Isn’t “actress” outdated?

Hola a todos. Is it coincidental or a new policy? Just as I was writing this, the English language network, Deutsche Welle TV – Berlin, (that’s the capital of Deutschland for the stupid people) was interviewing females from the theatre and the network referred to them all as actors. Excellent! Not “actress.”

Even though many things are going backwards to the way they used to be — think the 1950s and before — before what’s known as, “politically-correct language” was used, a few people still use the more updated and gender-neutral language because it makes sense.

In restaurants, the word server replaced the outdated and gender-designated words “waiter” and “waitress.” Although some people still use them, refusing to use the word server, or they remain ignorant of the change. Question: Why do females need a “tress” on the end of their word? What is that about? Anyone ever thought of that? Is “tress” supposed to indicate a delicate, submissive, dainty, little feminine, subservient female? Flight attendant replaced “steward” and “stewardess.” I could list a few more examples, but hopefully one has the idea.

Yet in the acting world here in 2022, female actors are still called “actress” by many outdated people and conservative corporate networks. Why? Because it’s one of many silly traditions remaining and man, our society has no shortage of silly traditions. Although I’ve noticed that some females reject the sexist “actress” word. They call themselves actors. Actors should be the word for both genders. The superb British actor, Patricia Routledge — best known for her role as Hyacinth in the British comedy “Keeping Up Appearances” — is one female who refers to herself as an actor. Although I expect to continue to read “actress” from the conservatives and traditionalist publications such as the BBC. They are slow to change anything. Conservatives are notoriously adamant about using the outdated language they’ve always used and brainwashed to use, in part, because it would require them to make changes in their own behaviour/language which they’re not about to do, so they will defend to their death outdated and sexist language.

Male and female conductors are called conductors. The female conductor is not called a conductress (LOL), fortunately. Although I suspect some outdated fossils continue to refer to female First and Second Concertmasters as “Concertmistress.” (Roll eyes). Oh pathetic people! The principals of each section of an orchestra regardless of gender are called principal. The female principal flautist, for example, is not called a principaltress. Do you see how silly all this outdated stuff is?

It’s like trying to get people to use the word international instead of the pejorative word foreign. Not going to do it. Such as international policy instead of “foreign policy.” Airports are called international airports — San Francisco International Airport; not San Francisco Foreign Airport — so why aren’t people referred to as internationals rather than the pejorative word “foreigners” which makes people sound like they’re from another planet and not welcome here. Ugh. In airports, the terminal is called International Arrivals (see image below), not Foreign Arrivals. The “Foreign Minister” in governments should be called The International Minister, meaning they deal with international affairs. A friend of mine told me, “You’re several generations ahead of your time if you have any hope of any of that changing, even though I completely agree with you.” Yeah, the Dean of the Conservatory where I trained told me the same thing when I was enquiring about changing something there. Below you will see a terminal for International Arrivals, not Foreign Arrivals:

Ministers urge Heathrow to dedicate terminal for 'red list' arrivals | Heathrow  airport | The Guardian

But many things are going back to the way they used to be and in some cases led by the fake-progressives. Years ago, genuine progressives led the way with the updated language. These days? Ha! The fake-progressives are using the same language as the far-right/conservatives, and defending that in many cases. I know because I’ve had arguments with them on occasion in the past on so-called “progressive” political sites. I don’t bother anymore because I learned it’s a waste of my time. One cannot fix stupid, so don’t waste one’s time trying. And these days, people call themselves anything — such as a “progressive” or “liberal” — and it doesn’t have to have any basis in reality. When I see the word “progressive” in someone’s screen name, these days I automatically assume the person isn’t one from personal experience with the fake-progressives. I think there are about 5 genuine progressives worldwide, to be honest.

Now that DW-TV is referring to females as actors — let’s hope it wasn’t a one-time thing — when can we expect conservative France 24 and other networks to catch up to 2022? (I’m not holding my breath).