Why do presidents have to tour disaster areas?

Hola a todos. I brought this up with mi amigo/my friend. I saw that US president Biden is going to tour the disaster areas following Hurricane Ida. I thought: Why doesn’t he just watch the video I watched from — I think — the Weather Channel? That video showed everything he needs to see. Having to “tour” disaster areas is so outdated. With the technology we have today and with media coverage, there is absolutely no reason or need to go to see these disaster areas in person — that you can see on any newscast on television — and speechify, and get in the way. And how much does it cost the federal government for Biden and his staff to go to these areas with all the security and such?

Mi amigo agreed. He said: Well at least he doesn’t live on the golf course like the former White House occupant. Well that’s true. In fact, I don’t think Biden plays golf and he’s certainly not overweight, and he wears a face mask. And he knows what’s going on and the White House press secretary, Jen Psaki, is excellent. I’ve seen her. She’s highly intelligent, she knows what she’s talking about and she’s respectful and not the least bit arrogant like the arrogant and bullying trash who came before her. Biden is better in some ways than the trash who preceded him. BTW, I’m non-partisan. So please, don’t accuse me of being a Democrat and cheering for Biden. I’m not. I’m just being objective, something that most D and R partisans are unable to do.

But Biden: (Not that he will ever read this) Please, just go on television and say that you’ve seen electronically all you need to see to warrant emergency/disaster funding for areas and let that be the end of it. That in itself will show that you supposedly care about these areas. You don’t have to personally visit places — and get in the way — to show “caring” anymore. That’s outdated. Chau.—el barrio rosa