What is meant by “married men?”

Doesn’t “married men” traditionally mean married to females? [Comments enabled for now]

Hola a todos. I was watching a sex video of an exhibitionist guy in New York City. The video was in the gay section of the site and all the keywords were “gay.” But I immediately became confused because I noticed the guy’s left hand wedding ring. So I asked: Is he married to his boyfriend and has his wedding ring is on the wrong hand like most Queers wear their rings? Or is he in the closet and married to a female? Or is he straight but using the gay section of the site and all “gay” keywords? Who the fuck knows! It’s part of the Century of Insanity. One of the commenters picked up on this but in a heteronormative sense. The commenter said that the guy’s behaviour was like “married men.” My reading of that was straight men married to females.

I’ve written about this many times before and nothing is being done about it. What are those elitist pro-Establishment, status-quo Queer organisations doing these days, anything at all? Not that I can tell. From what I’ve seen, most gay couples are wearing their wedding rings on their left hand fourth finger which confuses them for breeders/for being straight. Do they want to be seen as straight? If so, what are they trying to hide? Is it another case of gay shame?

Queer would likely tell me: Our relationships are no different than the straights so that’s why we wear our wedding rings on the same hand and finger as the breeders. My response to that is: Of course Queer couples should have the same rights as breeder couples, but I would hope that your relationships are far superior to that of the dysfunctional, fucked-up breeder couples with all their problems and well-over 50% divorce rate in the non-United States? I mean, what sane and rationale Queer couple wants to be an exact replica of the fucking “mainstream” boring breeders? Who the fuck put them on a damn pedestal to be modeled after? Let’s not be stupid about it and try to emulate every fucking thing the breeder assholes — many of them are anti-Queer — do. Related: They didn’t like the gay kiss, and “Fuck you, homo.”

As I’ve written before, gay marriage is too new historically speaking for most people to know that it even exists and frankly I think most people have completely forgotten that it exists. When I hear a guy say, “I’m married” he never specifies whether he’s married to a man or a woman. It’s implied that he’s straight because of that fucked-up conservative Institution of Marriage in our society, where one is in wedLOCK.

I would suggest that gay wedding bans come with a Rainbow Flag on them, but the Rainbow Flag has been hijacked by the corporatists and the breeders. In San Francisco, the breeders love to make out under Rainbow Flags in The Castro. Some of us think it is their way of saying, “Fuck you faggots, this is our neighbourhood now, we’ve taken over. We’re marking our territory by making out under your flag” to the few gay guys still here. Well breeder fuck heads: You can have The Castro. It’s now pretty much a deserted wasteland of boarded-up store fronts anyway — no matter how many times some politicians rush to call the neighbourhood “vibrant,” especially with the COVID-19 pandemic.

There’s a bit of good new: Although there are a few intelligent and bright Queers out there it seems who don’t want to be a “carbon copy” of the breeders: Mi amigo/my friend told me as I was concluding this article that he saw a Queer boy online with a right hand wedding ring. Ah, he knows. Good for him. Even though it’s not much, I’ll take any good news I can get. Because 99.9% of the time I see left hand wedding rings these days, even when it’s obvious to me that the guy is a Queer boy. So I don’t know if he’s yet another closet case and married to a female or if he is married to his male partner and has his wedding ring on the wrong hand. Who would have thought that Queers couldn’t do something as basic as getting their wedding rings right? Even that heteronormative bitch E**en — who I can’t stand — and who is now chummy with George W Bush (of all people!) has her wedding ring on the left hand. Upon reflection, I would expect that of her frankly. She seems to go out of her way to act so “straight.” If someone saw her and didn’t know who the fuck she is, they’d likely wonder: Where is her husband? I see her left hand wedding ring. Chau.—el barrio rosa

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The image above is that of a married gay male couple wearing their wedding rings on their right hand fourth finger, which removes any doubt or confusion over their sexual orientation. They’re not trying to deceive others into thinking they’re straight by wearing their wedding ring on their left hand — as straight couples do — which is what most people would likely think when the two are not together as a couple. Or even if they were together as a couple, someone could ask: “Where are your wives? I see you’re both wearing wedding rings (on your left hand).” Because traditionally, breeders wear their wedding rings on their left hand fourth finger. And even though Queers see their relationships no differently than that of the breeders — and it should be seen as no differently except it’s probably far less dysfunctional than that of a breeder relationship with their high divorce rate (1 in 4 breeder couples get divorced as of 2017) — the fact is many in our bigoted, prejudiced and homophobic breeder-brainwashed (we are bombarded with images of “him-tall-dominant and her-short-submissive” 24/7, 365) society do see queer relationships/marriages differently. Again (for the thick people), gay marriage is too new historically speaking for most people to even remember that it exists, that it’s now legal in the US, especially when the person opposes gay marriage.

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