What is an Obamabot?

UPDATED: El 17 de octubre de 2014. Hola. ¿Qué tal? I’ve used the term “Obamabot” in some previous articles. I thought most people knew what the term meant, but apparently some people don’t, so here is the definition and supporting information:

The Short Answer:
1. A hypocrite
2. A pathetic person without principles
3. A person who stands for nothing but Democratic partisan politics and Democratic party-line
4. An unprincipled person who supports the same policies (or worse) under Obama that they opposed under George W Bush.

The Long Answer:
Obamabots have existed since their messiah began running for La Casa Blanca as a senator. During the first campaign, Obamabots dutifully repeated Ad Nauseam their messiah’s empty marketing slogans of “Hope” and “Change We Can Believe In.” Obamabots abandoned any critical thinking skills as well so as to embrace “Hope.” Well, any fool knows that “Hope is not a strategy.” You need something a bit more credible and viable than that! “Hope” is no different than prayer: a waste of time.

Today, Obamabots seem to have abandoned those empty marketing slogans as of this writing. I haven’t heard that “Hope” and “Change We Can Believe In” bull shit in some time.

But even today, whatever their messiah does is fine with them because it’s about and all about “The Team” and allegiance to “The Team” (meaning the useless, corrupt and corporate misnamed “Democratic” Party and their corporate parasites).

Obamabots, in their partisan-brainwashed minds believe:

Democrat = Good
Republican = Bad

That’s very black and white thinking. Both D and R are pond scum as far as I’m concerned.

Obamabots give unconditional support and allegiance to their messiah no matter what he does—often by making irrational excuses for his policies/actions—even when it’s the same thing or to the “right” of what George W Bush did. But when Bush was illegitimately in office, the Obamabots were the first to rightly criticize and protest (as did I) the same policies under George W Bush. Under Team Obama, Obamabots have raised hypocrisy to an entirely new level and they don’t seem ashamed whatsoever of their blatant hypocrisy. The Idiots. I have nothing but contempt for them, in part, because I can’t stand hypocrites. Just as I couldn’t stand the useless Bush supporters. Both use the same tactics. Again, they stand for nothing but their useless corporatist, pro-war party of mostly millionaires and some (many?) Obamabots send their millionaire politicians dinero/money called “a donation” or “a contribution.” As mi amigo/my friend asked: What fool would send a millionaire dinero if one is not also a millionaire? Meanwhile, these D and R corporate parasites in the cesspool called congress work for their corporate owners. And for those who don’t know, the US congress consists of two bodies: the house (they’re called representatives) and the senate (they’re called senators).

Then there are Obamabots that defend their messiah’s Bush-clone policies by screaming, “But Bush did (such and such)…” I respond: We’re not talking about Bush, Thick One. Can’t you stay on topic? The topic is your messiah. Address his Bush-clone policies, por favor. Of course Republicans do the same thing that the Obamabots do as far as refusing to take ownership and responsibility for their own political parasites’ failed and barbaric policies.

But in reality, Obamabots are no different than the rabid Bush supporters, whom these partisan “Democrats” criticized when Bush was in office. Obamabots are not the brightest people. They are essentially sheeple and feel they must follow the D-partisan herd, even off a cliff. The US Constitution, Bill of Rights, international law mean nothing to the Obamabots except when it’s a Republican in la Casa Blanca. Then it’s an entirely different story.

So in conclusion, Obamabots stand for nothing but saluting and genuflecting to their corporatist messiah and their corporatist, corrupt parasites in the big business “Democratic” war party.

I hope this explanation helps for those who have asked about this. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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