Who is still using Facetweet?

El 1 de febrero de 2014. Hola. The sheeple worldwide are so easily manipulated by corporate media and by corporate advertising. The Tech Surveillance-State Industrial Complex has talked them into going backwards, but I’ll get to that later.

Advertising has no effect on me. I tune it out. I’m turned off by ads, especially corporate ads. I give no attention to ads on other sites. I put the “ads” (so to speak) on this site, although I don’t really consider them “ads” per se. We have no auto-generated predatory Google ads on this site (remember when Google had a good reputation?). We promote DeanJohnsonFineArt on pink barrio. He is a small, local, San Francisco artist and we give links directly to his store and his work for people to buy his items, such as the ones on this page. His items always add nice colour to the page. On other sites, when I see ads I look away from the ad. Even when there’s an ad playing at the beginning of a UTube video—how tacky; can Google ruin that site anymore than they have?—I look away the entire time the ad is playing. And if I look up too quickly when an ad is playing and happen to see what the ad is for, I think to myself: Don’t buy that! Not that I had any intention of doing so to begin with. Ads have the opposite effect on me that they have on the easily-manipulated sheeple. I’ve only clicked on a few ads the entire time I’ve been on the internet and that was by accident where my cursor had somehow got over on the ad on the right side of the page and I clicked on the ad thinking I was somewhere else on the page.

I say all that because I guess the sheeple like making dinero/money for millionaires and billionaires because that’s what the suckers are doing. Maybe most of these gullible suckers who click on (corporate) ads live with grand delusions that one day they will be a millionaire or billionaire too.

Regardless, what stupid-assed people would be helping corporate Facebook and Google by clicking on their ads after all that has been written about and said about both of a negative nature, including predatory and data-ming FB? Why the fuck is anyone still on that thing? What is wrong with people? Are people that lonely and void of social skills that the only way they know how to “communicate” (so to speak) with anyone is by typing with their thumbs on their thumb box? What pathetic people!

The reason this comes up at this time is because a couple of days ago I read “Facebook revenue surges 63% on strong ad sales.” Suckers! Apparently no one who uses FB is the least bit concerned about being data-mined, since people are clicking on ads on the thing. Ugh. (Sigh.)

Someone wrote this comment on a message forum regarding this topic and I’ve changed their comment slightly for copyright reasons, but kept the original intent:

“When will the sheep realise that Mark Zukerbergs’s profits depend on gullible/stupid/idiotic people giving their personal details for free? This guy then sells this information for a profit. That’s how FB works. In other words, FB depends on a global community of idiots for its existence, because without which it wouldn’t be worth a penny.”

I agree. That person understands what’s going on. But the sheeple, as usual, are clueless and seemingly addicted to FB and don’t care that they’re addicted. I suspect most wouldn’t care if you told them. They would say in their brain dead style, “I’m like whatever, like.”

Not that I’ve ever had any respect for the CEO of FB, but that niño/kid/boy completely turned me off when he went to Italia/Italy and the arrogant piece went into restaurants to eat and didn’t have the courtesy or politeness to leave a tip. What rude and tacky behaviour from some jerk that has billions. Of course, as usual, there were suckers rushing to defend him. (Related: Mark Zuckerberg Spent $40 Bucks On Lunch In Rome And Left No Tip).

I (and others) have written about how this tech nonsense/this tech addiction is completely ruining the San Francisco that the city has long had an international reputation for being. That city is very quickly vanishing because of rampant gentrification in major part from the Tech Surveillance-State Industrial Complex and the corporate welfare the techie companies based in San Francisco receive from the city, as well as the parasitic Real Estate Industrial Complex and their Corrupt Liars fueling the housing bubble and causing affordable housing rental units to soar to outrageous prices in San Francisco.


Our society is very tech-driven and I understand that. The internet is a very good thing, although these days, in my opinion and the opinion of others, the internet is not what it was. It’s not as good as it was. To me and others it feels like the internet is dying. The problem is people’s addiction to gadgets and apps. People have gone backwards even though they probably think they have gone forward. They have gone from using full-sized screens (PCs, etc) and full-sized PC keyboards to these little toys called gadgets or “smartphones” (what an oxymoron!) with these tiny screens that the gadget-addicted user has to hunch over and squint at for hours in their hand and work the hell out of their thumbs in order to type on the thing and endlessly scroll through sex profiles (that’s what I see most people flipping through; nude sex pics). There’s nothing wrong with nude sex pics (that’s not the point), but one can see a lot more and a lot more detail of a sex pic on a PC screen than on some tiny little screen in one’s hand. Or instead of typing with your thumbs on your thumb box, just call the person on the phone and talk with them. That’s social and being social. These so-called “social media networks” are very anti-social despite the Owellian description they give themselves. There’s is nothing “social” about typing with your thumbs to somebody. Talking with someone even on a phone is social. And it’s interesting and sad to watch this addiction: I see people balancing their cigarette addiction and their gadget addiction. Often the gadget addiction is the stronger addiction.

Get off the gadget and stop buying useless apps sold by companies of the Tech Surveillance-State Industrial Complex

Especially if you live in San Francisco where the Tech Surveillance-State Industrial Complex is ruining this city. Although the corporatists and the super-wealthy conservatives love what is happening to San Francisco. They are delighted. It’s a wet dream come true for them. They have wanted this for years. A conservative take-over of San Francisco posing and charading as “moderates.” San Francisco is becoming a city for the wealthy and losing its ethnic diversity due to rampant evictions of long-term residents. San Francisco is very quickly becoming a corporatist city and many people are now very proud of that. We used to be known for being an “alternative” and Bohemian city, but these days it seems that many (if not most) people want nothing to do with either any longer. They are corporatists and proud of it. Chau.—rosa barrio


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