Why do “him and her” always have to hold hands?

What is their insecurity? Is it to show that desperate her finally trapped a man? The only man she could find — and he’s gay and in the closet in some cases! — who would give her the attention she demands and craves 24/7, 7 days a week? If two guys hold hands, gasp, oh my god Stop it!

First, speaking about that, an amigo of mine told me that when he was in the 5th or 6th grade, he held hands with his friend (another guy). They held hands when they were playing in the woods where no one would notice. They did a lot of touching with each other helping each other climb trees. One day, he and his friend were walking down the street holding hands and they were viciously harassed. When they had to ride the school bus the next day, all the students had heard about it and viciously harassed them on the school bus for weeks for doing that. They had to go through a couple of fist fights on the school bus as well because of being seen walking on the sidewalk holding hands. WTF is wrong with two guys holding hands? Two guys can have as much “passion” for each other as the perfunctory and ubiquitous “him and her” couple. From that time on, he and his friend never held hands again.

I was sorry to hear that. And one of the guys committed suicide not long after that.

I suppose some people would tell me that “him and her” hold hands to show that they’re so in love with each other.” (roll eyes) Yeah right. While she’s screaming at him because he forgot to charge her fucking phone. (I’d tell her: Charge your own damn phone, bitch! Do we understand each other?) If they’re allegedly so in love with each other, they sure don’t look like it. Maybe that’s the phony impression it’s supposed to give, but with the permanent snarl on both of their faces seething with friction between them, their faces don’t show that they’re “so in love.” It looks more like they’re already at the point where they can’t stand each other and are just “going through the motions” as they’ve been brainwashed to do by our heteronormative society where they’ve been brainwashed that “guys and girls are supposed to hold hands whether they like it or not.” (roll eyes)

Is she that fucking insecure in their relationship that he has to constantly hold that needy bitch’s hand in public like she’s a little child? And is that what that him-tall-dominant and her-short-submissive head trip is about? Whereas most Queer couples are the same height. They don’t have this tall-short head trip.

In the 1800s, did guys hold hands with chicks? I don’t know. Or did this ludicrous fad start later? It’s a bit hard to hold hands when you’re riding horses. I see some breeder couples only hold hands when crossing the street as if he’s holding her little hand like a child crossing the street. Sometime she looks afraid while crossing “that big, bad street, please protect me, daddy.” She’s in her 20s or 30s and is afraid of crossing the fucking street? Get some therapy, bitch. Most Queer couples don’t demand that their hand be held to guarantee sex later on.

Then there are the needy chicks who have to crawl up on her guy’s shoulders — her knees on his shoulders — like she’s a toddler and ride him piggy back. (roll eyes) That’s a must. One sees this particularly in some corporate commercials. Is that so he can prove that he’s “a man” and can “lift the chick?” Clearly feminism is dead by the childish and subservient-to-the-man behaviour of so many females these days.

A straight friend of mine told me that he thinks it’s to show to the public that she is taken but as he said, “Who the fuck cares that she’s taken?” He also said he thought it was (as I’ve written about before) entrance rights into that pussy. In other words, the guy ain’t getting any smelly, tangy and slimy pussy if he does not hold Ms Needy’s hand in public to let everyone know that she finally trapped a guy, even if the guy is a closeted gay guy in some cases. In some cases, she knows deep down that the guy is gay but she’s okay with that. Although she’ll rib him/reprimand him with her elbow when she catches him checking out guys because she thinks he’s only supposed to look at her. Very outdated thinking. She seems to think she can control her guy’s sexuality. As she sees it, at least she’s “trapped a guy” and it’s his problem that he’s living a lie in the closet and “going through the motions” of being into her. At least she’s getting the dick even when he’s thinking about guys when fucking her smelly, rank, slimy poontang. Yes, each time he fucks her he thinks about that hot guy he saw earlier in the day or in a porn video and with a lot of imagination — well frankly it takes a whole lot of imagination to be quite honest — he pretends she is that guy.

In other instances, there’s the gay guy trying to be Mr Straight Jock so he brainwashes himself to be into pussy “I’m a real man” and he thinks that people will be convinced that he’s straight by the more breeding he does, the more times he gets her pregnant. So a closet case living “the straight life” can have a busloads of kids and the gullible public will fall for that and say “Oh he’s definitely straight….look at all the kids he has.” What gullible and naïve people.

Some Queer couples — gay guys or lesbians — hold hands in public but that’s far rarer to see than with breeders. Gay guys secure in their relationship don’t seem to feel the need to shove their relationship into people’s faces the way the insecure breeder (“him and her”) couples that we see all over the place do each day and in advertising. Advertising these days is nothing but “him and her” when a couple is shown. Queer couples don’t exist in the world of corporate advertising now.

As for “trapping a man,” the #1 trap is “unexpectedly” getting pregnant. Somehow (wink, wink) she slips up on her birth control but — when asked — tells the guy that she’s hasn’t skipped a pill when she discovers that she is finally pregnant. This can happen after somewhat heated conversations between the breeders where she wants/demands to have kids (“because all of my friends are pregnant”) and he doesn’t want kids at all or at this time. So, after such a discussion, he’s stupidly cums in her and or refuses to wear a condom. Pregnancy is one of the biggest traps in the female arsenal for a self-absorbed and self-entitled female to use against a guy. Then the female womanises the guy rather quickly. She changes him into the guy she wants him to be, rather than trying to find a guy who is like what she wants him to be to begin with. So the guy starts acting and thinking and speaking like a female. I know a guy just like that. His female has completely changed him into the opposite of the guy he used to be. Why do men allow females to do this to them? I suspect the answer is: She won’t give me pussy if I don’t. Well, apparently that poontang isn’t worth all that considering the breeder divorce rate is well over 50% in the non-United States in the first year of marriage. Second year: 50% of the remaining, and so on.

A closet case in my building who pretends to be straight is now married to a female and they have a baby, and it ain’t going well. Divorce is coming soon based on their current behaviour. The baby was unplanned from what they both said and they both act thoroughly exhausted and disgusted in their relationship. He acts very beaten down by her. She’s abusive to him. Well, he’s gay and in the closet to begin with so he’s with the wrong gender. She trapped him with pregnancy. Well, he really trapped himself by being stupid enough to cum in her or he didn’t pull out early enough. I hope that fuck was worth it, dude! They were all lovey-dovey this time last year and right after the baby’s birth. Then reality set in. She says she had no idea how much work was involved in raising a baby — how could she not know that?; had she done no research on the topic?; stupid her — and they’re just getting started. They both have a 18+ year commitment to go still with this child. They’re not going to make it. That’s clear at this point. They may not be together when the kid turns 1 year old at the rate they’re going. The guy is very beaten down because all she does is disrespect him and yell at him so that the whole neighbourhood hears her, even in front of other people. Both mi amigo and I predict that within 6 months to a year — if they make it that long — the guy will ask her to move out since it’s his place to begin with and she will take the child or give it up for adoption since neither of them seem overly thrilled at this point that they have a child. Another unwanted kid. Sad.

“When you get messed up with a female, expect a horrible mess.”—Joe Connelly/Bob Mosher (two straight guys).

Mi amigo/My friend told me as I was completing this article about his walk this morning. He said “It was him and her holding hands everywhere I looked. They even have to hold hands on dirt trails!” I asked him — as I always do — how many Queer boys did you see in the former Gay Mecca? He said: One, and the gay guy said hello to me. He was the only friendly person in the bunch. Chau.—el barrio rosa