“What we must do…” Nobody ever does.

and “Vote as if your life depended on it.” (roll eyes)

On a thoroughly corrupt system where the Electoral College — and not The People — decide the winner? What exactly will that accomplish, plebs?

Hola a todos. This article won’t be the least popular with most people, in part, because people hate the truth when it is spoken about them, especially brainwashed partisans and their cult parties. If I were to write what I’m saying in this article on a site that pretends to be liberal or progressive — when the site is really a front site for the right-wing “Democratic” Party Cult at s-election time — what I have to say here would receive silence and little to no support. After I wrote this article, I did write a comment on one site — as an experiment and I received the expected response/trolling — similar to what I’ve written here and of course the thick and dense people didn’t “get it.” A fake-progressive person trolled me by saying that some state attorney generals and other politicians have addressed the hackable electronic voting machines issues and the troll called me being “daft” for “throwing shade” (roll eyes) on progressives. Well, the truth hurts doesn’t it, regardless of what you call yourself? And in my comment on that site I didn’t say a word about state attorney generals or other politicians. My comment was specifically about the fake-progressives — and no one else — who used to be concerned about this topic. Now, they couldn’t care less about it. And the person bragged about voting on a corrupt and hackable system. Does one participate in known-corruption in other areas of one’s life, Mr/Ms Thick?

Yes, go onto the sites that pretend to be “liberal” or “progressive” — regardless of time of year — and one reads the perfunctory and ubiquitous “What we must do is ….” It’s all hot air, bull shit because in the end nobody does anything other than to sit on their ass on these sites and write more of “What we must do…”

The “Vote as if your life depended on it” is dragged out every s-election cycle on cue. The people who use that tiresome cliché continue to live in denial that the s-election system in the non-United States is corrupt, fraudulent, rigged, and hack-able. See The US Won’t Give Up Its Hackable Wireless Voting Machines. Following the 2000 stolen election, some of these people used to talk about this. But after their messiah — “Hope and Change” Obama — was allowed to serve two terms and greatly expand the neocon agenda of the right-wing illegitimate Bush-Cheney regime — they ceased talking about it. Today, the plebs are back to living in denial of our fraudulent and corrupt s-election system because if they forced themselves to admit this is the reality, all their phony hope and “what we must do” and their delusions about “I count, I matter and my vote counts” would be erased and they would feel helpless. They’re desperate to believe in the same corrupt and fraudulent system that got us to where we are in the first damn place. Insanity. Denial.

Ugh. “Democratic” Party Cultists. They’re also known as the fake-progressives and fake-liberals. They call themselves “progressive” and “liberal” — while they eat dead animals and pretend to care about our environment — but in the end when every s-election cycle comes around they dutifully vote for whatever piece of corporate and imperialistic trash their right-wing “Democratic” Party Cult throws at them. Genuine progressives or genuine liberals would want nothing to do with either right-wing corporate party cult in the non-United States.

And these “What we must do” idiots expose their ignorance of how The System works. For example: They say shit such as “We must vote Pelosi out” or “We must vote Feinstein out.” Who is this “We?” They’re referring to their little group of commenters which can be people from anywhere in the world. The fact is: only the voters of San Francisco can vote Pelosi out, not this royal “We” on a message forum with 60 some people from who knows where. As for Feinstein, only the voters of California can vote her out. And the reality is that Feinstein’s current term doesn’t end until January 2025, and Pelosi always clocks in at 78-82% of the vote regardless of voter turnout according to the San Francisco Department of Elections. The woman doesn’t even campaign here in San Francisco, because she knows she doesn’t need to because she’s has her job as long as she wants it because the “Democratic” Party Cultists will continue to vote for her no matter what she does for the Republicans and or the Führer. So those two ain’t going anywhere any time soon despite all this hot air, “What we must do” rubbish. And this speaks to people’s ignorance of not knowing the system or how it works, yet they think they’re such authorities. They wouldn’t say this shit — or would they? — if they were knowledgeable about our system.

These are the same people who write that childish “drumpf” and “tRump” and other attempts at putting down the constantly fist-pumping Führer en la casa blanca/in the white house. The teenagers across the street from me are more mature than these “Democratic” Party Cultists on these message forums. It’s fine to put the Führer down but rather than using silly, childish, trite and made-up adjectives to describe him, describe him for what he is and wants to be: a fist-pumping Führer, The Mob Boss who is above the law. He’s a childish, immature thug in an over-weight adult body. He’s an international bully. Not this juvenile “drumpf” shit. But I always know a “Democrat” cultist when I see, “drumpf” written in a comment.

So, for the thick people (no shortage of them): There will be between 5 and 68 comments under a political article and these people will be writing, “What we must do is to pack the House and Senate (unspoken: with corporate “Democrats”). Many of these people don’t seem to know how our system works. For example, not all senators are up for re-election at the same time. Duh. About one-third of the Senate is up at any given s-election cycle. So one is not going to “pack the Senate” when only one-third could be “packed” even if “Democrats” won all those seats, which is not going to happen in the real world. What delusional fucks these people are! For example, right-wing Dianne Feinstein’s term as I said earlier is not up until January 2025. Representatives in the House are up for re-election every two years (2018, 2020, for example). The House could be “packed” but of course it won’t be, but these partisan-brainwashed idiots with their rose-coloured glasses — who refuse to look at politics realistically and pragmatically — talk about “packing the House” on odd years when the House is not even up for re-election on odd years. Sigh.

Instead, the status quo will continue.

But the main point I wanted to make about this is that 68 people (with many repeat comments) aren’t going to “pack” anything politically especially when these 68 (or is it really about 50 or less people) are spread all over the country and in other countries. One commenter wrote from Australia. Another commenter was from Deutschland.

I’ve read this “What we must do” pabulum/drivel since 2000 and none of it ever happens in any long term, substantial way. Nothing of vigilance. There are the occasional “flash in the pan” temporary moments which end up being purely symbolic in the end, such as the Black Lives Matter flash-in-the-pan. Then we had the Occupy Movement which was another flash-in-the-pan. Meaningless in the big scheme of things.

And of course what I say they can’t stand to hear — because they don’t want to believe it — which is: It was all over for this country — the non-United States — back in 2000 with that stolen election and subsequent Judicial Coup.

But I’ve learned that “Democrats” rely on grandiose wishful-thinking, delusions and they grab onto anything to try to pump up themselves and their corrupt right-wing politicians (for not doing anything), they engage in delusions, only to look like damn fools after a s-election is over. Most people refuse to see the political reality and seem to think that they can “wish” for what they want. Yes, that approach has worked out splendidly hasn’t it? NOT.

And all of this “What we must do…” really acts more and more like corporations at a corporate meeting. In my past, I’ve spent time occasionally in a few corporate meetings and the person holding the meeting talked about “What we’re going to do.” In the end, none of it ever happened. It was all bull shitting to waste 2-3 hours of the afternoon away. I can’t think of anything that was talked about in these meeting that “we” ever did.

And the reality is: Most people aren’t going to engage in what needs to be done (wink, wink) until they can’t get any food or money. And most people refuse to see what needs to be seen due to their partisan brainwashing. Both parties are like religious cults with their blind devotion to their cult or team.

These are the same “Democrats” who are about to help confirm the current US Supreme Court nominee, as of this writing. Dianne Feinstein served as Barrett’s biggest enabler by the way she held the confirmation hearing. Why didn’t these Democrats protest this more than they did? If it were in reverse, the Republicans would never have allowed the hearings to take place, just like they did during the Obama regime. But the “Democrats,” enjoy serving as door mats for the Republicans to walk over allowed the hearing to go on with insipid and inept Dianne Feinstein leading the hearing. The woman has no legal training what-so-ever. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in History. And the Democrats wonder why they keep losing these battles when they don’t have the proper people — with legal training and a JD degree — in place? Also, why hasn’t Pelosi and Feinstein tried to improve themselves and gotten some legal training? How can they be making laws for a country without any legal training? That’s insane. They’ve spent years in the District of Columbia and both could have studied at Georgetown or George Washington Schools of Law. Both fine law schools. But no, they both sat on their ass in the Congress with no legal training and making laws for millions of people. Insanity.

Also, for most of these cultists, they don’t know — or care about — voting records of their messiah politicians and so forth. There’s so much ignorance with these cultists yet they come off as they’re experts on all matters politically. Also, one can correct one commenter and their disinformation. Then, another commenter comes along less than 30 seconds later repeating the same disinformation/ignorance as the one that had been corrected. It’s as if few people READ and comprehend anything.

So, it all feels rather futile. And this is the dismal state of things in the non-United States as of 2020.

As for the 2020 s-election, as I said when the juvenile man-child fist-pumping Führer took office: He’s not going anywhere unless he dies in office. He does nothing legally and with few, if any, consequences. Most people involved in our political system in the District of Columbia and elsewhere seem absolutely terrified of the fist-pumping Führer. I don’t know why. Despite the phony fist-pumping, this overweight-bloated piece of nazi trash probably couldn’t kill a gnat. It’s just this tough, bully act he puts on for his own stupid-is-in immature cultists.

Oh that’s another thing: the delusional “Democratic” Party cultists envision him being arrested and serving prison time. That’s funny. What fucking delusion-inducing drugs does one have to be on to think that? If any legal actions were forthcoming, they would end up in the US Supreme Court with newly-seat far-right Barrett on the court. End of Story. He’s not going anywhere, especially to any prison, other than to visit one for another photo-op. This is why the “Democratic” Party Cultists have no credibility. Because they’re always dreaming up this delusional, wishful-thinking shit that is never based in reality. Then in the end, they look like the damn fools that they are!

The thing is: these people, these fake-progressive and fake-liberals are supposed to be the most informed and educated on the issues. The best of the bunch. They’re “the best,” huh? Yeah well, I think the notion that they are the best dissipated when these fake-progressives decided to become more like mainstream sheeple, which is what they are. Because if one corrected all the mistakes they write in their comments from their position of willful-ignorance — with few exceptions they don’t even bother to look things up to double-check their accuracy! — it would be a full-time job for anyone. And they’re so delusional with their wishful-thinking. These idiots thought that Kavanaugh was going to be impeached. That has no basis in reality what-so-ever. Many/some of them thought that the Führer was going to be removed from office by impeachment. Yeah, we saw how that turned out didn’t we, you delusional fucks?

Some of these delusional fucks are calling for a general strike should the Führer stay in office illegally. These are the same fools who live in denial that our voting system is fair, honest and legitimate. I’d like to point out the following:

With COVID-19 shelter-in-place health guidelines and restrictions, what businesses are open to begin with where a general strike would have any bearing? In San Francisco, every day looks like a “general strike” because most are working remotely and non-essential offices are just beginning to open with up to 25% capacity. From what I’ve read locally, most office workers will not return to the office any time soon in San Francisco. And a general strike – demonstrations in the streets – will be another COVID super-spreader event for those who refuse to follow the health guidelines. Our confirmed case numbers are now rising in San Francisco with the gradual re-opening as COVID rates spike across the EU. As I’ve said umpteen times, I don’t see the Führer going anywhere, no matter how many general strikes take place. Pre-COVID, when a general strike was called, most people went to work. The “progressive” movement is now dead (if it wasn’t before!) – for at least the next 40 years – with this new far-right fascist US Supreme Court with their agenda, since they run our lives. The so-called “progressives” certainly don’t run our lives.

Bottom Line: The fake-progressives of today are a shell of what they used to be. And they can’t stand to hear the truth spoken about themselves. Someone accused me of “throwing shade on progressives.” Forget the “shade” shit. These days, I can’t stand the (fake) progressives any more than I can stand the cultists of the Führer. In reality, there are probably only a handful of genuine progressives worldwide. They are both cultists worshipping their own right-wing and imperialistic party/cult. Chau.—el barrio rosa