When suddenly tr*mp is declared the “winner.”

Hola a todos. Isn’t it interesting that the orange international thug and bully never gets sick from COVID-19 (nor do the other trash around him get sick). Do they have some “immunity” to coronavirus? These are among the most scum-of-the-Earth “people” on the planet. The lowest of lows. Maybe this virus avoid the most septic people among us, although it infected the British PM. Over the months we have seen the orange thug touch, hug, hand-shake, kiss and talk right up to each other’s maskless face. Irresponsibly, if not criminally, he’s encouraged COVID-19 super-spreader events such as his white supremacist cult rallies for his stupid-is-in cultists. No masks. No social-distancing. One ugly puss right up against another. But the orange thug and the trash around him never get sick. I wonder why that is? Does anyone else find this most curious? One wonders if The Vaccine isn’t already out and he and the trash around him were the first recipients along with some other world politicians who seem to be COVID-19 immune, and that the orange thug is using this pandemic to thin out the poor people of the world, which would put more money into his pockets. His god is dinero/money and that’s all he thinks about 24/7, 365.

The best vaccine against COVID-19 is wearing a face covering when leaving your home, covering both your mouth and nose. Rightly so, many people don’t trust any vaccine coming out of this heinous and despicable regime, especially one that shows up as an “October Surprise.” Despite what the orange moron says — who lives with delusions that he knows more than any scientists or the medical specialists — from what I’ve heard, the earliest that a credible vaccine will be available is a year away, in the Fall of 2021.

As far as voting, we have a major problem in the non-United States that we’ve had since democracy died in the non-United States with the stolen “election” of 2000 and illegitimate George W Bush subsequently being selected by the US Supreme Court. So for those who say, “Our democracy is at stake in this ‘election.'” That’s rubbish. Our democracy died 20 years ago. Facts facts. And in our national “election” The People don’t directly elect the executive branch. The Electoral College does that. How is that democracy when the candidate who gets the most votes is not the person who gets the job? Insanity. Our voting system in the non-United States is corrupt, fraudulent, hackable and easily-manipulated. But no one wants to talk about it. Most people like to deny this is a problem. Most people like to pretend that everything is just fine and our “election” system is fair, honest and legitimate. Mass Denial. And it looks like voting by USPS has been sabotaged by the orange loser as well. So as we’ve seen on previous “election” nights, about 9PM West Coast time, there will be a sudden black-out with no new information coming from the corporate networks for 45 minutes to 2 hours. Then, when the networks return with “election” results, miraculously, the orange thug is winning from then on. We saw this with Bernie Sanders in the primary where he was leading and predicted to win. Then suddenly it reversed.

So what are people going to do when suddenly the international thug and bully asshole is declared the “winner”?????” One’s denial will not protect one. I can hear some people say: I don’t want to hear that. Don’t tell me this. You’re spoiling my fun. My response: But why live in denial? How is that being a responsible citizen? Will your denial ultimately protect you or will you be disappointed once again? It seems to me that the intelligent, rationale and sane person would prepare for this outcome as best they can. What does denial accomplish? Just temporary feel-good moments until the reality sets in? Then what do you do? Get on your partisan websites and write more wishful-thinking, delusional drivel for the next 4 years about what you want to believe your useless, tr*mp-enabling Ds are doing do in the next term, most of which none of it will ever happen. That’s the way you usually operate every “election” cycle: I’ve learned that denial, delusions and wishful-thinking are the 3 requirements for being a “Democrat.” Most people refuse to learn from the past “elections.” (Disclaimer: I’m nonpartisan. I don’t belong to either corporatist, war-mongering, imperialistic, tr*mp-enabling political cult).

At this point, some useless “Democratic” politician (perhaps Nancy Pelosi, the D-cult member’s messiah figure) will likely come out and spew the tiresome, unrealistic and predictably, “We need to come together and have a healing (roll eyes), and we look forward to working with him for another four, eight, twelve, sixteen plus years — however long the dictator wants to be in power — in good bipartisanship fashion.” Translation: We’ll give him most of what he wants as we (Ds) did during his first term while we charade as an “opposition party.” Chau.—el barrio rosa