Lesbians gushing over breeders and their babies. Do they wish they were straight to be like them?

What has happened to lesbians in the age of “assimilation?”

These days lesbians are trying to “look straight” and heteronormative. The same thing that has happened to many gay guys. They’ve abandoned “radical, out and proud” in favour of becoming very conservative, conformist, corporate and have gone back in that unhealthy closet and are now living with the opposite gender living heterosexual lives and living a lie to their sexual orientation. Why, one might ask? Because after gay marriage became legal in the non-United States, the corporatist Queers at those elitist Queer organisations at the federal and state levels in the non-United States — you know the ones — ordered Queers to “assimilate” (blend in) with the breeders. Remember that? Well, I didn’t like the sound of that rubbish when I heard it spoken at Castro and Market in San Francisco by some syrupy woman — why would Queers have to “blend in” just because they’ve been given the right to get married? — because I was as “assimilated” with the fucking breeders as I cared to be since I don’t put breeders up on any fucking pedestal as a model of how to live one’s life considering their high divorce rate and dysfunctional relationships. It’s as if these corporate trash at these wealthy elitist Queer organisations at the federal and state levels — who only “represent” Queers of a certain income bracket — were ashamed and or embarrassed by our Queer radical past and history. But unfortunately, most Queers interpreted “assimilate” to mean: Go back in the closet in order to “blend in” with the straights and try to be “carbon copies” of the breeders. Around that same time, sports bars opened up for Queers. One such obnoxious sports bar opened on Market Street a couple blocks from Castro and Market. Some Queers said at the time: “the Gay Rights Movement ends at this bar.” Absolutely. They were correct; it’s been dead ever since. I think most of these sports bars are now mixed bars or entirely straight including closet cases. The intent of these gay sports bars was so that interested Queers could act like heteronormative, “straight-appearing” macho sports jocks and jock bros and scream and grunt at television screens over their favourite corporate sports team just like the heterosexual (and anti-gay) jock bros. Meanwhile, back in the locker rooms, the wealthy corporate sports team players/jocks were/are making faggot jokes while some teams are having their token “Gay Day” during the year (pre-COVID-19). Just another way for corporate sports teams to exploit Queer$ for their dinero/money with season tickets and the buying of team sports clothing. But Queers fell for all of that in order to “blend in” with the straights to be as mainstream as possible and heteronormative with some (closeted) Queers going along with the straights and laughing at their faggot jokes. Who knew that some Queers were desperate to be mainstream, but only in a closeted “straight” heteronormative sense? It’s as if the Queer so-called “community” flipped out after gay marriage became legal in the non-United States. That’s why I and others say that gay “assimilation” has backfired. Some Queers also adopted kids so they too could be even more like the precious breeders. Many (most?) gay guys instantly became jock bros by putting on a baseball cap. That’s all it takes these days to look like Mr Jock Bro. You don’t need to work out or anything. No, just wear a baseball cap. That’ll do it. And what seemed like overnight, gay guys in San Francisco’s Castro took out their bling earrings — which nearly all guys were wearing — and other piercings and bought a baseball cap to wear. (I think the bling earrings were removed because most straight guys don’t wear earrings, so, in order to be like the straight bros, gay guys put their earrings back in the closet too). With “assimilation,” anything alternative or “rad” looking was now out. Conformist, conservative and corporate are in. Also, around the same time, the overwhelming majority of sex ads on Cra*gslist in the men-seeking-men category were now using the language “discreet bi,” even in The Castro (the former Gay Mecca). So, supposedly most of the guys in the “men-seeking-men” category were no longer gay in San Francisco and the Bay Area. Does anybody honestly believe that? I found the same thing true throughout the US in other major US cities when I researched it. So, almost over night, the “gay community” miraculously became the “discreet bi” (closeted bisexual) community. Gay guys were running from the word gay. By calling oneself “bi” it makes one appear to be more heteronormative and closer to being straight. In reality, human sexuality doesn’t work that way en masse where thousands of gay guys become “bi” almost overnight. But the “discreet bi” language was intended to present the guy as heteronormative and no longer a “faggot” because the guy was now supposedly into girls, tits and pussy. Does anybody believe that? I talked with a few of the guys who responded back to me and not one of them had any interest in females when I tried to get them to talk about their supposed “bi” interests in pussy and tits. They all disappeared. Related: Are most bi guys bi?

But it wasn’t just gay guys who decided to give themselves a heteronormative makeover with the passage of gay marriage and this “assimilation” nonsense. Lesbians abandoned the bull dyke look and turned into Lingerie Lipstick lesbians wearing tall heels, lingerie and with long flowing brown or blond (out of a bottle?) hair trying to look exactly like (anorexic) straight women. Some lesbians have gone back in the closet to “assimilate” and have married or are living with guys supposedly to be a “real woman” and get fucked by dick for the first time. Some Lipstick Lesbians — I’m told — go to straight bars trying to pick up women. Then when a guy hits on them in a straight bar, Ms Lipstick Lesbian gets pissed off. I’ve read comments online from some older lesbians saying that these days they can’t tell who is a lesbian and who is a straight woman because they look the same. Heteronormative. Some lesbians are now in a relationship with a gay guy. They’re living as a “straight couple” to be heteronormative. With both living in the closet, she’s getting dick and he’s getting pussy and tits. Brainwashing himself to like pussy and women? Brainwashing herself to like dick and guys? Insanity. Who knew that so many Queers deep down are so fucked up in the head and desperate with internalised homophobia to be “straight” or heterosexual? Insanity.

I’ve seen the lesbians in my building and their recent behaviour. They’ve turned into syrupy — what I call “drippy pussies” — emotional wrecks after COVID-19 hit. They’ve all had emotional meltdowns and turned to organised religion with its homophobia. The guys in the building haven’t changed at all. Just the emotionally-unstable females. A breeder couple in my building recently had a baby and I watched the lesbians gush over this kid as they celebrated heterosexuality by telling this breeder couple in emails: “What a beautiful family” and “your baby is perfect, and what a perfect name for your child” and signed their email with “Much love.” (roll eyes). Sigh. Honestly people, get a fucking grip. It’s just another baby. Babies are born every day. Nothing new there. (I heard one of the mother’s female friends tell her, “I’m so proud of you.” For having a baby? WTF? One would think that babies are rarely born these days listening to these people.) Back in the day, I never knew any lesbians who had any interest in kids or breeder sexuality or used the language “Much love.” Makes me wonder if these lesbians deep down wish they were straight and could be in a breeder relationship too and pump out babies?

Insanity. You know, a script writer couldn’t make up this shit. And I can’t begin to count the number of Queer closet cases I see in U-toob videos every day. They are usually fucked-up Millennials. (I don’t know what it is about that generation, but they were obviously heavily brainwashed with anti-Queer thinking even though they came along at the height of the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement). But in U-toob videos, there’s the Queer boy sitting there with his left hand wedding ring on. His mannerisms and voice are obviously Queer. Then out comes “the wife and kids” as he pretends to be heterosexual due to internalised homophobia which seems to be at an all-time high these days unfortunately and strongly aided by the political climate in the non-United States led by the Village Idiot. Mi amigo/My friend has pointed these closet cases out to me many times. Pretty much daily.

Can someone remind me again what the (now dead) Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement accomplished? Because I have to say that at this point in time and observing the behaviour I’ve written about here, it seems like damn little was accomplished. There seems to be more closet cases today than ever before in my lifetime. And the frustrating thing is that these days some other Queers rush to defend the closet cases. Insanity. Related: What was the ultimate goal of the Gay Rights Movement?

So this is what gay marriage and “assimilation” did for us, is it? I should point out that obviously there are many same-gender couples that are married to each other and are out of the closet. But I rarely see Queer male couples anymore in San Francisco. I do a double-take when I see them because it’s so unusual to see Queer couples these days. I think: Write that on the calendar and the date. And The Castro is now the Breeder Mecca. Him-tall-dominant and her-short-submissive (they are rarely the same height). Feminism is dead by all indications observing these breeder couples. I do often see two Millennial females walking together, but because they look heteronormative and “straight” I have no idea if they are a Lipstick Lesbian couple or just friends. But what I’ve written here and observed in San Francisco from the thousands and thousands of fucked-up-in-the-head Millennial closet cases — closeted Queer boys and lesbians — who have moved to The City and The Castro (the former Gay Mecca) in recent years and what I’ve seen elsewhere around the world makes one wonder why Queers worked so hard for the right to marry, when in the end many Queers were going to marry the opposite gender. They could have done that from the beginning. Insanity. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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