What happens when you run out of letters?

“I don’t do that alphabet, LGBTQ thing. By the time you get to all of those letters, the parade is over!”—Lea DeLaria

So what happens when you run out of letters? Just keep adding plus signs? They are two questions that mi amigo/my friend asked me which caused me to write this article. Since there are already two Qs in the official acronym. We have already run out of the use of the letter Q. The official acronym is now this mess: LGBTQQICAPF2K+

But before his questions, mi amigo/my friend showed me yet another perceived closet case on U-toob. The guy had the typical left hand wedding ring — which confuses the guy for being straight and with “the wife” — and there were some kid’s animal toys in the background. I said: Well those little toys could be his since they’re on a shelf. Have you seen “the wife and kids?” Mi amigo said: No, not yet. I said, “Well the wedding ring could be that he’s married to a guy.” One could hope. But, the way things are going these days…

We could keep doing the COULD thing. But considering the state of things today, I suspect the guy is one of the millions of closet cases who is Queer and with “the wife and kids.”

Which led me to ask: Why is his wedding ring on the breeder finger if he’s Queer? I guess he wants to be thought of as or confused for being straight? If he’s married to a guy why would he want to be thought of as straight? Is he and his partner both in the closet? More internalised homophobia? Related: Why Queers should wear their wedding rings on their right hand.

So I said in frustration: Why didn’t the corporate-sellout trash at those elitist “LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ++++++++” organisations — particularly at the federal level — tell Queers to wear their wedding rings on their right hand fourth finger so they’re not confused for being straight? I mean, those elitists gave us dictates for everything else we’re supposed to do such as “gay assimilation.” Why no dictate for Queer wedding rings? Per tradition, left hand wedding ring = straight. So Queers want that breeder/straight/heterosexual image about themselves, do they?

Assimilate? I’d like to “assimilate” them, the assholes.

“Assimilate” means to blend in. When a group is told to “blend in” with another group they try to become as much like the other group as possible so as not to stick out. And that is what most Queers have done since they were given the dictate to “assimilate” following gay marriage becoming legal in the non-United States. The Lipstick Lesbians are trying to act and look like straight females (some are even marrying guys to “assimilate”). Gay guys are trying to act and look like Mr Jock Bro, like Mr Straight Guy and some are also marrying chicks to “assimilate” by pretending to be straight, having gone back in the closet.

I can’t stand the corporate sell-out trash at those heteronormative elitist Queer organisations at the federal level — who seem to put the breeders on a pedestal to be modeled after — because they come with this self-appointed sense that they know what’s best for all Queers, or at least Queers of their same income bracket. The corporate sell-out trash at the national level are directly responsible for the death of the Gay Rights Movement and for that damnable “gay assimilation” nonsense which has caused most Queers to go back in the closet from all indications we’ve seen. Any fool should have seen this coming, but not the fucking fools at those elitist Queer organisations. To them I say: FOAD. Do we understand each other? I have no use for any of them with their corporate logo-saturated websites. Chau.—el barrio


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