Why did Queers fall for the conservative Institution of Marriage?

Well, it was after they became conservatives I believe. Queer went from “proudly radical” to conservative for some reason. Or was that the beginning of mass insanity? Of course Queers should have the same rights as breeders, but why emulate the breeders with their high divorce rate and dysfunctional relationships? I remember reading that Lily Tomlin said she wished that Queers could have come up with something better than marriage or wedLOCK. Yes, one would think they would have but even if they had I suspect the heteronormative, corporatist and conservative trash who hijacked and killed our Movement would have made the conservative Institution of Marriage their priority. It’s as if the heteronormative trash that ruined our Movement really wanted to be straight and be exact replicas of the breeders.

Marriage does not equate commitment necessarily. The couples I know with the highest level of commitment are not married.

I’m not hot on marriage to begin with because I’ve seen marriage ruin relationships. Marriage is nothing but a legal arrangement. Marriage has nothing to do with love. It binds two people, locks them in (wedlock). Sort of like owning a home versus renting.

Take this couple I know. He’s a Queer guy but in the closet and he recently married this chick he’d known for a relatively short time. She’s completely changed him and he’s too stupid to realise that. Now they have a kid and from what I overheard him tell someone, I would guess that a divorce is coming sometime in 2021. The “happy married couple” work together at home, they argue loudly over “who’s turn it is to take care of the baby.” The entire neighbourhood gets to partake in their dysfunctional relationship. Why is it someone’s turn? If someone loves the child they wouldn’t be arguing over taking care of their child. They would automatically want to. Is this another unwanted child because of stupidity? I hope that fuck was worth it dude! And based on the high-pitched screaming she was heard giving to “hubby,” I’d say they’re on the verge of a divorce. Child support payments and all. Just because this female changed the guy to the way she wants him — females are notorious for doing that to guys — and turned him into “The Family Man” which he was not to begin with at all. He was a sports bar type guy who liked hanging out with the bros. That’s all gone. And there are millions of other straight couples and guys like this in the world.

If all of this wasn’t bad enough, then Queers are wearing their wedding rings on the same finger as the breeders (left hand fourth finger) so they can be confused for being straight. Does a gay guy want people to think he’s married to a woman? If so, that sounds like a case of some internalised homophobia. If he doesn’t, why wear the wedding ring on the “straight” finger. Move that wedding ring to the right hand fourth finger or some other finger. Gay Marriage is new historically speaking for most people to even remember that Queers can get married, and these days I rarely hear anything about it.

There’s a reason why wedding rings are found in waterways all over the world. They are tossed off because the guy can’t stand the bitch anymore. Chau.—el barrio rosa