Why does he have to accept the “election” results?

Hola a todos. I keep reading things such as, “What if he doesn’t accept the ‘election’ results?” Who cares what he accepts? He doesn’t have to accept them, should he lose, which I’ll believe when I see it. Have the military come in an haul his big azz in those tacky white pants out of there. How difficult is that? It’s called handcuffs, like that which would be used on any one else. Didn’t mealy-mouthed Pelosi say that “he will leave.” And who’s going to make this dictator leave if it’s not the military or the National Park Police or the District of Columbia Metropolitan Police? Are people so terrified of this bloviating thug who’s “all talk” — who probably couldn’t kill a gnat — that they’re going to bow to him and ask him politely in mush-mouth language if he wouldn’t mind leaving? Slap handcuffs on him and haul him out of there. Or do they prefer the status quo: Using the typical bent-over, wilted-doily language that one expects from these trash in Congress?

If he and the rest of those overweight, nasty-looking white trash thugs refuse to leave should Milquetoast Biden win, haul them all out of there. Why is that difficult? That’s what they would do in any other country.

We’ve heard this “what if?” stuff nearly every “election cycle.” We heard it for the illegitimate Bush regime. Chau.—el barrio rosa