Why do gay guys refer to “my husband?”

The words “husband” and “wife” are directly from the straight Male Patriarchy Conservative tradition of breeder marriage. So why would Queers choose to adopt and use something like that? Or has nobody ever considered this? (Other than myself and mi amigo/my friend). After our Queer Rights Movement got hijacked by corporations and conservative heteronormative Queers — pretending to be “liberal” or “progressive?” — our Movement was destroyed by these basura. (Related: My lesbian neighbour: Gay Marriage has backfired).

Answer: Because Queers want their relationships to be seen as equal to and exact replicas of the breeders. But why put the breeders and their relationships up on a pedestal to be modeled after? Considering that Queer male relationships are superior to straight relationships. Related: Gay relationships benefit for being the very thing straight relationships are not: a union of two people of the same gender.

The problem with this thinking is: Why would anyone want to be like the dysfunctional, argumentative breeders with their high divorce rate? What has happened to my fellow Queers? Well, they’ve become very conformist, corporate and conservative, despite what they call themselves. There’s certainly nothing “rad” about most Queers these days, especially the heteronormative married Queer couples.

One would think that Queers would strive for something better than the Breeder Script “Family-Values” (ugh) Playbook. Queers of the early Queer Rights Movement did strive for something better. And getting married was not one of our concerns. In those days, Queers were not heteronormative. But at some point, our Movement was unfortunately hijacked by the heteronormative corporatists and lesbians and we ended up with stuff from a very conservative institution.

If you go by what the history of what traditional marriage is and has been, why would Queers want to get involved in all that? Such as their over 50% divorce rate in the first year.

So in gay male relationships, how can they both be the “husband?” And why would either guy want to be referred to as “husband” when that word is from the heteronormative “husband and wife” conservative tradition? Again, WTF has happened to my fellow Queers? Since gay marriage became legal, we’ve seen a complete adoption of the heteronormative Straight Playbook by most Queers, from all indications. I just never knew that most Queers wanted to be “carbon copies” of the fucked up breeders. That’s news to me.

Partner or boyfriend is a much better word to use. I’m just not hot on using anything that the breeders use from their conservative Institution of MarriageTM script. Chau.—el barrio rosa