What was the ultimate goal of the Gay Rights Movement?

Gay marriage was the ultimate goal, and to be as much like the heterosexuals as possible going beyond having the same rights and freedoms as straights, but no one knew that. I’ve not known anyone who knew that was the ultimate goal. I think that became the ultimate goal after the Movement was hijacked by the corporatists as well as lesbians.

Lesbians moved their fat asses to first place in that “LG…” nonsense. That was very disrespectful to the thousands of gay guys who had led the movement and the work they had done over decades, many of whom had died of HIV/AIDS. Lesbians really knew how to honour the dead, by kicking gay guys to second place and moving themselves to first place in that “LG…” So it went from the original GLB to LGB. Then the T was added, even though trans has nothing to do with gay. Trans is not about same-gender attraction. And I’ve never known any gay guy or lesbian who wanted to change their gender.

Gay marriage was the death of the Gay Rights Movement. My neighbour says that gay marriage ruined everything. I agree. Gay guys from that moment on tried to be exact replicas of heterosexuals — they became sports jocks and began supporting corporate sports teams like straight guys (up until then gay guys had shown little interest in sports) — by wearing expensive corporate sports clothing. Also, by wearing their wedding rings on the same finger as the straights. Was that so they could be confused for being straight? Some closeted gay guys married females to “assimilate”/blend in with the straights. They didn’t need gay marriage to marry a female. They could have done that to begin with!

But yes, gay marriage was the ultimate goal, apparently. Since things have been dead ever since. Even though there are many problems facing gay people, but Gay Inc. and The Gay Agenda only care about gay people of their same income bracket or higher.