Why are Democrats so afraid of the orange thug?

Hola a todos. I just made the mistake of listening to California Governor Gavin Newsom try to explain climate change to the orange thug (the current white house occupant) who doesn’t believe in climate change. And it doesn’t matter “how many times to Sunday” climate change is explained to the orange thug, no one is going to get through to him because he doesn’t believe in science of any kind. For people like that — mindless people with few if any thought processes in their head — it’s just easier that way. (Then why does the orange thug go to Walter Reed Medical Center since he doesn’t believe in science of any kind? So they can tell him what he wants to hear; they know to do that: “He’s perfectly healthy.” Overly-obese = healthy).

Newson explained the California’s position on climate change and while doing so he said, “We, HUMBLY….” HUMBLY? Why are you humbled before a fucking thug, Newsom? Why are you humbled before a fucking asshole who may later get on twe**er and write 30 comments trolling you and the people in California? Why are you humbled before the international bully who terrorises the world every day? That’s it. The use of the word “humbly” did it for me. Off you go, Newsom. I couldn’t listen to anymore. I refuse to listen to anyone who eats the ass of this piece of nazi trash. The orange thug would never use the word “humbly” when talking with Newsom or anyone else, so why do these bent-over, mealy-mouth, timid, weak “Democrats” use such language when talking to the orange thug? And we’ve seen this repeatedly.

The Democrats are terrified of the orange thug. What’s my blood pressure now? I asked the television: Why is Newsom trying to eat that piece of trash’s nasty ass? And that’s what I’ve come to expect from bent-over, mealy-mouthed, afraid-to-offend anyone, terrified-of-the-orange-thug “Democrats.”

No state official should have showed up to meet this piece of trash at the airport. Nor should have any media outlet covered his visit. He deserves no respect what-so-ever. This was merely some photo-op nonsense for his endless campaigning. And if it were reversed and a “Democrat” was coming to a Republican state, we would have seen a very different scenario. But the “Democrats” treat this guy like he’s a king or something. They’re absolutely terrified of him. They get in line to eat his big ass every time. FO.

Mi amigo/My friend was equally irate about this. He said: What’s infuriating that there are millions of people who still believe in and mindlessly follow the orange thug, and that the opposition is so dead. The “Democrats” seem to be concerned about unimportant — in the big scheme of things — things, when they let this thug destroy the country and the world (including USPS) and our corrupt voting system in the non-United States. The bent over “Democrats” who enjoy serving as a door mat for the orange thug to walk on do nothing about it and are silent about it. The “Democrats” deserve nothing. And the D-cultists are constantly say, “Vote Blue” ignore all this. They don’t care what their cult does. They remain devout cultists no matter what their “team” does. That’s the definition of a cult mentality. Chau.—el barrio rosa