alternative” city San Francisco had a reputation for being over previous decades, you won’t see that city. Why? Because many (if not most) of the people who lived in the “alternative” city no longer live here having been evicted from their apartments and/or forced out of the city by the greedy Real Estate Industrial Complex and their Corrupt Liars. They are directly responsible for the outrageously high housing costs in San Francisco today and this trend will continue. Local corrupt, corporatist, conservative politicians will see to that as they continue to give corporate welfare to any tech company based in San Francisco. The residents of the “alternative” San Francisco have been replaced by conformist, mainstream, corporatist sheep whose theme is: “I’m not the least bit alternative nor do I have any interest in alternative, and I think this gentrification is wonderful for the city.” In other words: Bourgeois elite sheep. They prefer a bland, mainstream and boring San Francisco. Now, who’s responsible for the new San Francisco? Read that article, por favor. Chau.—el barrio rosa

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From his article: “Mark my words, in 10 years the Castro, that infamous LGBT neighborhood in San Francisco known the world over as the de facto capital of gaydom, will be predominantly straight.”
My response: Tommi, I see the Castro being predominantly “straight” in about 3 years, 5 years at the most at the rate it’s going. Market Street near Castro is noticeably “straight” especially on most weekend nights. I was on Market near Castro the evening of el 14 de febrero 2014 and especially noticed the—what seems to be a requirement—hand-in-hand and arm-in-arm “straight” young, white couples. Mi amigo ran an errand earlier in the evening on Market and later reported to me seeing the same. It also seems to be a requirement that “straight” couples have a make-out session at Castro and Market.

COMMENTS (Manually posted from e-mails)

Completely agree with your take on what’s happened to the city. Yesterday I talked with a friend of mine who lives near Castro & Market. We talked about most of this. He asked what happened to the radical Castro? It’s gone. He asked why are we spending all this money on widening the sidewalk when the sidewalk we have is fine and that money could be better spent. He thinks some stores will go out of business during this time. He’s heard through friends about the snotty attitude that the tech employees have. For the first time yesterday he said to me: I never thought I’d say this but I’m now considering leaving the city. The only problem is I don’t know where to go. Same with me and others.—Jay, 02.17.14