What happened to the so-called “Queer Community?”

They died. They’re dead. I thought everyone knew that. Where has one been not to know that? When was the last time you saw anything that remotely resembled a Queer “community?” The so-called “Queer Community” died around the time that gay marriage became legal in the non-United States and Queers seemed to have flipped out. And they have been absolutely dead since. Oh, a few come out of the closet for corporate pride in June, but then back in the closet they go for the other 364 days of the years. Most of the worldwide so-called “Queer Community” lives in the closet with females and kids. The visible so-called “Community” that one sees for corporate pride is merely a small percentage of the worldwide so-called “Queer Community.” Therefore, even though the anti-Queer conservative bigots like to spout that there are very few Queer people in the world — which is a lie — the majority of Queers which is a much larger percentage of the population that we are told continue to live in that unhealthy closet pretending to be straight, in part, due to society’s heteronormative breeder brainwashing where we are inundated with images of “him and her” everywhere you look, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

The reason I refer to the “so-called Queer Community” is because today there is absolutely no sense or feeling of community at all. Occasionally I’ll see a Queer boy and he’s friendly — smiles and nods, but as mi amigo/my friend says: “That’s damn rare – maybe one or two a year if you’re lucky”) but most act like fucking snots as if they think they’re too good to even acknowledge another Queer boy. I have no patience for them. One of my Queer neighbours thought I was trying to pick him up when I was asking him questions about his new smartcar. I don’t even find him attractive. I was merely making an enquiry, but apparently he thinks he’s hot shit and that any guy asking questions has an agenda of getting in his pants. Wrong. Get over yourself, dude.

Does the Queer so-called “community” care about anything anymore? No. Not from what I can tell. Well, other than their phone, that’s about the extent of it. The phone zombies. But most don’t seem to care about anything the way they did during the now-dead Gay Rights Movement. As with any other group of people, many problems remain for Queers. But I don’t see those elitist wealthy corporate Queer organisations at the federal level — who arrogantly think they know what’s best for Queers, of a certain income bracket of course — doing a damn thing. They might as well close their doors. Do they serve any practical purpose today? Not that some of us can tell.

But what I’ve written here would not be at all well-received by the pro-corporate, pro-establishment, status quo, very judgmental Queers who are very comfortable with the dismal state of things today. They take that position, in part, because they would have to actually do something and change their own behaviour to change this and they’re now very conservative (wearing their all-black or black and grey conservative/funeral clothing) and have mostly abandoned the Rainbow Flag which is essentially owned these days by the breeders/straights. The breeders have taken over most former Queer areas — to the delight of the conservatives including conservative Queers — and the breeders have also hijacked the Rainbow Flag and enjoy making out under it to shove their breeder sexuality in our Queer faces. But no, the conservative Queers who seem to be in the majority seemed to have completely flipped out after gay marriage became legal, with some marrying the opposite gender — which they could have done since Day One — and others remaining single but going back in the closet with their gay shame. They didn’t work through that during the Movement, no? Another chapter in the Century of Insanity. Chau.—el barrio rosa