When you’re still having fun, that marriage stuff is nothing to mess with.

The closet cases with wives over-breed to prove they’re supposedly straight. Many people fall for it. They say, “He’s definitely straight because he has 12 kids.

Hola a todos. I was lying in bed thinking about the state of things today. (enero/January 2021). In this case it had to do with the non-existent Queer so-called “Community.”

As I’ve written countless times, there is absolutely no sense or feel of community among Queers these days. It’s dead, and has been dead since gay marriage became legal. That was the death of our Movement.

So, lying in bed, I was thinking: What visibly do I see these days of any Queer so-called “Community” anywhere? Mi amigo said that today in San Francisco’s Castro there were a few Queer boys walking around — what few are still around here — but only occasionally, versus every 2-3 seconds as it was during the Gay Mecca decades. But today there were also children, dogs, black baby strollers and “him and her” breeders — which one never saw in the Gay Mecca decades — where he has to be tall and she has to be short. Whereas gay couples are the same height in most cases. They don’t have this extreme him-tall/her-short head trip.

All I see for the most part are some Lipstick Lesbians. They are the heteronormative lesbians trying to look like straight women with long flowing blond (out of a bottle) or brown hair and wearing lingerie with spiked heels. They look the opposite of the dyke lesbians of the Gay Mecca decades. The Lipstick Lesbians are terrified of colour and wear black and grey. All set for a funeral. That’s about all I see. So our Movement worked decades for lesbians to be like straight women, did it? What happened to all the gay guys? Well they’re back in the closet from all indications, many living straight lives. Gee, our Movement was really successful wasn’t it that it led to all this?

The new name for U-Toob should be Closet Cases Anonymous

Mi amigo/My friend watches production videos on U-toob, and every day he sees closet case gay guys. I swear, they should just rename U-toob and call it Closet Cases Anonymous, since that’s mostly all we see on there. Gay guys pretending to be straight. Back in the closet or they never came out to begin with. Man, our Gay Rights Movement accomplished so much! [sarcasm intended] And with these closet cases it’s always the same story line.

In the most recent video he watched, it was the closet case guy’s final video because Mr Closet Case had met a female awhile back and they moved in together. They now have a baby and she says to him — as these females always do — his beard has to go as well as his video studio. She demands all his time and attention now to “help take care of the baby.” He has become what’s called A Womanised Guy. And she has now “tamed” her guy and she comes with a river of tears — the waterworks — at the ready to manipulate him into giving her what she demands, along with endless arguing and her screaming at him where the whole neighbourhood can hear her. (Just like the straight couple in my building. She womanised him as well. He’s looking very beaten-down these days as if he’s exhausted from their “relationship” and the baby.)

*Frankly, I’d tell her to fuck off and I’ll do what I damn well please as I was doing before her invasion. Do we understand each other? I don’t have the patience for women/people like that.

Of course, he’s willingly going along with this shit because she’s already trapped him with a baby. Well, he trapped himself as well because he was dumb and didn’t have the sense to know that you don’t cum in pussy unless you want to deal with the possible consequences: 18+ years of commitment.

It’s his fault that he refuses to honour his genuine Queer sexual orientation from a position of internalised homophobia and gay shame. And this will gnaw at him until he dumps her and finds a guy he’s compatible with whilst he’s living in that unhealthy closet. Living in the closet greatly ages a guy.

Mi amigo and I both read this guy as Queer. No doubt.

Mi amigo asked: Why do these guys let this happen? Well, it’s because they’re following society’s 24/7 heteronormative brainwashed Family Script, which can vary slightly between families.

Whilst growing up, mi amigo was asked: “How many girlfriends do you have?” on the odd occasion, but rarely from his parents. So he was not bombarded with it, other than from his siblings. I was never asked that by my parents or friends. Other guys are pounded with it. So to please mommy and daddy and friends these guys cave to the pressure.

The closet case in the video said that his wife said that his beard was now grey and looking a little haggered — has she looked in the mirror at her own appearance? — and it was time for his beard to go. Why? His beard was part of the person she originally met and supposedly fell in love with. But being a subservient closet case, he ate her upper colon and his beard is gone. I thought that most females liked to be eaten out by guys with beards, no? I would have told her: No, it’s time for YOU to go. I don’t need you to give me a make-over. You’re looking a little haggered as well. And what about this smelly thing down here? When was the last time you cleaned that out, yet you expect me to eat it out? Supposedly this woman liked the guy she first met. And then proceeded to change him into something completely different than who he was. This story has repeated itself for generations. Then you wonder why the breeder divorce rate is over 50% in the first year in the non-United States. But that’s what breeder brainwashing does. Now, he’s locked in for roughly 20 years with a kid and or child support payments — if they get a divorce — and if he stays with her, her long list of what he can’t do. She says, “It’s time for the family, it’s time for you to grow up and shower me with money and gifts.” FUCK OFF, BITCH! is what I would tell her.

Queer couples — from my experience — don’t operate like this. They are much more mature and secure in their relationships. With few exceptions, they don’t try to change each other into the person they wanted. They don’t try to get each other to abandon hobbies and other things they enjoy in their lives. They accept each other for who and what they are. That’s supposedly why they originally liked each other and fell in love with each other. But with the straights, it seems to be the opposite: Her head trip is to find any guy and then — after she wedLOCKS him in with a kid or two or three — give him a make-over in his personality, in his hobbies and his characteristics and remake him into the fictional character that she has in her fucking head of what her guy should be like in her fictional utopian world. And since he’s a closet case, to prove how “straight” he is, he thinks he needs to pump out a busload of kids. That ought to convince people that he’s heterosexual, don’t you think? No, not really, only with the most naïve people. Because pussy is just another hole that any closeted gay guy can cum in, whilst he’s thinking about that hot guy or guys he saw earlier in the day whilst fucking her.

Women! Why would anyone get messed up with a woman?

“As for a relationship with a female, let’s not expose ourselves to malaria any sooner than we have to!”—Connelly/Mosher (two straight guys)

Chau.—el barrio rosa