Why can’t people say what they are?

Have you noticed that practically no one can say what they are anymore, particularly in articles? Writers can’t say, “He’s gay.” Or “He’s bi.” They have to write, “He identifies as gay.” [SCREAM!] So what does “He identifies as gay” mean? Does that mean that he’s really straight or bi but prefers to be seen as gay? How will he “identify” next week? As a fire hydrant? A person can change how they “identify” as quickly as the wind changes directions.

With this new identifying rubbish, people can make it up as they go. It’s not about being who you are or being something anymore. It’s now about “identifying.” Such as “I’m really a baker but I identify as a architect, even though I know nothing about architecture. With ‘identifying’ that doesn’t matter.” One can “identify” as anything.

Someone who “identifies as gay” has one foot in the closet and is trying to sanitise their sexuality by “identifying,” rather than having the courage to say “I’M GAY.” Why is “I’m GAY” so difficult to say? Why is that so forbidden today in favour of “I identify as gay.” By saying “I’m gay,” there is no need to “identify” as anything. Be who you are rather than try to “identify” as something that you’re not. This is insanity.

So what idiots started this “identifying” shit? I’ll get to that in a moment.

On television just now, the speaker said, “He identifies as asexual.” Why didn’t the speaker say, “He’s asexual?” He doesn’t need to “identify as asexual.” All of this stuff is really insane.

A guy might say, “I identify as gay,” but I’m really not gay. I’m somewhere in between bi and straight. Fine, then choose the one that is closest to what you are and say, “I’m straight” if that’s the closest. No need to “identify.” Nobody needs that extra step. Just fucking say what you are.

Again, what idiots started this “identifying” rubbish? Where people can’t say what they are or what they do but instead they have to explain it by how they “identify.”

So who started this nonsense? The corporate trash who created The Gay Agenda started this nonsense in case you’re wondering. “Identifying” is part of The Gay Agenda‘s insanity. I didn’t realise there was a (corporate-speak) Gay Agenda until recently.

Last week I read an article that said, “He identifies as a tea drinker.” They couldn’t just say that “He drinks tea?” No, these days, people prefer to use all of these needless and extra words for saying the most basic thing.

To me, someone who says “I identify as gay” has one foot in the closet because by “identifying” it’s a more impersonal, distanced, and less straight-forward way of being who you really are. Whereas “I’m gay” is right out there, nothing mysterious, distanced, or unknown about that. But “identifying” is a more closeted way of being gay and it’s promoted by The Gay Agenda. So The Gay Agenda promotes closet cases here in the Century of Insanity.

The Gay Agenda has really fucked things up since gay marriage became legal. That was the end, the death of the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement. And human sexuality has been completely fucked up ever since because of these people. The corporatist trash who created The Gay Agenda killed their own movement. They should all lose their jobs. The basura.